Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One to Choose?

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One to Choose?

Choosing between a gaming chair and office can be a daunting task if you’re not armed with the proper information. The gaming chair is quite expensive than office chairs, but it offers more benefits. You might want to settle for an office chair to reduce costs without taking note of other benefits. Many people make the mistake of believing that the office chair offers the same benefits as a gaming chair, but this assumption is wrong.

Although some people prefer office chairs because of their personal preference, many would opt for gaming chairs if they knew of the many benefits that come with owning one. If you’re a lover of the game and want to enjoy a beautiful gaming experience, gaming chair becomes the best option. If you don’t care about games, an office chair should do. Moreover, if you’re undecided, read on to find out more about the specs and features of both products as this will help you decide on the best one that meets your needs.

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Differences Between a Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Differences Between a Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Here are differences between both types of chairs based on design, cost, comfort, adjustments, and other vital features. These differences should help you make the right decision on the best one to choose from.


A gaming chair comes with flashy features, including PU leather, metal frame, and other exceptional designs. PC gaming chairs are examples of these awesome-looking chairs that have a cool look. They come in very colorful designs and numerous fancy colors.

An office chair, on the other hand, is designed to offer you great comfort. It comes with reclining options and lumbar support that help you sit comfortably.


Even though a gaming chair comes with a lumbar support pillow, many people still find it very uncomfortable. While this might be true to some extent, you might find a very comfortable one from the many options available in the market today.

It might surprise you to find out that the chair considered uncomfortable might be the best option for you. This is because different people have their definition of comfortably.

An office chair with the right features and lots of ergonomic designs might be more comfortable than a gaming chair. However, note that both types of chairs serve different purposes and, as such, are used differently.

An office chair may cost lesser, but you might get more benefits than what you’ll get from a gaming chair. If you’re not bothered about fancy designs, you might as well go for an office chair as the difference between both types of chairs is almost unnoticeable.


Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One to Choose?


An office chair and gaming chair that has the same quality will have one major difference, which is the quality. A gaming chair with the same quality as an office chair usually costs more than the office chair. The excellent gaming chairs usually cost more because of the cost of production since they’re made from highly-durable materials.

But, this isn’t to say that you will not get a gaming chair at a decent price. A gaming chair can cost a little above $100 but is made from low-quality materials, while an office chair of the same amount will give you better value for your money.

However, some office chairs are also expensive, but they are much more durable.


Some chairs come with adjustable features, while some are not adjustable. The gaming chair is your best bet if you want a chair with adjustable armrest, height or tilt. A gaming chair with these features will cost more than the regular one. These features are also available in office chairs, but they cost more than the average office chair.

Other Features

Aside from the design, comfort, adjustments, and costs, there are some other features that you need to consider, according to your individual preference and the purpose of getting the chair.

Gaming chairs, for instance, might come with rocking capability and 4D armrest and being able to lock your chair for a better gaming experience. These features might not be necessarily crucial in an office chair, depending on your preference.

However, choosing between a gaming chair and an office chair is based on your personal decision based on your desires and purpose. Regardless of the type of chair you choose and why you want to get it, read this review to make the best decision.

Note that some manufacturers provide you with an opportunity to try out any of the chairs to check if it meets your preference and returns it when you’re not satisfied with the result. This makes it easy for you to know more about a product before making the decision to pay for your choice of chair.

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