Why Won’t My Hair Growth? What to Do?

Why Won't My Hair Growth? What to Do?

Growing your hair to be long and luscious is an arduous task that’s completely different as time flies. You often get to that length, after which the hair seems not to grow longer. The most annoying part is that pinning down what you’re doing wrong is also suspiciously difficult. It could be genetics, the effect of your hair treatment regimen, or just regularly breaking hair ends. Here is what some hair growth specialists have to say on that.

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Breakages | Why won't my hair growth? What to do?

The most common culprit when your hair isn’t growing is hair breakage. You end up thinking your hair isn’t growing anymore without realizing that it’s the ends that are breaking. A lot of things contribute to brittle hair ends, and a poor diet is just one of them.

  • Styling your hair involves pulling, twisting, and rubbing, all of which break your hair ends.
  • Chemicals also don’t do any favors for your hair. A bad dye or harsh relaxer can do as much damage to your hair as a razor.
  • Heat and hair are two things that don’t go well together. Every single hot equipment you use on your hair damages it in ways you won’t initially see.
  • Using combs on wet hair is another culprit that’s fairly popular in the hair breakage business.

The solution to all these problems is a combination of cold equipment, natural products, and careful handling. Try an air blower in place of a hot one and natural hair growth products in place of chemicals.

Poor Diet

Why Won't My Hair Growth? What to Do?


The adage “you’re what you eat” couldn’t be more applicable here. Maintaining an excellent nutritional balance is vital to growing long hair. If you aren’t eating your fair share of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, your hair won’t seem to grow long. Indeed, it’s more appropriate to say, “you are what you don’t eat” when your hair stops growing longer.

Iron, Zinc, Omega-3 fats, Iodine, and Vitamins D to B-complex are essential for your hair. All these vitamins and minerals nourish your scalp and help you grow tough hair strands. These strands can grow longer because they don’t break as easily and have a regular supply of components.

Eggs, Salmon, mushrooms, spinach, whole grains, avocados, turkey, sunshine, and more all have what you need. Popping some supplements every day for some months isn’t a bad idea if you aren’t sure of deficiencies. Citrus and other vitamin C sources also boost your body collagen levels, which is good for long hair.


Hair grows in cycles. However, because everybody is different from one another, these growth cycles are also different. If your cycle is short, then your hair may not seem to grow because you’re shedding them too fast. Another issue is that everyone has a terminal length, which is different from that of other people. Once your hair reaches that length, it stops growing.

Fortunately, while there is no solution to it, you aren’t exactly in the woods. As long as you take maximum care of your hair, you can ensure it gets to its terminal length. Most people rarely reach their hair’s terminal length, so it often isn’t a problem.

Split Ends

Why Won't My Hair Growth? What to Do?

While splits are another culprit in hair breakage, they also cause impressive damage alone. Your hair ends splits into two brittle pieces that slowly fizzle out with time. The worst part is that this split slowly climbs higher, and your hair similarly gets shorter.

While the solution may seem counterproductive, your only choice is to trim the hair. Preventing split ends is also another effective option to protect your hair ends. You should air-dry in place of a towel and use natural products in harsh chemical hair formulas. Also, try to avoid chemical stylings and hot tools, brush gently, and use only soft fabrics to handle the hair.


Why Won't My Hair Growth? What to Do?

Time kills a lot of things, and your hair is no great exception to this rule. As you age, your hair naturally gets more brittle, and your growth cycle shortens. Your scalp will also produce less protection for your hair, causing more splits and breakages. The only solution to this is maintaining a hair-friendly diet and stimulating scalp blood flow. Massage your scalp regularly and try some natural ingredient hair treatment procedures.

Poor Routine

If you want your hair long and luscious, there are some habits to pick up and others to break.

  • Drink plenty of water. Moisturize regularly and try to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid the sun on hot days, and stop using heat-based hair care tools.
  • Stop toweling your hair, leave it to dry naturally instead.
  • Brush gently before bathing and never while your hair is wet.
  • Eat lots of vitamin-mineral-protein rich foods.

These habits, among others, will help you develop fine, thick, long, and beautiful hair.

There’s no need to panic over stunted hair growth. Use scalp massages and the other recommendations above to kickstart a rapid improvement in your hair growth attempts.

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