Do you need a toy to keep your kids occupied? You do… you need one of the best dollhouses in 2018.

Not only will it keep your child occupied, it will help to keep their dolls from lying around the house. Dollhouses help your child to develop their imagination, creativity and help them to explore.

Finding the correct one can be challenging as there are different types available. We have selected some of the top dollhouses with outstanding quality and features to help your child develop in all their skills.

If you are buying your first dollhouse, you can find dollhouse kits available here. Some you will need to glue together while others you need to glue and nail. Each one offers you a load of features with reputable brand names.

Top 10 Best Doll Houses in 2018

10.WALLNITURE Wooden Shadow Display Dollhouse

If your kid is a hobbyist who collects miniature dolls, they will love the WALLNITURE display dollhouse. The set comprises two wooden floating dollhouse shelves. The great thing is the unfinished wood you can customize to fit in with their room color scheme. In the curio display, they can keep their miniature figurines and more displayed. Even your daughter can use it to display their tea sets. The dollhouse has a wooden structure in the shape of a shadow box. The best of all is you can even use it display your own small collectible items. Each dollhouse has a dimension of 21.5 x 15.5 x 4-inches.


  • Can hang them on the wall or use it free standing
  • Great design
  • Can customize the color to fit in with any décor


  • None noted

9. Corona Laurel Miniature Dollhouse

If you want something to do with your child, the Corona Laurel Miniature Dollhouse is perfect for the two of you to build. The item has a scale 1/12 (1″, 1:12) and makes for a great miniature collector. This is perfect for ages 14, up to constructs their own dollhouse, has a country farmhouse design, and even has a wraparound porch with window boxes. The kit comprises pre-cut plywood windows & shutter, plastic inserts, attic, and two staircases. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and you need no additional tools.


  • Instructions easy to follow
  • Needs no glue, but hobbyist recommend gluing the doors, windows, and porch with hot glue
  • Has a sturdy design


  • Heavy to move

8.Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle

The Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle is every little girl dream dollhouse. The two-story dollhouse is suitable for three-years and up. The colors are bright and it has signature details displaying windows and turrets. There are steps with an elevator to swirl their dolls up and down between the floors. You can start collecting the Sweetville dolls and accessories to fill up the house. The house is set up in a dining area, front door, pool, elevator, stairs, sitting area, and bedroom. The entire structure is comprised of plastic material. The dollhouse measures 6.5 x 25 x 15-inches.


  • Easy to assemble and takes up to 40 minutes
  • Looks pretty
  • Detailed accessories included


  • The plastic used is thin and can damage

7.Maxim Furnished Wooden Dollhouse

The great thing about the Maxim wooden dollhouse is, it is furnished and includes doll people. You can arrange the doll house rooms in different designs by changing the kitchen around and using it either upstairs or downstairs. This is great as your child can enjoy playing with a new dollhouse every time. The kit comprises of 50 accessory pieces for each room. There are two dolls that are flexible and measures 4 to 6-inches. The wood is kid-safe, painted with non-toxic paint, and gender-neutral for them to play with. The house measures 28.5 x 23 x 14.2-inches.


  • Once you set the first cube the rest falls into place easily
  • Has no cheesy coverings and includes loads of furniture
  • Great to help your child develop
  • Lots of fun for adult and child


  • The instructions terrible

6.Skylar Dollhouse

For hours of fun, your child can enjoy playing with the Skylar dollhouse made of wood. The great thing is that more than one child can play with this dollhouse as it has an open side. The stairs, they can move and place it anywhere. The accessories included are detailed and comprise of four dolls and a 20-piece of furnishings with a pet dog. The kit is suitable for both boys and girls to spark their imagination. The house dimension is 23.8 x 10.2 x 19.3-inches. The whole set has a wood design and requires adult assembly. The dollhouse is portable by lifting the roof. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee included.


  • Helps kids with intervention speech
  • Perfect size and color
  • Easy to put together
  • The dolls are easy to place and remove


  • The door is a bit flimsy

5. Barbie Dream House

With the Barbie Dream House, your little princess can start building her own dream. The dollhouse consists of three floors, seven bedrooms, working elevator, and more than 70 accessories. The accessories snap into different interactive furniture pieces. Your child can even watch the fish swim while hearing the bubbles. The garage door opens and closes and the window flip over into a pool. Buy the flat screen separately as it flips open to hold your smartphone to play videos. The dollhouse dimensions 8.5 x 29.8 x 29.8-inches and works with three by AAA batteries.


  • Keeps your kid entertained for hours
  • Offers your child a variety of things to do
  • With the sound effects, it is awesome
  • Packed with accessories


  • A bit of a challenge to assemble

4. KidKraft Penelope Dollhouse

The KidKraft Penelope is a perfect dollhouse that even accommodates Barbie dolls or other dolls measuring 12-inches tall. Included with the set you receive a nine-piece detailed furniture set, canopy bed, and a chandelier. The staircase has a curved design that connects the 2nd and 3rd floor. Your child can view their dolls from different angles with the wide windows and the whole set has a wooden structure with fabric and plastic. The dimension of the house is 25.5 x 13 x 44-inches.


  • The instructions clear
  • Easy to assemble
  • Colorful
  • Huge


  • Made of pressed particle board

3.Garfield Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit

The Garfield Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit is not cheap, but is one of the best dollhouses you can buy. The house is impressive and made of wood, but does not include the shingles. The house has seven peaks, two balconies, two windows, and a wrap-around porch. There are ten rooms with a removable roof section and has a gingerbread trim. The dollhouse measures 24.5 x 4.2 x 32.8-inches. You need to assemble it with a glue gun.


  • Large dollhouse and long-term project
  • Durable and heavy made of wood
  • Once assembled it looks cute


  • The wood needs some sanding for a perfect fit
  • Instructions not detailed enough

2.Melissa & Dough Classic Heirloom Victorian Dollhouse

The Melissa & Dough Classic Heirloom is a realistic Victorian dollhouse with hand-painted shingles. The window frames ornate has scroll-cut accents and an elegant staircase. Every room has unique graphics and the entire house comprises wood. The house scale is 1:12. All the hardware to assemble the house is included and the wooden pieces connect with a screw. The furniture sets you can buy separately to outfit the rooms.


  • Sturdy once assembled
  • Instructions are clear
  • Fairly easy to put together
  • Heavy


  • Some of the pieces do not fit correctly
  • Parts not labeled

1.KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

The Majestic Mansion is a wooden dollhouse designed for girls. Kids can enjoy the interactive features as it consists of 34-pieces of furniture and added accessories. There are even a kitten and a grandfather clock. In the dollhouse are eight rooms, a garage, wide-open windows, and an elevator. The set is suitable for ages three years and up and they can place their Barbie dolls in it. The elevator glides between the 2nd and 3rd floor and the garage door opens and closes. The house stands four feet tall and your child grows it.


  • The house is massive
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to build
  • Amazing accessories


  • The instructions not clear

Final Thoughts

Dollhouses are not important for only girls they are great for boys as well. With our best dollhouses in 2018, you can choose one best suited for your child. These playhouses will encourage them to use their imagination and make them become creative while expressing themselves.