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Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2020 | Steady Stand for Your Dual Monitors!

Sometimes working with a single monitor does not provide the best experience when you want to efficiently complete your work or enjoy a movie. In that case, getting a second monitor is not a bad idea. However, the problem with putting two monitors together can take up quite a bit of space on your desk. A good solution to this would be to get a dual monitor stand as they can help you save space while letting you enjoy the better things in life. Read on to learn about our top 10 dual monitor stands you can buy in 2020.

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Top 10 Dual Monitor Stands in 2020

10. VIVO Dual Adjustable Arms

VIVO Dual Adjustable Arms - Dual Monitor Stands

VIVO has come up with a great solution for dual monitor setup with their Dual Adjustable Arms mount. This stand has been built using steel, and its arms are able to hold up to twenty-two pounds each.

In addition, you can put displays of thirteen to twenty-seven inches on this mount. You can swivel its arms 180 degrees, tilt them 90 degrees, and rotate them by a whole 360 degrees. The broad base on this offers high reliability and stability.

9. Victor DC450 High Rise Collection

Victor DC450 High Rise Collection - Dual Monitor Stands

Next up on our list is the DC450 from Victor, which gives you the independence of choosing between seated or standing work with a button press. You can use its aluminum tower to adjust the height up to twenty inches.

You will find a safety sensor on the stand that helps to detect objects under the stand to help prevent any type of damage. Also, you can easily move this around to various places as a workstation, if you need to.

8. Huanuo Full Motion Stand

Huanuo Full Motion Stand - Dual Monitor Stands

Huanuo’s Full Motion mount comes with regular 100 by 100 and 75 by 75 mm brackets. You can put monitors on it that range from fifteen to twenty-seven inches. Though keep in mind not to cross the maximum weight limit of 17.6 pounds.

This mount has springs that are gas loaded, and it is also compatible with C clamp. You can use the included clamp to grip the back of your table tightly so that the stand can hold the monitors safely.

7. AmazonBasics Premium Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Premium Monitor Stand - Dual Monitor Stands

Our next pick is the Premium Stand for a dual monitor setup from AmazonBasics. This dual monitor stand provides side arms that offer independent adjustments as well as tilting of the monitors for suiting users’ requirements.

You can tilt the arms up to five degrees forward, and seventy degrees backward. This way you can feel free to use it either in landscape or portrait setup. The clamp can fit cables that have a thickness between 0.4 to 2.4in to give you a cleaner workstation.

6. WALI MF002 Fully Adjustable

WALI MF002 Fully Adjustable - Dual Monitor Stands

MF002 from WALI is another great dual monitor stand that offers free-standing. The V shape of the stand helps the product to comfortably stand. Light, yet strong materials are used in making this stand, which is helpful for moving the workstation around and holding the monitors up.

You can adjust the stand’s viewing angles and height since it comes with various adjustment options. WALI has designed it to allow monitors from various manufacturers to fit the stand, and the quality of the stand is further solidified with its warranty.

5. Mount-It! MI-2781 Dual Monitor LCD Mount

Mount-It! MI-2781 Dual Monitor LCD Mount - Dual Monitor Stands

The MI-2781 will fit any monitor ranging from thirteen to twenty-seven inches. So, you can rest assured that it will fit most of the regular monitors if they have a VESA hole in them within that range. You can fully rotate the stand, and it provides a rotating angle of negative to positive 80 degrees. Its arms will swivel left as well as the right for adjusting the horizontal angle. The heavy-duty arms are capable of holding up to twenty-two pounds of monitor weight each.

4. Ergotron 45-248-026 LX Dual Arm

Ergotron 45-248-026 LX Dual Arm - Dual Monitor Stands

If you want to open up your creative space for functionality without clutter, the LX from Ergotron is a good bet. This stand has been made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and stability.

They provide you a guarantee of five years or the stand, and you get a lot of features with it. You get a varied and wide motion range and can stack monitors going up to twenty-four inches on each other. The arms also allow for attaching of laptops.

3. NB North Bayou Dual Mount

NB North Bayou Dual Mount - Dual Monitor Stands

The unique thing about North Bayou’s dual monitor stand is that they have used plastic instead of regular steel. However, this doesn’t cause any issue with the build and durability of the product, apart from its troublesome installation process.

This stand is capable of holding up to 14.3 pounds of weight in each arm. Though they have a firm grip, the hinges vibrate, if you put a bit of pressure on it. The stand has a full rotation of 360 degrees, -50 to +35-degree tilts, and swivels of 180 degrees.

2. Loctek D5D Monitor Mount

Loctek D5D Monitor Mount

The ergonomically designed D5D from Loctek comes in a sleek exterior. You can use easily mount it on the desk using the gourmet method or c-clamp. The side arms have a framework of aluminum, and they are anti-scratch with the construction of gas spring. The gas spring setup helps to adjust the screens’ height convenient to avoid straining your neck and eyes. You can turn the monitors in any way you want to with rotation and swivel of 360 degrees, and tilt of 20 degrees.

1. EleTab Dual Monitor Stand

EleTab Dual Monitor Stand

Finally, we have the Dual Monitor Stand from EleTab, which can fit monitors ranging between 17 to thirty-two inches. Each of its arms is capable of holding a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds, and you can easily adjust the heights.

The EleTab monitor stand can help to free up your workspace as you can rotate and adjust it to the position you prefer. It comes at a fairly reasonable price, and the installation process is user-friendly. Overall, this is a recommendable product from EleTab.

If you need a dual monitor stand that can help you sort out your messy workspace, or simply enhance your entertainment experience, go through our reviews of the top ten of these to find your best match with the best dual monitors stands here.

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Dual monitor stands vs two single monitors

Dual monitor stands vs two single monitors

We will kick off with the basic introduction of what a monitor stand? It is a supportive bracket or in other arm stand that will hold up your monitor, laptop, notebook and different screens whose purpose is to display. In other words, the monitor stand also goes by the name of a monitor arm or monitor bracket. There is a variety of monitor stands single monitor stands, and the dual monitor stands. One of the primary significance of the monitor stand is to make sure that your neck and your back doesn’t experience strains thanks to the horrible monitor placement. Do you own two monitors and you are thinking of investing in a monitor stand? Are you in wondering whether to invest in two monitor stands or a dual monitor stand? If yes, you are in the right position since this article will clear all the information about the two devices. A two single monitor means having two monitor stands to hold each monitor while a dual monitor stand means a single monitor to hold two monitors. The primary fact to know is that when using a desk convertor, using two single monitor stands will add more weight which may cause the work surface to become heavy and almost impossible to move. In case, you are using the full standing desk, and things are more advantageous for the two single monitor stands since you have robust stability in comparison to the dual monitor stands. Also, you can position the monitor stands in the position you would like. However, the dual-monitor stands deliver the same functionality but at a lower cost. The dual monitor stands have inferior stability in comparison to the two single monitors. Also, the dual-monitor stands will make the monitors’ positioning easy since you can place the monitors where you want at once.

From the above information, you learn that both the two single monitor stands and the dual monitor stands have a dream of making using your display screens comfortable for all. However, dual monitor stands tend to be easier to monitor and cost less n comparison to the two single monitor stands.

Do you need a docking station for a dual monitor?

Let’s kick off with a basic introduction of what a docking station is? In the computing world, a docking station or dock delivers a simple way to plug in a laptop to other standard peripherals. In other words, it is a port replicator where you can plug in to connect to other devices. Since there are multiple easy to dock devices, the docking stations never come with a standard and specific construction since each making has a device in mind. When it comes to dual monitors, the big question is whether a docking station is necessary? Unfortunately, the answer is not direct since the answer varies depending on the number of thunderbolt or USB-C ports that you have for a specific device. In case you can notice two ports, then a docking station need is invalid. But when you want to connect two external monitors to your device with one port, you will need a docking station to connect the dual monitors.

How do you mount dual monitor stands?

How do you mount dual monitor stands?

When it comes to the performance of every worker, it is essential to note that comfort is the key to guarantying your employees to deliver excellent performance. And one of the best assistants when using monitors and other display screens are the monitor stands. The dual monitor stands are popular and deliver you an excellent display when using the devices. However, the standard question is, how do you mount the dual monitor stands? This question is a popular question when it comes to customers who take an interest in monitor stands. The article will go into details about how to mount the stands. Read on!

  • The first step involves making sure that you have an excellent dual monitor stand and the two monitors. Make sure that the stand is high-quality and long-lasting
  • Assemble all the different parts of the dual mount stands. Most of the manufacturers come with easy to understand instructions on the best way to assemble the products
  • One of the most straightforward styles is the clamp method which is reliable to connect the two arms.
  • Finally, connect the two arms to the post which rest in a flat surface
  • It comes with an adjustable setting to make sure that you settle for the right height

Follow the above instruction to mount your dual monitor stand comfortably.

How to connect dual monitors to a laptop

Working with dual monitors is incredible since the setup is friendly and motivates a good performance. Many people who have the experience of working with dual monitors will probably tell you it is tough to go back to the small laptop display screen. Naturally, laptops have high productivity but have a small screen which you can improve by adding dual monitors. This operation will add to the convenience of your laptop and yield better results. The process of connecting dual monitors to your laptop is simple. However, it is easy when you have Thunderbolt or USB-C ports where you can connect your monitors to the Thunderbolt input. In case your laptop is the older version and misses the thunderbolt ports, you will need an adapter for each monitor. When dealing with one thunderbolt, it is vital to have a docking station that will connect the dual monitors and allow you to connect two monitors to one USB-C port. However, some laptops such as MacBook’s do not support two monitors in one port; hence you can only invest in a different laptop. For ancient versions of laptops, then you must get a display splitter box. Since you are missing the Thunderbolts instead, you can get the HDMI, DVI, VGA and other DisplayPort port. The device will help you connect external monitors to deliver a vast display.

From the above details, it is clear that you can comfortably add dual monitors to your laptop and deliver an incredible working screen for an excellent performance. Imagine a powerful laptop and huge dual displays to show your work.

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