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Best Dry Erase Calendars in 2020 | Plan Smartly

No need to circle dates and make notes too small to be legible on your paper desk or wall calendar. You’re not only letting everyone see what you’re up to but also ruining the decor. Having dry erase calendars in your home and workplace is the key to a more organized and relaxed lifestyle. It not only lets you know what you have in store for the week but also helps you plan smartly.

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A good quality calendar won’t stain from previous ink marks after long months of use. Its magnetic frame should be strong as well. Some come with a grocery list or quick note pads which prove to be handy. Don’t know which one to get? See our list of top ten dry erase calendars below.

Top 10 Best Dry Erase Calendars of 2020

10. UBrands Dry Erase Calendar

UBrands Dry Erase Calendar

Stay ahead of the game with this dry erase calendar to keep your arrangements right before your eyes. It will help you plan easily and keep the order of your day to day events.

This white calendar has a plastic frame and a canvas-style look that makes it a great tool to have in both your home and office. You can snap marker clips and accessories into all sides of its frame which are sold separately.

  1. It’s easy to erase and stain-resistant.
  2. Its premium magnets won’t slide or fall.
  3. It comes with a dry-erase marker and clip.

9. Stylio Dry Erase Calendar

Stylio Dry Erase Calendar

If you want to maintain order in your home, office space, or classroom, you can try this dry erase calendar by Style. Its ink-stain resistant surface makes cleaning a breeze.

It’s a useful three-piece set of weekly, monthly, and to-do lists to provide you convenience as well as better usability.

  1. Includes an eraser and four dry-erase markers.
  2. One year warranty.
  3. Pliable magnets stay fixed on inclined surfaces.

8. Lushleaf Designs Dry Erase Calendar

Lushleaf Designs Dry Erase Calendar

Had enough of fumbling through your sticky notes for that important note you jotted down last week? It’s time to make organizing a lot easier, fun, and effective.

This calendar is large and durable enough to get you through half a year. A premium quality laminate is layered on its poster construction. It’s suitable for the classroom, reading room, business, and office use.

  1. The lamination won’t peel over months.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. It comes with an eraser, spray bottle, thumbtacks, calendar icons and dry erase markers.

7. AmazonBasics Dry Erase Calendar

AmazonBasics Dry Erase Calendar

 This dry erase calendar helps you schedule your classroom tasks and keep up with your fitness and diet goals with ease. Now save your time and energy for an easier life.

This integrated monthly calendar is reusable. The surface is easy to wipe and doesn’t hold ink stains. You can use it as a bulletin board as well.

  1. It comes with a one year warranty.
  2. Sturdy aluminum frame.
  3. Includes a dry-erase marker.

6. MagicFly Dry Erase Calendar

MagicFly Dry Erase Calendar

Got bored of those regular white calendars? This dry erase calendar is black to give your tedious monthly plan a look darker than your soul- if that’s the vibe you’re going for!

The three-layered structure makes sure that it goes a long way. Its non-toxic material is safe for your home.

  1. Includes six colorful chalk markers.
  2. 30 magnetic stamps and 1 eraser.
  3. Doesn’t leave a stain after wiping.

5. Mommy Marvel Dry Erase Calendar

Mommy Marvel Dry Erase Calendar

This monthly calendar comes with a grocery list which makes organizing and planning each day of a month much more effective. The included dry erase markers have magnetic caps so that you don’t lose them.

This whiteboard calendar has a sturdy frame and strong magnets that would stick firmly to your fridge door even if the surface is sloped.

  1. It comes with 6 colored markers.
  2. A free grocery list.
  3. Easy to clean; no staining after a wipe.

4. Besso Boards Dry Erase Calendar

Besso Boards Dry Erase Calendar

If you’ve had enough of constantly pulling up your magnetic dry erase calendar when you’re writing on it, it’s time to get one that’s of top-grade quality. Besso Boards does the job wonderfully well.

Its magnet backing is strong enough to firmly sit on any magnetic surface. You can also hang it from a hook on your wall.

  1. Easy cleaning.
  2. It can be used as a goal tracker or task sheet.
  3. It is shipped flat.

3. Quartet Dry Erase Calendar

Quartet Dry Erase Calendar

Don’t squint to read your notes and reminders on your stained dry erase calendar. Switch to this premium one by Quartet.

This calendar has a magnetic frame along with a corkboard finish at the bottom so you can pin receipts or important pieces of paper with a thumbtack.

  1. Includes mounting hardware and a marker.
  2. Reusable calendar grid.
  3. Two-month warranty.

2. Kedudes Dry Erase Calendar

Kedudes Dry Erase Calendar

You’ll never find this well-made dry erase calendar dropping from your refrigerator door and lying flat on your floor when you come back home after a tedious day.

The provided dry erase markers are non-toxic and give off a minimum odor. The magnets are of good quality.

  1. It comes with a shopping list.
  2. Magnetic caps on the markers.
  3. Adequate space to make monthly notes.

1. YUC Dry Erase Calendar

YUC Dry Erase Calendar

This dry erase calendar by Yuc helps you organize with style. Never miss the doctor’s appointment or deadlines when you make it your daily companion.

You can snap this calendar on your fridge and you’re good to go! Its strong magnetic frame won’t let you down.

  1. Easy to wipe and clean.
  2. You can’t hang it from a hook.
  3. Each of the four colored markers has an eraser on their caps.

Dry erase calendars come with benefits that you just can’t shake off. So, what are you waiting for? Get one right away. Hope our list of the best dry erase calendars will help you to find the one you need!

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