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In our every day today live, we encounter people with different hairs. Some with dense black long hair hence looking handsome or beautiful, and others with little short, brittle hair or discolored hair. This latter group has no excuse, unhealthy hair. When you meet this latter group, what kind of questions do come into your mind? Have you ever asked yourself what makes their hair wear out, or even what their body lacks? One of the possible reasons for hair loss is age. Another possible reason is the lack of sufficient the biotin for hair in their bodies.  So, this brings us to the question, what is biotin? Biotin is vitamin H, which is an essential component of any healthy metabolism in the creation of important enzymes that are used to break down food substances. We can naturally get a substantial amount of biotin for hair from some of the foods we eat. However, medical practitioners recommend that we supplement this natural source so as to get the various benefits that come along with its consumption. In fact, hair specialist often uses biotin to strengthen hair and nails. Therefore, if you have some of the deficiency symptoms I earlier mentioned, you definitely need a biotin for hair supplement. But, do you know what factors to consider before using biotin pill? If not, then here are some of the factors to bear in mind.

What to Consider Before Using Biotin Pill

What to Consider Before Using Biotin Pill

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Although it is essential to supplement the natural sources of biotin, especially for those who consume high amounts of processed food, you ought to consider a number of factors such as:

  • Guidance from a Specialist

In this era of technology, you are likely to come across lots of websites that contain useful information about the use of biotin. You will have committed no crime by reading them. However, it is wise to visit a medical practitioner for professional advice and guidance before taking biotin for hair pills.

  • Deficiency Symptoms

Knowing your health status is key to taking biotin for hair pills. Here, you need to do a thorough examination of the symptoms. You need to ask yourself, are these symptoms typical to biotin deficiency, or could I be suffering from something else? A physician comes handy here. This is because symptoms of various ailments or deficiencies often overlap.

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  • Side Effects

Just like drugs, Biotin for hair supplements also has side effects. These side effects might be relative. So you need to know if taking these pills will adversely affect your normal functioning. Taking alcohol or smoking of cigarettes should be a factor to consider too.

  • Other Drugs You Might be Taking

If you have been or are on antibiotics for a long course, anti-seizure medication or kidney dialysis, you simply need to consult a physician before using these pills.

Biotin for Hair Growth Dosage

Biotin for Hair Growth Dosage

After knowing the factors that you need to consider before using biotin for hair pills, it is also important that you familiarize yourself with the dosage. Knowing how much to take and when can save you the side effects any other unforeseen eventualities. Now, I earlier mentioned some biotin deficiency symptoms. Could be experiencing them? Are you wondering who much amount you should take? If that is the case, then consult your healthcare professional. This article comes handy too. Keep on reading, and you will learn everything you need to know about biotin dosage.

First off, the amount of biotin for hair one should take, depends on age, the amount of hair loss and other health conditions. Taking vitamin H supplements prevents and treats biotin deficiency. Further, the safety and the appropriate dosage of biotin pills remains a highly contested debate. This has thus lead to the lack of a standard dosage that one should take to have long hair, strong nails, and healthy skin. To maintain all metabolic functions of the body, an adult will require about 30 micrograms of biotin on a daily basis. On the contrary, healthcare experts recommend a starting dose of approximately 700 micrograms of biotin per day. In some cases, this amount can go as high as 1000 micrograms. In addition, because biotin is generally safe and well-tolerated by the human body, most people often take the later dose without severe side effects. However, there are no documented benefits of using high doses.

Biotin studies indicate that people who have reportedly benefited from the taking of biotin supplements used more than 30 micrograms a day. Other studies done by researchers from Columbia University further indicate that 63% of people who used biotin for brittle nails showed an improvement after the sixth month of biotin consumption. However, for treating hair loss, you need to use not more than 1000micrograms. In this regard, the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine has recommended the following biotin daily dosage:

  • Infants should take 5 micrograms per day
  • Infants between 7 months and 3 years should take a daily dosage of 6 to 8 micrograms
  • Children between 4 to 13 years should take 12-20 micrograms as their daily dosage
  • All adolescents should take 25 micrograms per day
  • Male and female adults who are above 19 years should take 30 micrograms
  • Expectant mothers should take 30 micrograms per day.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should take a higher dosage of 35 micrograms per day.

Effects of Biotin on Health

Taking biotin for hair pills has both adverse and positive effects as outlined below. The health benefits have mostly to do with your physical appearance.

Positive Health Effects

Biotin for hair growth

  • Strong hair

Nearly all the researchers conducted on the effects of biotin have pointed a strong link between biotin pills and positive hair growth. This explains why most hair product manufacturers are now adding biotin into their formula.

  • Healthy and strong nails

Biotin thickens nail cuticle hence preventing nail breakage.

  • Good skin tone

Similarly, taking the appropriate dosage of biotin improves the general appearance of your skin. This is by removing rashes and acne.

  • Well build body muscles

Biotin, just like other group B vitamins, plays an integral function in repairing worn out muscle tissues. Your body, therefore, needs the right proportions of biotin to build and repair your muscle tissues of rigorous exercise.

  • Low cholesterol levels

Although concrete evidence is still in the quest, previous animal studies have shown that biotin helps in lowering Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL), which doctors classify as bad cholesterol.

  • Stable blood sugar level

Human medical studies have shown that biotin, when paired with other vitamins such as chromium, can lower blood glucose levels.

  • Effective immune system

Biotin in conjunction with other vitamins, help in the conversion of carbohydrates into glycogen or ATP.

Side Effects of Biotin

Biotin has tremendous benefits when taken orally and in the right proportions. Nevertheless, administering vitamin H can as well be injected into the body muscles. However, this practice is not entirely safe as one can develop the sides effects associated with any form of injection. It should, however, be noted that the side effects are rare and relative. This is because the body readily excretes biotin through urine. The body does thus not accumulate biotin to toxic levels. The few reported case are merely allergic reactions such as:

  • Body rashes
  • Eruptions and Itching of the skin
  • Nausea
  • Cramping of the stomach
  • Diarrhea

Now having learned much about biotin, I would advise you never to use any information you find on health websites as factual and final. Regardless of whether you are taking biotin to cure or prevent hair loss, or to have healthy nails and healthy skin, consulting an expert is wise and recommended. I, therefore, hope that you will find this article helpful in making decisions related to biotin for hair. 

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