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Shelves are an essential addition to the décor of households, offices or businesses. Be it paperwork, decorative pieces or utility storage, shelves do an excellent job in organizing spaces. Glass shelves, out of other materials shelves are constructed of, are unique. They add a fragile, delicate look to your bedroom or office, the washroom or the kitchen, yet they have revolutionized to be strong and withstanding.

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Before you run off to get one for yourself, take a sneak peek at 10 of the most efficient glass shelves available these days!

Top 10 Best Glass shelves in 2020

10. GEEKDIGG Bathroom Shelf (2 Tiers)

GEEKDIGG Bathroom Shelf (2 Tiers)

Storage will be extremely easy in these 2 tier glass shelves!

The shelves in both the tiers are made of tempered glass; all other fixtures and hardware are made of rustproof aluminum material.

  • The glass shelves are large—15.2” long x 5” wide
  • The gap between the two tiers is 10.8”
  • Because of the long gap, bottles and accessories of any sizes and lengths could be placed
  • The glass in the shelves is each 0.3” thick—highly impact resistant
  • There are hooks available at the bottom part of the shelf

9. KES Aluminum Glass Shelf

KES Aluminum Glass Shelf

These double-tiered shelves will properly organize your bathroom!

It is a wall-mounted set-up, the shelves being made of tempered glass and the other fixtures (railing, bracket, vertical bar) being constructed with high-quality aluminum. The finish is anodized.

  • The tempered glass used in the shelves is each 8mm thick
  • The dimension of the whole set-up—13.9” x 9.84” x 11.66”
  • Distance between the two shelves is 8.8 inches
  • Tempered glass is child safe—when broken, the glass crumbles into granular chunks instead of sharp, jagged shards

8. VDOMUS Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf, 2 Tier

VDOMUS Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf, 2 Tier

Now you can place your cosmetics, shampoos, and linens all in one place!

This bathroom set-up is huge and elegant. The shelves are made of tempered glass which can withstand loads of 20kg, good for high volume shampoo bottles.

  • Overall dimensions—15.2” long x 5” wide x 16.1” high
  • The hook space is 12.6” wide
  • The glass is 8mm in thickness
  • Brackets, railings, towel-bars are all made of anti-rust aluminum
  • Wall-mountable—all accessories packed

7. ALLIED BRASS Glass Shelf


Add a flare to your bathroom décor!

The glass on the shelves is tempered, all other fixtures been constructed with solid brass.

  • Complete product dimensions—22 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Satin chrome finish is finger-print and rust-resistant
  • The screw mounting is concealed
  • The tempered glass is thick and impact-resistant

6. KES Aluminum Bathroom Glass Shelf

KES Aluminum Bathroom Glass Shelf

This single tier glass shelf will add a glassy shimmery touch to your bathroom décor!

The glass is toughened or tempered of 7mm thickness, and the rest of the set-up is made of anodized aluminum.

  • Tempered glass is quite tough—if they break, they crumble into grains of glass instead of shards
  • Mounting hardware and instructions are all included in the pack
  • Anodized aluminum is rust-proof—perfect for the higher humidity level of bathrooms
  • Overall dimensions—13.78” L x 4.72” W x 2.48” H
  • Maximum load—5 kg

5. VDOMUS Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf Brushed Silver Finish

VDOMUS Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf Brushed Silver Finish

Now all your bathroom counter clutter will be a thing of the past!

Tempered glass on the shelves is 0.3 inches thick, with the railings and the towel space being made of anodized aluminum which is 100% rust-proof.

  • 0.3-inch thick tempered glass—passed rigorous testing to ensure zero-leaking
  • Authentic space aluminum build ensures rust-resistance
  • Spacious shelves make way for uneven shaped bottles and containers
  • Maximum load—20 lbs

4. MOUNT-IT! Corner Glass Shelf

MOUNT-IT! Corner Glass Shelf

This simple but elegant corner glass-shelf is a great way to utilize unused space!

This corner shelf with a round edge is made of 8mm thick tempered glass.

  • Unused space of the corners could be properly utilized with this corner glass-shelf
  • Multi-purpose—could be used in showers, toilets, kitchens, bedrooms
  • On-the-go storage space—the corner shelf could be used to store containers which you need at the moment; you can also place your phone or watch there
  • It does not have any fussy fixtures, so it produces a float-in-mid-air look
  • Easily mountable

3. KNAPE &VOGT Shelf-Made Curved Glass Shelf Kit, Satin Nickel

KNAPE &VOGT Shelf-Made Curved Glass Shelf Kit, Satin Nickel

This cute-looking corner shelf provides function with style!

This corner shelf is semi-circle shaped, made of tempered glass. The brackets are small giving the shelf a float-in-the-air look.

  • Carrying load—25 lbs
  • All mounting and installing hardware included in the package
  • Colour of the set-up—satin nickel
  • Multi-purpose—could be used in any room, to store or display vases or photo-frames

2. QT HOME DÉCOR Modern Bathroom Glass Shelf

QT HOME DÉCOR Modern Bathroom Glass Shelf

Add an ultra-modern yet minimalistic look to your bathroom!

This rectangular savvy-looking glass-shelf is made of tempered glass, with the fixtures been made of stainless steel.

  • Versatile look—could be used in bathrooms portraying a formal or casual look
  • The shelves have a concealed screw system giving a minimalist yet magical appearance
  • Stainless steel fixtures make the shelf rust-proof and durable
  • The glass is 8 mm thick and the shelf is 22 inches long

1.FAB GLASS AND MIRROR Lava Wave Glass Wall Shelf

FAB GLASS AND MIRROR Lava Wave Glass Wall Shelf

Let your creative side take the fore-front with this beautiful looking glass shelf!

This wall-mountable glass shelf is wave-shaped or S-shaped. The shelves are made of rustic copper glass with the fixtures having a chrome finish.

  • The lengths of the main part of the shelves are 10”, gaps of 4.5” and 5” wide
  • Brackets are chrome finished
  • Multi-purpose—could be used in any room

In conclusion, a messy kitchen or bathroom counter could be easily set right with wall-mountable shelves. Shelves could be wooden or stainless steel, but the glass shelves always stand out in the crowd. They add a mirror-glossy touch, a mysterious reflection on the walls, in your bathrooms.

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