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Earring Holders for Women

It has been found that an average woman spends around $1,25,000 in her lifetime on accessorizing herself, which includes purchasing jewelry. But here is the question. What’s good in making so many jewelry purchases and then failing to organize them? Keeping each jewelry item neatly sorted would increase the durability of the item. Consider earrings, the long ones. Women of all ages love to collect hordes of them only to find them all tangled up together in a messy knot inside their jewelry box. A very good solution to this clutter is to purchase earring holders for women.

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Let’s take a look at the 10 most efficient earring holders available at your fingertip!

Top 10 Best Earring Holders for Women in 2020

10. ANGELYNN’S Jewelry Organizer

ANGELYNN'S Jewelry Organizer

This chic looking mountable earring holder not only organizes your ear-rings but adds style to your room décor!

The earring holder has been designed in the shape of a tree, with its branches acting as hooks to hang your earrings onto.

  • Size of the tree earring holder—16” tall x 16” wide x 1.5” thick
  • There are additional 52 hooks attached at the bottom of the item
  • The tree section holds 30 leaves, 9 main branches, and 10 large hooks
  • Easily mountable by screw anchors

9. GLENOR Co Earring Organizer Holder

GLENOR Co Earring Organizer Holder

Trouble finding your favorite pair of earrings in the morning? This earring-organizer will solve your problem.

The organizer comes in the form of an elegant black box, which has 50 small compartments for earrings, and 4 large compartments to hold larger jewelry items. The box also has a mirror and can be opened and closed very easily with a magnetic snap.

  • The box is made of pure leather
  • It is large and black, with a stylish buckle
  • Overall size– 9¼” long x 9¼” wide x 6” high

8. BAY AREA HOUSEWARES Jewelry Organizer Wall

BAY AREA HOUSEWARES Jewelry Organizer Wall

Declutter your jewelry box by having this earring holder in your possession!

The holder is constructed with high-quality steel, and refurbished with a glossy white powder coating. It has patterns of fairies and animals cut out from it.

  • The product has a fairy-tale theme—very appealing to girls and young women
  • Mounting kit is included—2 screws

7. LEMONADEUS Earrings Wood Stand

LEMONADEUS Earrings Wood Stand

Rated with a 4.5-star on Amazon, this earring holder would make your messy jewelry collection a history!

Available in Black, White and Rose Gold, these holders are made of a unique blend of wood and metal.

  • They are perfect to be used for homes, retails and trade shows
  • The rack can hold up to 22 pairs of earrings
  • Earring pushes can also be stored in this rack

6. Earring Holder and Jewelry Organizer

Earring Holder and Jewelry Organizer

Get your act together with this beautiful jewelry organizer!

The whole earring holder resembles folding doors, with four hinged parts. The doors are collapsible and can be folded on itself if not in use. Have a glassy, shiny finish.

  • Can store up to 140 pairs of earrings
  • Adds an aesthetic look to your home décor
  • Folding dimensions—11.6” x 4.7” x 3.5” 

5. SOOYEE 360 Rotating Earring Holder

SOOYEE 360 Rotating Earring Holder

This rotating earring holders for women is a fantastic storage and display solution!

This holder has a rotating stand on which the entire assembly can be turned 360° manually. The holder has overall 4 layers and 156 holes for earring storage.

  • Size of the holder—6.3” long x 6.3” wide x 11.4” high
  • The entire ensemble is see-through and can hold up to 76 pairs of earrings
  • The holder is made of clear plastic
  • Can also be disassembled when not in use

4. RUBY MAE Jewelry Wall Organizer

RUBY MAE Jewelry Wall Organizer

Show off your earring collection with this classy earring holder.

This decorative earring organizer is diamond-shaped and has a rose gold color. The texture is sleek and evergreen.

  • Any type of screw or hooks/suction cups could be used to mount this organizer
  • Looks chic and is long-lasting
  • Dimensions– 12⅓” long x 14⅓” wide
  • Multi-purpose—can be used to hang different types of jewelry items

3. Earring Holder Stand

Earring Holder Stand

If you adore cat-themed goodies, then this earring organizer will finally give you a tangle-free life!

The holder is coated with rust and fade-resistant PVC color and looks great anywhere you place it.

  • Has an overall capacity of storing 47 pairs of earrings at a time
  • Measurement—7” wide x 4.75” wide x 10” high
  • It has a3-point base so does not rock or topple

2. MORIGEM Jewelry Organizer

MORIGEM Jewelry Organizer

Imagine the amount of time you will save in getting ready to go somewhere if only you had a great organizer like Morigem’s!

It has an airy wire-design and a rose-gold finish.

  • The ensemble is spacious—suitable for storing long, dangling earrings
  • 2 parts of the organizer—a jewelry tower for earrings and necklaces, and a tray for rings and bracelets
  • The holder has an electroplated metallic finish

1.YERWAL Earrings Organizer Book-Portable

YERWAL Earrings Organizer Book-Portable

Need to travel and change a lot? Well now carry your entire earring collection with yourself!

The holder looks like a secret diary with straps and it is available in extremely adorable colors. There is a total of 4 pages in the “bookish” holder and is made of PU leather.

  • The holder can hold up to 42 pairs of earrings
  • The clasp is very sturdy—the fitting is not very tight, so zero risk of jewelry damage
  • Each page holder is padded to cushion your earrings
  • Easily fits in a handbag—it is your ultimate traveling partner

In conclusion, your jewelry collection tells a lot about your taste in fashion, and the way you organize them tells a lot more! Being fashionable is great, but being organized is the new fashion! We all know how hassle-some it is to keep the earrings detangled! So, keep your earrings sorted using the useful earring holders for women available these days.

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