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Best Car Chains in 2020

Car chains are popular tire safety accessories in areas that face heavy snow or slippery roads. These devices basically go around the tires and make them more suitable for smooth or slippery surfaces. One might think that the chains will stop the tires from revolving, but it automatically goes with the tire and does not lessen your speed or stop your car. The chains are highly recommended for people who live in areas that face heavy snow during winter. You cannot ever compromise with safety.

In slippery roads, vehicles tend to skid and thus face an accident. The car chains were invented and are manufactured to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening. Below is a list of the top car chains according to us. Read on to know which you should purchase and install for keeping your vehicle from skidding on slippery roads.

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Best Car Chains in 2020

9. Security ZT729 Super Z LT Tire Chain

Security ZT729 Super Z LT Tire Chain - Car Chains

If you are looking for something that will provide you great service at the simplest installation process, this is the car chain for you. After you are done with tightening the chain, you do not need to redo it in any case because the chain stays the same and no amount of adverse effects can break its structure. The chain is also greatly compatible with the electronic systems you have in your vehicle. You will need to consider the strength and age of your tire for using these car chains.

8. KONIG XB-16 245 Car Chain

KONIG XB-16 245 - Car Chains

These car chains were specially designed for driving in snow. The chain is very easy to install and is promised to give great traction. There are two stops: one for fitting the chain and the other to be used to tighten the chain. The chain was tested in the Italian Alps, so it can easily go through the snow in your town. The material used for manufacturing this chain is an alloy of manganese and nickel with steel. So it is highly durable and won’t break. Purchasing this chain is a lifetime investment.

7. KONIG XG-12 PRO 245 Car Chains

KONIG XG-12 PRO 245 - Car Chains

Another beautifully crafted car chain from KONIG. This model is a bit different from the previous one yet provides you with the same amount of comfort. You need to keep in mind that the tire size and the chain size have to be compatible in the case of this snow chain. The chains can tension themselves and are micro regulating. You can easily install them in a short time. The chains are made of durable high-quality material which ensures that it will last a long time. You can attach nylon bumpers to protect your tire from any kind of scratches while using this chain.

6. TerraGrips Car Chains

TerraGrips Car Chains - Car Chains

These chains are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. If you are a traveler, you will love this car chain. It provides a great grip, excellent traction, and an amazing experience while driving. The slats are made of rubber so your tire will go over anything. You don’t even need tools for installing these brilliantly designed car chains!

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5. Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Car Chain

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable - Car Chains

This is one of the car chains that are suitable for all kinds of vehicles. These chains are easy to install and designed in such a way that everybody can use it. If your cars have different electronic AI systems, don’t worry; the SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Car chain is compatible with those. The chains have to be installed in all the four-tire. It is recommended not to go over 50 kilometers per hour with this chain attached to your tires.

4. Security Chain Peerless 

Security Chain Peerless - Car Chains

Another exciting product from the security chain. The car chain is highly efficient and great for driving in the snow. You need to compare your tire size and the chain size before installing them. The chain needs to fit your tire perfectly. There are self tighteners on the outside and cables on the inside of this chain that you need to manually attach. It is very simple to install this chain and does not take much time to do so. If your tire does not fit the chain, your vehicle will be scratched so measure your tire before making the purchase.

3. KONIG CB-12 090

KONIG CB-12 090 - Car Chains

This model is definitely designed for snow. These car chains have D links and that ensures better traction for the driver. This might be the only car chain that is fashionable and is attractive in appearance. Not only will it keep you safe but also look better in your style. Installation is very easy, you just need to keep track as directed by the user manual.

2. Peerless 0232805 Auto-Trac Tire Chain

Peerless 0232805 Auto-Trac Tire Chain - Car Chains

You won’t have to move or turn your vehicle for installing this chain that is how easy it is. The chain is suitable for light trucks and SUVs. If you are driving away in the snow in your truck, you should definitely get this car chain. These car chains are affordable as well. It has D links which will provide great traction for you.

1. AUTOLOVER Car Chains

AUTOLOVER Car Chains - Car Chains

Looking for a comfy ride? The Autolovers have especially made this car chain for you. The chain is great for any level of driver and gives the owner great control over his/her vehicle. The material used for manufacturing these car chains is TPU steel. It is highly durable and will withstand any adverse weather. You can use it on any kind of surface as well!

Car chains are a necessity for drivers who live in snowy areas or deserts. You should definitely invest in a good one which will ensure your safety.

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