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Best Free Standing Hammocks in 2020 | Safe For Relaxing

Top 10 Best Free Standing Hammocks in 2020

Free standing hammocks are the best comfortable seating areas you can have in your house either indoor or outdoor. As a result of that, it is only fair that you get a high-quality product that is worthy of your money. for an excellent purchase, it is important to go through this article for more details. Read on!

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10. Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock

Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • It has a maximum carrying case of up to 450 pounds.
  • They are sturdy and comfortable to use.
  • These freestanding hammocks are available in sixteen colors. Consequently, you can choose your favorite color.
  • It is available in the 9Ft and 9.6Ft size.

Make all your leisure time count with this freestanding hammock. It will help you clear up your mind especially when you are in a tough situation. It is a space-saving item from the Lazy Daze Hammocks Production Company. The product comes with a sturdy stand that holds the hammock in place. In addition to that, they are safe to use.

This product features a simple but elegant design that is visually appealing to all who come across it. It comes with a soft-touch pillow that guarantees your comfort at all times. For easy portability, it also comes with a simple carrying case.

9. Iron Frame Wide Solid Hammock

Iron Frame Wide Solid Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Only weighs 32-pounds
  • Max load of 450-pounds
  • Rust-resistant steel hammock stand with adjustable height

Holds two people

Sturdy Design

  • None Noted

With the freestanding hammock, you get a durable rust-resistant steel stand for ease of use anywhere. The setup is quick when you have the space available and measures nine feet in length. Furthermore, it has a lightweight, portable design and packs nicely into the bag included. The size of the hammock bed is 59 by 78-inches and made with cotton to accommodate a weight of up to 450-pounds. Therefore, you and your partner can easily share this hammock on the patio or in the garden.

8. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With Space-Saving Steel Stand


Vivere Double Cotton Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Fabric type: cotton, mesh, polyester, sunbrella
  • 87” bed length
  • Pure polyester end strings
  • 9-foot steel stand
  • A carry bag
  • Multiple colours
  • It features a double cotton layer for more comfort
  • Accommodates up to 450 Lbs
  • Might experience trouble setting up

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is a great choice for an afternoon snuggle with a friend in the backyard or on the beach. It comes in a range of colour blends and combinations including tropical with a charcoal frame, blue lagoon, desert moon with a retro and cayo reef.

Vivere Double Hammock is tightly woven with high-quality cotton thread. It has heavy-duty steel and does require no tools for assembly. Set up the freestanding hammock in your, and decide how low or high you want to lay.

7. Sorbus Hammock with Stand and Spreader Bars

Sorbus Hammock with Stand and Spreader Bars - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Hammock with stand, spreader bar, and detachable pillow
  • Durable base frame made of powder-coated steel
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to assemble to lounge anywhere
  • Comes with hardware and instructions included
  • Hammock made with cotton fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Holds weight of 450lbs

Durable Frame

Easy Setup


  • Quality Concerns

With this gorgeous hammock, you can lounge around anywhere with a trendy design. Use it indoors/outdoors without looking for trees. The pillow detaches as well, and the hammock has a cotton fabric structure to wash in the machine. The setup is a breeze with a durable stand and accommodates up to two people. The weight load is 450lbs, and the hammocks available in multiple colors as well. The frame stand measures 147 x 47 x 47-inches, and the bed is 45-inches wide and 53-inches deep.

6. Best Choice Products Deluxe Pillow Hammock Best Choice Products Deluxe Pillow Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • It has a maximum load capacity of up to 500lb.
  • They are great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • These free-standing hammocks are easy to assembly.
  • Dimensions are 88 by 35 by 35 inches.
  • Each product weighs up to 28.6 pounds.

As the manufacturer’s name, Best Choice Products, suggests, this is the best free-standing hammock you can purchase. It combines style and functionality to output a stylish and operational construction. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Other than that, they are reliable to use.

This product is a high-quality item to purchase from the Best Choice Product manufacturers. It features a sturdy stand that holds the bed in place. Its manufacturers also include a deluxe pillow and storage pocket to make it more convenient to use.

5. FDW Hammock Stand with Hammock

FDW Hammock Stand with Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Powder-coated stand with plastic caps on the ends
  • Comes with a hammock and completely adjustable
  • Portable stand for saving space
  • Holds two people

Holds two people

Comes with a durable stand to use anywhere

Comes with stand and hammock


Quality Concerns

The double hammock with a stand you can set up anywhere at home or your vacation house. The hammock has a cotton design while the frames made of steel with powder coating. Furthermore, it is lightweight and portable to take anywhere on camping trips. You get a nylon carrying bag for transporting the hammock and hold a weight of 300lbs. The bed measures 118 x 75-inches with the stand 111 x 47 x 43-inches.

4. HENG FENG 2 Person Double Hammock

HENG FENG 2 Person Double Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Overall dimensions are 150 inches x 55 inches x 42 inches
  • Weight is about 450 lbs.
  • Cotton material used in bed
  • Bed size is about 75 inches long and 55 inches wide
  • The steel stand is 12 feet in size

Make all your spare time special with this stunning item. It can help you to relax your mind in any situation. It comes with some entrancing colors like blue and aqua. Galvanized steel gives it a sturdy structure to keep the hammock stable in one place.

Another good feature of this hammock is climate safe spun polyester bed with a separate pillow that offers you all types of comfort. Moreover, it is easy to handle.


3. Prime Garden Freestanding Hammock

Prime Garden Freestanding Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Bed dimensions are about 78 inches in length and 55 inches in width
  • overall dimensions while standing is 146 inches x 44 inches x 36 inches
  • The product weight is 275 lbs.
  • The portable stand is 12 feet
  • Polyester ropes hold the hammock perfectly

An amazing product that supports you to enjoy your time in your garden space or your backyard. It is a comfortable and long-lasting product that comes in blue and stripe colors.

The bed’s fabric is made out of UV-resistant 2 layers of quilted polyester. Its hardwood spreader bar gives it a stable form for security. In addition, It is an attractive product for its design and simple user accessibility.

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2. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock - Free Standing Hammocks


  • It features a 9ft stand that is sturdy and reliable.
  • They are comfortable and fast to assemble.
  • The manufacturers also include a carrying case for easy portability.
  • Dimensions are 94 by 63 by 130 inches.

No products found.

This product is a high-quality item from the Vivere Production Company. It is a 450-lb capacity bed that features a sturdy base to hold the bed in place. It combines style and functionality. In addition to that, they are durable and reliable.

Vivere free-standing hammock is a space-saving bed that is available in up to twenty-seven colors. The cotton style is comfortable and relaxing. And these beds are useful indoors and outdoors.

1. eZone Double Hammock with Steel Stand

eZone Double Hammock with Steel Stand - Free Standing Hammocks

  • Portable steel powder coated frame with plastic caps on the ends
  • Comes with the hammock and fits up to two adults
  • Adjustable bed with six holes

Handles a serious weight

Fast assembly



Quality Concerns

The eZone offers comfort for two adults to lay on with the double hammock design. The setup is a breeze with the included steel powder-coated stand as well. You can take the freestanding hammock anywhere with the included bag making transporting a breeze. Furthermore, you can set it up inside or outside the home and take it with you tailgating as well. The hammock you can wash to keep it clean. So check it out today and get yourself one to get comfortable.

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How to choose the right Freestanding Hammock?

How to choose the right Freestanding Hammock? - Free Standing Hammocks

Different freestanding hammocks come with different features. It is important to consider the material, hanging method, capacity, and any additional merits and features


Ensure the material of the stand and the net of the hammock is in line with your preference. Most wooden stands have moisture-resistant woods, like as bamboo and cedar. A deep rich-toned wood enhances your backyard. Steel stands are more common with rust-proof coating. They also provide extra features like adjustability. Cotton, sunbrella and polyester fabrics all offer you a variety to choose from.


Most single hammocks accommodate between 300 to 400 pounds. If you are looking for one that accommodates your family, double hammocks will come in handy. They have a capacity of up to 500 pounds.


Most freestanding hammocks feature two wooden bars at each end, which ensures the fabric is tight in the middle. Traditional hanging on trees or on poles provides an alternative. Whatever hanging method you choose, ensure that it offers maximum comfort. Some freestanding hammocks have an additional swing feature, which offers flexibility in your outdoor activities.

Extra Features

Freestanding hammocks come with extra features like pillows, canopies, and additional materials. Stylish designs and slick colours add some extra feel to your backyard.

What Are the Benefits of Free Standing Hammocks?

Free Standing Hammocks

Many reasons can draw your interest into the hammock scene. You may want to get one for your kid or yourself. But do you know the advantages a hammock can provide to you? Here are some benefits that’ll get you to want a free-standing hammock immediately.

Unmatched Relaxation

Hammocks are significantly better than most regular beds when it comes to sleep aids. Unless you feel like shelling its cash for a premium bed, a hammock is your best choice. They are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and conforming. When your stress levels get high, sleeping on a free-standing hammock is an excellent way to destress.


Unlike a bed, you can move your freestanding hammock to wherever you want to use it. You can quickly move it from one room to another, to a beach, camp, and even to another house. One of the most persuasive arguments for buying a hammock is its portability.

Ideal Sleeping Position

According to available studies, the ideal sleeping position is when your head has a 10-30% elevation. Unlike a bed, a hammock keeps you in this exact position without letting you roll around. It works much like memory foam, better even, and without the premium cost either.

Zero Pressure Rest

On a hammock, there is no specific point that applies pressure to your body. Almost like sleeping on air, it conforms to your body shape and spreads your weight around equally.

Deep Sleep

On a free-standing hammock, you can achieve REM sleep. This advantage makes it the ideal sleep option for people with sleeping disorders.

Relief from Insomnia

The ability of hammocks to alleviate insomnia is one of the many reasons they are so popular. Because Hammocks improve your sleep quality, even insomnia patients may find themselves asleep in no time.

Good for The Brain

Unsurprisingly, sleeping on a hammock is useful for thinking. Its swaying motion of the hammock relaxes the brain without straining nerve activity. The fastest place to fall asleep is no longer your bed, but now a hammock.

How to install Freestanding Hammock?

Most freestanding hammocks come with easy-to-assemble stand and equipment. Installing the apparatus, whether permanently or temporarily, should be hassle-free. Some hammocks do not even need tools to assemble. The stand includes upright poles with attached S-hooks.

  • First place the leg assemblies on the ground
  • Assemble the center base pole to the horizontal leg assemblies by pressing down on the silver lock pin while pushing the center pole onto the elbow on both ends
  • Hook the bars with the S-hooks to the base by placing the non-capped end onto the upright elbow pipe of the leg assembly. Ensure the silver lock pin fully engages the hole on end.
  • Place the respective hanging chain on to each S-hook. That is attached to the O-rings on the end of your hammock.
  • Adjust accordingly

What are the safety tips when sleeping on Standing Hammock?

free standing hammock

Hammocks are fun and dangerous at the same time to both kids and adults. With that in mind, here are some of the are the safety tips. You should observe when sleeping on a standing hammock.

  • Do not hang a freestanding hammock too high. They are pretty safe, but accidents do happen. In such a case you want to be close to the ground to keep the potential impact at minimal
  • Do not let your kids use a freestanding hammock without supervision or company. You must accompany your young one to their napping and sleeping sessions to avoid potential danger. Help them get in and out of the hammock as they get used.
  • Avoid jumping in and out of the standing hammock. The piece of furniture is strong but will only handle too much pressure. Do not bounce on the hammock.

Are Free Standing Hammocks Bad for Your Back?

People new to hammock use often wonder if there’s any danger to your back from a free-standing hammock. The sheer difference between a hammock and a bed even makes this question a valid one.

Sleeping on a free-standing hammock is like sleeping on a water bed, except its even better than that. Indeed, a hammock is even better than a bed for your spine and back. It eliminates all your tossing and turning while sleeping because it conforms to your body.

This conforming force you to sleep in the right posture and makes you super comfortable. It also relieves any normal pressure on your spine and lacks a pressure point, unlike beds.

Note: See your doctor before using a hammock if you have any spinal issues or nerve disorders.

How Do You Make A Homemade Hammock?

How Do You Make A Homemade Hammock?

Buying your free-standing hammock is one thing; building a free-standing hammock is another. Unlikely as it may seem, making a homemade hammock is not a very difficult task. There are hundreds of ways to go about it, but we’ll only be sharing one method here. At most, it’ll take you three hours to complete.

Getting started

You’ll want to get all your equipment ready before you start creating anything. Everything you will use to build this free-standing hammock is available widely and cheaply.

  • Two 10ft PVP pipes. One of 1-inch diameter and the other of 1.25-inch width.
  • Two 0.5-inch screws.
  • 50ft of paracord.
  • Aluminum tent stakes
  • A Hacksaw, screwdriver, power drill, file, lighter, knife, and marker.

Making the Stands

  • Measure your 1.25-inches PVP pipes into 27-inch sections.
  • Cut out the sections.
  • Repeat the above steps for the 1-inch PVP pipes.
  • Create a 45-degree angle at one end of two of your 1.25-inch wide 27-inches long pipes
  • Cut out the 45-degree sections and file them.
  • Measure out 13.5-inches from two angle-cut pipes from the flat end.
  • Drive a screw into the marked points on both pipes.
  • Measure 1.5-inches on your non-angle-cut 1.25-inch pipes
  • Drill a hole perpendicularly through an exit on both sides of the pipes.
  • Smoothen the holes with your file.
  • Cut your paracord into two equal sections and melt their ends to secure them.
  • Bend each cord in two.
  • Feed the bent ends through the holes on the 1.25-inch pipes and tie a figure-8 knot to secure it.
  • Tie a second knot on the other side of both pipes to secure it.

Setting Up the Stand

  • Lay your hammock on the floor.
  • Angle the pointed end of an angle-cut 1.25 pipe 80-degrees away from the hammock.
  • Hammer it in the ground beside the hammock’s end and repeat for the other hammock end.
  • Slide in a 1-inch pipe and secure with the screw.
  • Add the second 1.25-inch pipe as a top piece and also secure with a screw.
  • Line your support cords at a 30-degree angle to the center of the pipe.
  • Drive your stakes into the floor at the same angle and an appropriate length.
  • Make a girth hitch with the end loop around two stakes using the two cord ends.
  • Repeat for the other end.

Attaching Your Hammock

  • Attach your hammock to the knotted ends of the cords.
  • Remove your stakes
  • Pull the support cords to raise the hammock.
  • Now drive your stakes into the ground again till the hammock is taut but not tight.
  • Viola!

Buying Guide for Free Standing Hammocks

Free Standing Hammocks

Before you rush to buy one of this relaxation equipment, there are some things you should know. With so many choices and so many uses, getting overwhelmed is an easy achievement. Keep an eye on some of these things:

Your Needs

An essential part of buying a hammock is determining what you’ll be using it. Will you camp, beach with it, or use it at home in the place of a bed? If you want all three, your choice will not only need to be lightweight but also waterproof.

For beach use only, you may forgive the waterproofing and go for the most lightweight option. It must be easy to clean and not make you lose your breath when you move it.

If you’ll be camping with it, waterproofing and lightweight is a must, and so on. Know what you need the hammock for and pick an option that won’t leave you hanging.

Clothe Material

Manufacturers make hammocks out of a wide range of different materials, each with differing benefits. Don’t compromise fabric quality to save money when buying one because you may regret it. Similarly, don’t pay for a premium if you’re confident you don’t need it.

Your hammock will either have a rope fabric, a polyester body, or a cotton fabric. Rope hammocks are the best option for children, but they don’t work well for adult uses. Because they’re cotton, they quickly absorb moisture but are exceptionally comfortable to use.

Cotton hammocks are similar to rope hammocks, and they also absorb moisture quickly. They may rot over extended exposure to water, and so aren’t recommended for outdoor use.

The final option is a polyester hammock. They’re incredibly durable, moisture-resistant, and handle all weather conditions well. However, the polyester doesn’t conform well to the body and also is a bit rough on the skin.

Stand Material

Most wooden ones are relatively cheap and lightweight. Some are hand-carved to be very elegant and decorative, which makes them expensive. For the most part, wood stands will also be waterproof and UV-resistant.

Powder-coated steel stands are famous for their durability, stability, and chemical resistance. They are also decorative and withstand all weather types but are relatively pricy.

Aluminum stands are relatively lightweight and come with rubber cap ends for better security. They are more durable and stable than wooden stands but less so than steel ones. If you are using your stand outside, an aluminum one will work best.


The final thing you need to consider for your hammock is the accessories that manufacturers include. Some have screens for handling bugs, while others include a tarp attachment.

But don’t get hung up on tantalizing offers, nor should you nitpick what you see. Decide on the materials, types, and accessories you need, and stick with them.

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Free-standing hammocks provide you with a fantastic environment for your leisure and recreational activities. Bonding with your kid in the backyard is now hassle-free. Modern free-standing hammocks are pretty lightweight so you can conveniently carry them for camping in the forest. They come in different sizes, so you have a variety to choose from. Some free-standing hammocks accommodate one person, while others can let multiple people pass the time simultaneously. Free Standing Hammocks also come in different colors and designs, so you get to choose one that blends in with your backyard or the theme of your camping. The above list captures the most suitable products.

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