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Cooling Pillows

Modern living is fuelled by stress. A moment of rest is like a mirage. A few hours of sleep pass by like seconds, and before you know, it is morning, the same gruel all over again. It is hard to digest, but cooling pillows play a crucial role in determining your night’s sleep. Often sleepers have complained about neck and shoulder pain due to sleeping on poorly-crafted pillows.

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Nowadays markets have therapeutic cooling-gel pillows that improve your sleeping posture and keeps you cool. Below is a list of the 10 best Cooling Pillows of 2020!

Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows in 2020

10. Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

These pillows by Qutool, with an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon, will lullaby you to the land of fairies!

Stuffed with shredded memory foam, these pillows are breathable and possess an incomparable softness.

  • Made of 40% bamboo rayon and 60% polyester blend
  • The pillow moves with your body and aligns head, neck, and shoulders perfectly
  • Zippered cover to adjust pillow height
  • Gel infused foam circulates air into and out of the pillows, prevents heat build-up
  • Hypoallergenic quality—highly ergonomic for skin-sensitive individuals

9. WAVVE Ventilated Gel Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

This dual sided-impeccably comfortable Cooling Pillow by Wavve will ensure interrupted blissful slumber!

Wavve uses an advanced technology called Pressure Foaming instead of chemicals to enhance the size of the pillow.

  • Memory foam is high-quality Air-Cell Technology
  • Foam has high-density sponge with a cooling pad which keeps you cool at night
  • The pillows have a 3-D mesh Design which allows permeability and breathability
  • Pillow covers are dual-sided—Tencel side allows ventilation, ice fabric gel side allows cooling

8. LONGHUI Bedding Never Flat Cool Memory Foam Bed Pillow

These pillows by LONGHUI will make sure you are as cool as a cucumber in your hours of rest!

These pillows, no matter how roughly you use them, will never get flat! The base of the pillow is made of memory foam and the top layer has a grid-patterned cooling gel layer.

  • Dual sided—the memory foam base and 0.8” thick cooling gel top make the pillows very sturdy
  • The pillows flex and contract to match the natural curve of your back, disperses body heat
  • Comes with a polyester cover which protects the integrity of the top gel layer

7. VISCOSOFT Cooling Arctic Gel Contour Pillow

Highly attractive and unique looking, these arctic gel pillows by VISCOSOFT, rated with 4-stars on Amazon, will gift you the most restful nights of your life!

The pillows are made of state-of-the-art 3-layer cooling gel structure which disperses body heat, keeping you cool for hours on end.

  • This technology ensures 30% more cooling than ordinary cooling gel memory foams
  • Aligns the head, neck, and shoulders perfectly, taking care of the vertebral column
  • The covers are made of Coolmax fabric which is hypoallergenic and moisture-absorbent

6. The Coldest Pillow

How does a gulp of cold water make you feel on a hot day? You will feel a similar blissful experience with the coldest pillow by The Coldest Water!

Marketed with such a unique name, these pillows are made with proprietary Coldest Fusion Weave and Coldest Gel Fluffs.

  • The unique weaving and content prevent degrading—long-lasting pillows
  • Made in Naples, Florida where it is hot all year round
  • Coldest fusion weave—this layer ensures heat dispersion

5. BEDSTORY Cooling Gel Pillows

These cooling gel pillows will give you the sensation of drifting away slowly into the land of bedtime stories!

The cervical portion of the spine is situated right at the back of our neck. The cervical BEDSTORY pillows cushions the cervical spine and aligns head-neck-shoulders perfectly.

  • The rebound quality of the memory gel foam ensures zero deformity
  • Open-Cell Technology of the pillows allows breathability
  • The covers are natural Tencel—perforated to allow air-flow

4. LIANLAM Shredded Bed Bamboo Cooling Pillow

Want to rest your head on 4-D pillows? This high-tech, 4.3-star rated product is available, by LIANLAM!

The pillows contain shredded memory gel foam and have side 4D mesh. The 4D Mesh Technology promotes air-circulation and heat dissipation.

  • The pillows are made of 40% bamboo viscose rayon and 60% polyester
  • Zippered covers allow the user to add and remove foam inserts to adjust pillow height
  • Orthopedic and hypoallergenic

3. CODI Hybrid Cooling Pillows for Night Sweats

No matter how you sleep—on your side, back or stomach—these pillows by CODI will you a kick-start every morning!

The patented triple-vent cooling system consists of the upper Honeycomb cover design, followed by double-layer moisture-absorbent cooling layers.

  • Contoured pillows—takes care of the spine
  • The micro-cooling infused gel layers will keep the heat from your body and surroundings at bay
  • Each foam piece is forged to infuse with each other, so the foam never goes flat

2. CLASSIC BRANDS Reversible Cool Gel

Sleeping is a beautiful experience and these cool gel pillows will guarantee that!

The memory foams come with a gel-pad layer, and the covers are made of cool mesh-knit which wicks away moisture.

  • Dual sided—memory foam on one side, gel-infused layer on the other
  • Contoured shape optimized head-neck-shoulder alignment
  • 5” thick foam
  • Hypoallergenic covers, machine washable

1.HOMENTALITY Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Morning shows the day! How you feel in the morning is determined by the quality of sleep the other night.

The pillows contain shredded memory gel filling and the covers are made of Coolmax Tectonic fabric.

  • Zippered covers to add and remove shredded memory foam
  • Ergonomic, hypoallergenic and orthopedic
  • Pillow covers easily machine-washable

Lastly, most cooling pillows available in the markets are made of memory foam with cooling-gel layers, and the covers are zipped so that you can insert or remove memory foam pieces according to your convenience! Pillows today are not ordinary; they are therapeutically designed to optimize your comfort!

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