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Best Conference Room Cameras in 2021 | Provide HD Quality Video

Every conference room needs a surveillance cam to deliver professional management for all. With one, you do not have to move across the state to attend essential meetings saving you time and travel costs. Using the best conference room cameras offer you a great video conference to discuss crucial matters as well.

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Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Big Meeting Rooms
AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Small Meeting Rooms
Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Big Meeting Rooms
AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Small Meeting Rooms
Editorial's Ranking
Best Of the Best
Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Big Meeting Rooms
Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Big Meeting Rooms
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Editorial's Ranking
AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera
AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera
Buy Now
Editorial's Ranking
Best Bang for the Buck
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Small Meeting Rooms
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Small Meeting Rooms
Buy Now

However, buying one is not the problem it is finding the right one providing you with professional standards with excellent results. This is where we come in to help.

We have selected conference webcams based on their unique features to make your selection a simple one. So which one is it going to be? To find out keep reading, the answer is right here in our conference room camera review.

Best Conference Room Cameras in 2021 

15. Meeting Owl Pro – 360-Degree

Meeting Owl Pro - 360-Degree

 (Automatic Speaker Focus & Smart Zooming and Noise Equalizing) B07WNK4PHW

This cameras is suitable for all type of video call and especially  conference call. This camera offer a 360 degree video in 1080p HD quality. Its audio sound is up to 18’ in 5.5 meters  and it is also automatically focus on the one who is speaking during the call. Its pairing connectivity also help you connect to this camera easily using Owl connect even in large room.

  • Its Brand: Owl Labs
  • Its Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Video Capture Format: Owl Intelligence System™ with autofocus and Smart Zooming functionality
  • Its Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Its Weight: 1.2 Kilograms

14.Video Conference Camera – Conference Camera

Video Conference Camera - Conference Camera 

COOLPO making its camera becoming an all in one design camera suitably for conference calling. It supports 360 degree video capturing combining with microphone, camera and speaker into just one device. Its PANA smart video conference function also help tracking the person who are speaking, doing any gesture making the other in the conference focus on the speaker. What make this camera device easier is that you don’t need to install any driver, all you need to do is just plug this camera to your PC using its USB port and turn your meeting software on.

  • Its Brand: COOLPO
  • Its Video Capture Resolution: 1080p, 720p, 4K
  • Its Color: Silver and black conference camera
  • Its Hardware Platform: PC
  • Supports Windows 7/8/10 & Two IOS latest systems

13.OBSBOT Tiny PTZ Webcam

OBSBOT Tiny PTZ Webcam

This camera offers full HD 1080p video quality having its 90 degree wide angle capturing. Its new technology support with an AI powered PTZ webcam using its deep learning computing to tract the voice, gesture of the speaker during the call. Its small USB Type-c helping the video transferring speed even faster with reliable internet connection.

  • Its brand: OBSBOT
  • Its Special Feature AI Tracking with Auto-Frame, Low Light Correction
  • Its Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Its Video Capture Format: MJPEG, YUV, H264
  • Lens Type: Wide angle
  • Its package includes : 1 OBSBOT Tiny AI Webca, 1 Type-C data power cable; a Magnetic mount ; User Manual guide book; a Warranty card

12.Video Conference Room Camera for Small Meeting Room

Video Conference Room Camera for Small Meeting Room

Within 90 degree wide angle function helping to see everybody who are in the conference room. Its manual adjustment supports up and down the angle with 15 degrees. Its 4K and UHD built-in featuring with 5 times zoom for making sure you can see the clear video quality. All you need to do to install this camera are with 3 steps only. First you turn on the camera, second you need to plug in the internet cable and lastly you can start a remote video conference.

  • Dual-screen display and wireless display function
  • Electric whiteboard support
  • Built-in 4K ultra-high-definition camera, support 5x digital zoom and 90° wide-angle camera
  • UHD resolution and ultra-clear and stunning visual effects.
  • Built-in multi-mic pickup array
  • 360-degree omni-directional radio
  • 200 feet pickup distance,

11.10X Optical Zoom 1080P PTZ USB2.0

10X Optical Zoom 1080P PTZ USB2.0 

Such as sleek design featuring its smart functions, no wonder it is in the top list. It provides 10X optical zoom video compatible from 0 to 340 degrees with the maximum speed of 80 degree per second. Its installation also support ceiling mount, wall mount or even tripod mount since it is reverse mountable too.

  • USB Camera vision and Multiple Presets
  • Easy installation
  • 355-degree Pan, can achieve multi-angle image acquisition
  • 10 times Optical Zoom Camera
  • It is compatible with most common IM and conferencing Apps software, such as Zoom, Microsoft Lync, CISCO WebEx and skype for business
  • Its package includes 10X Zoom Conference camera,DC 12V power adapter, IR remote control, manual, USB2.0 Cable(5m), Brackets and screws

10. Logitech BCC950 Video Conference Webcam

Logitech BCC950 Video Conference Webcam - Conference Room Cameras

  • The video cam has a built-in speakerphone with HD 1080p quality video and audio
  • You can use it with Microsoft Lync and Skype
  • Included is a remote control
  • The camera has an Omni-directional microphone with echo cancellation
  • Suitable for home use and small group conferencing
  • You can tilt, zoom, answer calls, and volume up/down
  • The field of view is between 78° and 180°
  • The bandwidth range of the microphone is between 200 Hz and 8kHz
  • Further, you get a distance of 8-feet to use it
  • The frame rate is 30 fps

9. Conference Room Camera by HuddleCamHD

Conference Room Camera by HuddleCamHD - Conference Room Cameras

The HuddleCamHD Go is a plug-and-play conference room camera that works with a USB plugin. You can use it with macOS and Window Operating Systems. Recently it has undergone an upgrade and can now support both USB 2 and USB 3. Alternatively, you can use it with Google Hangouts and Skype.

The product has a sleek design, and you can take it with you anywhere to use it at the office or home. For communicating with others, it has a built-in microphone with the speaker. Setting it up for a meeting is simple. You can use it for small meetings with up to six people.

Furthermore, you can use it in a middle-sized conference room with up to twelve people for live streaming. The camera has a wide-angle lens with fantastic image quality. The software offers you variety, and you will benefit from the HD 4X zoom.

  • Offers you a wide-angle of up to 110°
  • The frame rate is 30 fps and operates with USB 2.0
  • With the recent update, it also works with USB 3.0
  • You get a video mode of 1080p
  • Works with Windows and MAC
  • Can use it with Google Hangout and Skype
  • Comes with a built-in microphone and speaker
  • Further, you get 4X HD Zoom

8. Video Conference Camera by HuddleCam

Video Conference Camera by HuddleCam - Conference Room Cameras

Here we have another HuddleCam for the home and conference room. The renowned brands packed with fantastic features. Instead of buying a fixed webcam, you can benefit from using the video cam.

The camera offers you three times optical zoom and is ideal for holding any meeting with people abroad. You get variable focus with USB connection to your PC, laptop, and more. Another highlight is the remote pan with a full 1080p resolution with a 30 fps rate.

You get a megapixel sensor with a tilt driver and an 81° field of view used in full zoom. With the surveillance camera, it blends into any conference room and works in different conditions.

  • Made with 3X Optical Zoom and works with a USB 2.0 cable connection
  • Offers you a resolution of 1920 x 1080p
  • Has a frame rate of 30 fps with an 81-degree field of view
  • Include a remote pan with a tilt driver
  • The lightweight construction of 1.66 lbs makes it portable to take anywhere

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7. YSX Group All-in-One Video Conference Camera

YSX Group All-in-One Video Conference Camera  - Conference Room Cameras

The YSX Group All-in-One Conference Camera is a whole package for medium rooms. The HD video plus the great audio quality makes for an impressive addition to the list. The affordable price tag isn’t even the best part!

The product has a rather bulky design, and it’s not the most ambiguous one ever, but the features are mentionable. It’s compatible with PC and MAC.

  • Optimized for a maximum of 10 participants.
  • 1080p plug-and-play HD video with autofocus with digital tilt/pan/zoom.
  • Covers up to a 10′ radius.
  • 360° microphone coverage.
  • 81°-degree field of view.
  • Adjustable video resolution, frame rate, and video compressor.

6. Logitech ConferenceCam

Logitech ConferenceCam - Conference Room Cameras

For small meetings, you need the Logitech conference room camera. You can use it with different web conferencing applications and UC. Furthermore, it connects with MAC and PC with the plug-and-play design. The quality of the video is excellent, and the products made durable.

You can view images in full HD1080p and connects via USB and Bluetooth. Another highlight is the wireless screen mirror projection to connect to your smartphone for conference use. The webcam also offers you a 360-degree sound and portable to take anywhere.

You can use it in the office and take it home with you. The device works with a rechargeable battery, or you can use it with AC power.

  • The mobile construction makes it easy for you to do video conferencing anywhere
  • Can use it in workgroups with up to six people
  • Has a built-in speakerphone with wireless screen mirroring
  • Easy to install with the plug-and-play USB
  • Can use it with wireless connectivity
  • Works with the majority of UC and video conference applications
  • Has a 90-degree field of view with 360-degree sound
  • The video quality is Full HD 1080p
  • You can use it to zoom, pan, tilt, and autofocus
  • The speakerphone comes with noise cancellation and duplex Omni-directional microphones
  • Equipped with a Zeiss glass lens with four times digital zoom

5. XLM 3X Optical Zoom PTZ Video Conference Camera

XLM 3X Optical Zoom PTZ Video Conference Camera - Conference Room Cameras

Preview Product Rating Price
3X Optical Zoom 1080P PTZ USB2.0 Video Conference Camera 3X Optical Zoom 1080P PTZ USB2.0 Video Conference Camera No ratings yet $199.99

If you’re looking for a video conferencing camera than has some good zoom that’s super sharp at the same time, then the XLM PTZ is the one for you. It connects with a USB 2.0 video output.

It can be mounted from the ceiling paired up with vertical image alignment features. The PTZ movement is sublimely smooth, accurate, and silent.

  • Auto focuses.
  • 256 preset positions.
  • Video transmission and control of interface through SONY VISCA, USB, PELCO P/D matches the communication protocol automatically.
  • RS232/RS485 camera control.
  • Video resolution options: 1080P30/25, 720P30/25, 800 x 600, 680 x 480.
  • 3x optical zoom.
  • Video compression formats: H.264, YUV, MJPEG.

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4. Logitech PTZ Pro Conference Camera

Logitech PTZ Pro Conference Camera - Conference Room Cameras

Whether you are hosting an event or meeting the Logitech PTZ Pro is the one to have. The webcam works with Google Chromebook, Windows PC, and MAC. Further, you can connect it with Skype and Lync. You can enjoy live streaming to discuss a new project or essential matters concerning the business.

You get a wide 90-degree field of view with full HD zoom made possible with the Zeiss optics. The camera has autofocus with multiple preset options and mounting positions. For connecting, you use the included plug-and-play USB cable making installation a breeze.

  • Offers you high-quality HD 1080p video
  • Comes with H264 video compression to provide a smoother video
  • Has a full 90-degree field of view
  • Comes with versatile 260-degree pan and 130-degree tilts
  • You get 10X zoom with the Zeiss optics
  • Include a remote control with multiple mounting options, and the camera comes preset
  • Works with most video conference software and applications
  • Has a frame rate of 30 fps and connects with plug-and-play USB setup
  • Included you get the power adapter, mount, USB cable, and power adapter

3. Logitech MeetUP HD Video Conference Camera

Logitech MeetUP HD Video Conference Camera - Conference Room Cameras

For a premium camera for the conference room, you must MeetUP with the Logitech model. The webcams made for small groups of people to have a comfortable meeting with others around the world. You can sit at the table with a visible 120-degree FOV.

There is a motorized pan/tilt to widen the field of view even further. The lens offers Ultra HD 4K optics with the three preset cameras you get fantastic face-to-face collaboration. Even the sound is exceptional with the beamforming microphones and speakers.

The size is compact and minimized cable clutter and merely works with the plug-and-play setup and other video conferencing software.

  • Made for business-grade video meetings with the wide 120-degree FOV
  • Has a built-in audio system with three microphones and speakers
  • Offers multiple video resolutions with Ultra 4K 720p and 1080P
  • Works as a speakerphone with a wireless connection
  • The microphone frequency response is 90Hz to 16kHz

2. AVER CAM520 Conference Room Camera

AVER CAM520 - Conference Room Cameras

With the AVER CAM520, nothing goes unnoticed in the conference room. You can zoom with the camera, tilt, and plan to make sure the meeting is successful. You can use it with different platforms and applications. As with the majority of video cams, this one also works with plug-and-play.

Furthermore, you can connect it with your PC, Mac, Chromebox and more. You get full 1080p video quality, and it has a frame rate of 60 fps. You can zoom in at 12X for the best view of the people in the room. The product comes with ten camera presets and an 82-degree FOV.

  • You get a high-quality video with the plug-and-play installation
  • Offers you Full 1080p video quality with 60 frames per second and ten cameras presets
  • The zoom is fantastic at 12X with 82-degree full angle view
  • Comes with a smooth pan, zoom-in, and tilt for capturing small details
  • Easy to set up with your applications and devices using the USB cable
  • Compatible with different video conference platforms and applications

1. Logitech Group HD Conference Room Camera

Logitech Group HD - Conference Room Camera

For affordable group conferencing, you need the Logitech Group video cam. With the observation camera, you can turn a large room into an excellent video collaboration space. All you need to do is plug the camera and speakerphone into your laptop.

The conference system works with most platforms and has a USB 2.0 port with plug-and-play installation. You can use it with cloud communication and UC. You can even use it in a medium-sized room, and the use is not limited. One thing is for sure the Logitech brand never disappoints when it comes to making video and audio quality products.

  • All-in-one design for professional video conferencing with quality HD 1080p videos
  • Has a 90-degree FOV with an audio range up to 20-feet
  • Comes with a duplex speakerphone with top-notch sound quality made possible with the Omni-directional microphone
  • Has noise cancellation and you can use it in a room with up to 14 people
  • The video conference systems expandable with other microphones to use with larger groups
  • Has autofocus, pan, tilt, and zoom made possible with the Zeiss optical lens

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Which Conference Room Camera Do You Need?

video conferencing camera - Conference Room Cameras

Before you decide which of the top 10 conference room cameras made for you? You need to decide where you plan to use the webcam.

The possibility is that you do not need an expensive one such as the Logitech Group HD model and can settle for the HuddleCam instead. Each of the video cams offers you the versatility to use it in any home or office space. One thing is each brand focuses well and operates smoothly with great results.

What is a VTC camera?

Video conferencing cameras come in various forms and shapes but have only two main categories. While there are multiple manufacturers for VTC cameras, they all still form into these two types.

PTZ cameras can move in numerous ways with the help of a controller. It’ll move upwards, sideways, forward, backward, and downwards. Most PTZ cameras allow you to control their direction, zoom, and other features remotely.

Fixed cameras, on the other hand, have no means of remote access. It’s impossible to alter their features without physically reaching their position by hand. Most often, these cameras come built-into smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, and more. They usually have zoom features and wide-angle lenses, among other advantages.

Either fixed or PTZ, dedicated VTC cameras will often offer extremely high resolutions. They are highly sensitive and may function in even low-light conditions. Dedicated video conferencing cameras have advanced noise reduction technology.

Most of the cameras are minimalist in body plan and are of PTZ specs for remote its control capabilities. Among its manufacturers, we have Vitex, Sony, Logitech, Vaddio, and most camera manufacturers.

What is endpoint in video conferencing?

video conferencing - Conference Room Cameras

Even without ICT experience, most people that use VTC are familiar with the term “endpoint.” It’s a routine contender for the most crucial component is a VTC system. Technically, the endpoint is not the computer, smartphone, or computing device as a whole.

It’s a unique point that communicates with another location on the network to deliver a video call. It comprises a video display (LCD), a video input unit (camera), and a codec.

The Components of A VTC Endpoint

The codec is an equally important part of the endpoint that decodes and codes the data involved in a VTC. It operates the protocols for audio-visual communication at the conference.

Think of it as the CPU of teleconferencing that interprets signals from both communicating points. Codecs now come in the form of software, unlike before, when they were singular hardware units.

The advances in technology now allow complex audio-visual data to transmit without a physical codec to handle it.

Monitors for video conferencing vary widely from extra-large sizes to high-definition resolutions. They perform the simple function of converting interpreted audio-visual signals from the codec into a video display.

Some video teleconferencing service providers will indicate individual specifications for their service. Others will provide their monitors while some support any third-party monitor regardless of specs.

The choice in monitors for video conferencing should rest solely on your budget. Generalizing, it’s the least important part of the VTC setup and can take some degree of compromise.

The VTC Camera is an indispensable unit in video teleconferencing. The entire communication system starts and ends with Video conferencing cameras. They provide the visual image that is communicated and interpreted by the codec and displayed by the monitor.

Cameras come in various forms and functions, so you can’t just pick anyone for VTC use.

Most Video conferencing cameras are of the PTZ type because of the remote-control benefit. However, fixed cameras are also standard in use and convenient because of their integration into popular everyday devices.

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What Are the Types of Endpoints?

Unlike decades ago, endpoints now come in even more variations. Each type of endpoint calls out to different kinds of consumers. With advances in technology, even unlikely devices currently serve as endpoints for video conferencing.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops (Mobile Devices)

These are the most popular endpoints for everyday video conferencing users. Its popularity is because components are already built-in, and its potential users already own it as one of their devices. They use extensively sophisticated software to communicate with each other and are extremely easy to set up. Rising computing power, low prices, and improvements in mobile systems make them a strong competitor in the VTC market. Mobile devices’ cameras use fixed cameras most often, and their audio components are usually subpar.

Room Units

As the name suggests, manufacturers design these units are for use in single rooms. They may come as wall-mounting designs or as boxed products. It may have all the components in one singular unit or may occur as multiple equipment.

The wall-mounting forms can mount in various ways, such as on walls, pedestals, inside walls, and other stationary platforms. Its movable type is the cart design that is portable and versatile in use.

Some carts may even have their power supply for uninterrupted teleconferencing. Its cameras are often the PTZ type of VTC quality.


These units are all-in-one designs that stand-alone and include an integrated codec for teleconferencing. They are different from desktop software VTC systems despite sounding similar.

The units are a simple combination of the requisite components tabled on a desk. Alternatively, they can work as a replacement desktop monitor. Their cameras are usually PTZ, and they are a very portable choice for video conferencing.


These are very different from regular options. While we call it a robot, they are simply mobile platforms that you can control remotely for better VTC experience. They require extensive infrastructure overhaul to work but are second in quality experience only to telepresence.


It’s a high-quality camera and codec, together with a massive high-definition monitor combo. Manufacturers make these platforms specifically for Videoconferencing, although they can also work as typical devices.

It will also include a powerful audio system to provide the best sound system and the fastest internet connection. Think of it as combining the best of each VTC component into an extensive network. The Video conferencing cameras for telepresence are usually high-quality PTZ cameras.

Note: Technically, all VTCs are telepresence, but some manufacturers are favoring increasingly complicated VTC systems. They say these systems represent another presence, and so should alone have the name “telepresence.”

What equipment do I need for A Zoom meeting?

video conferencing camera - Conference Room Cameras

Zoom is best among the many complex video conferencing software that populates the VTC scene. It’s cheap, quality service, and compatible with almost all modern computer devices. The ease of its installation merely adds to its already incredible advantages.

To operate a zoom teleconference, you’ll need some equipment that you may or may not already have.

On A Computer or Laptop

We’re talking of a computer with a built-in microphone and speakers. If your device has a camera, then right. You can buy a video conferencing camera if it doesn’t.

Also, you’ll want a quiet place and an internet connection to facilitate the call.

If your computer lacks a microphone and speaker or they aren’t good ones, you’ll need to buy them. Try headphones with built-in microphones because they also help you keep out noise.

On a Phone or Tablet

The phone will likely have everything you’ll need for a video conference call so that you won’t need any extra purchase. However, shelling out for a headphone may still prove advantageous. Headphones let you avoid outside noise and make it easier to speak by bringing the microphone closer to you.

As you can see, there’s not much you’ll need to make a zoom call beyond what you already have.

Unlike most other technology, there’s no “I’m terrible with tech” keeping you away from VTC. It’s one of the easiest techs to install and use. It increases the ease-of-doing business and reduces some of the risks associated with business transactions. With its rapid growth and influence in all manner of industries, video conferencing is here to stay.

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