When using your tablet for a long period of time can be at times be exhausting. Nevertheless, you cannot replace your tablet with your smartphone when it comes into reading, videos, or even in surfing the internet as they provide you with a large screen area in which it increases your viewing experience. This is far much as you can at some point refer it as a mini version of television. However, holding it for a long period of time is exhausting; hence you might not enjoy its use far much that while you are not holding it. With this, therefore, tablet wall mounts are meant to increase the convenience and the comfort level you enjoy from the use of your tablet.

However, despite how the tablet wall mounts might be interesting, you can find yourself frustrated on the choice of the wrong tablet wall mounts. Therefore, with the many options to choose from to have the best, we have considered you to ensure you get what you deserve. This is after putting several factors into consideration in coming up with the below list of the best tablet wall mounts in 2019.

Best Tablet Wall Mounts in 2019

Tablet Wall Mounts Reviews | Perfect Stability

9. Monoprice Safe and Secure Wall Mount Display Stand

Monoprice Safe and Secure Wall Mount Display Stand for 9.7-Inch iPad - Black (110307)

Now you can rest assured of the safety of your tablet from the Monoprice tablet wall mount. It will provide you with the perfect stability as well as security of the tablet while you are using it. This is from the strong steel material used which not only makes it provide a secure mounting but also contributes to its durability.

Furthermore, its design included a cutout for the charging port of your tablet to ensure that you can as well charge it while it is mounted in this wall mount. Lastly, the base of the stand features 3 screw holes for fastening in the wall while the steel casing is screwed with 2 security screws for secure holding of the tablet.

  • 3 screw holes for fastening to the wall from the base of the stand
  • Steel casing for secure holding of the tablet
  • An included cutout for the charging port


8. Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

The Bentley Mounts Tablet Wall Mount is an amazing tablet wall mount which is highly compatible with most tablets which are up to 11” through which it extends up to 13.5” from the wall and can retract up to 2.25”.

Is design features a swivel arm which enhances maximum viewing experience and flexibility. Constructed from highly durable materials which include plastic and aluminum material, assures you of firm protection of your tablet on the wall.

  • First, it provides a rotation of 360 degrees with a swivel of 180 degrees while tilting is of +/- 45 degrees
  • Extends up to 13.5” from the wall and retracts up to 2.25”
  • Compatible with most 11″



7. CTA Digital Wall/Under-Cabinet & Desk Mount CTA Digital Wall/Under-Cabinet & Desk Mount with 2 Mounting Bases for 7-13" Tablets, Including 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018) and 11-inch iPad Pro (2018)

CTA digital tablet wall mount will turn any surface to be a hands-free station through which you can enjoy using your tablet with no hassle. This mount features 4 joint structure with adjustability which enhances the use in different angles. Furthermore, it has 2 adjustable grips which you can use which include one that is of a quick-release button and the spring-loaded.

The design of this tablet wall mount is such that it has a 2-part locking mechanism on its mounting bases which ensures that the stand together with the tablet is held firmly in place. Lastly, you find much ease in installing this table wall mount making it convenient.

  • Several joints for a variety of viewing options
  • Can hold 7″ to 13″ tablets from its adjustability
  • Quick-release button which enhances ease in unloading and loading the tablet



6. Impact Mounts Universal Detachable Tablet Wall Mount 

Impact Mounts Universal Detachable Tablet Wall Mount Bracket for Ipad 1/2/3/4/air Galaxy Kindle (8.9-10.4" Tablets)

This tablet wall mount will be an amazing choice through which it will fit most tablets which measure 8.9″ to 10.4″. Not only this, but you will also find much ease in using it through attaching as well as detaching this tablet wall mount. Furthermore, it easily detaches from the wall hence enhancing tablet portability

Moreover, it features a single wall docking station with the use of high-quality material of the strong ABS plastic material which assures you of its durability. Lastly, its 360-degree rotation ensures that you can change the view of the tablet without any hassle.

  • Suitable for tablet measures 8.9″ to 10.4″
  • It is of a slim profile of 1″ of the wall to tablet
  • Made from the use of strong ABS plastic material


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5. CTA Digital PAD-KMS 2-in-1 Kitchen Desktop Tablet Stand Wall Mount 

CTA Digital PAD-KMS 2-in-1 Kitchen Desktop Tablet Stand Wall Mount Holder with Stylus for 7-13 Inch Tablets/iPad 2018/iPad Pro 12.9/7/Air/Mini, Galaxy Tab S3 9.7, Surface Pro 4/5/6, Nintendo Switch

CTA digital PAD tablet wall mount will be another one of the best picks you will have which will provide secure holding of your tablet on the wall without any hassle. It is very easy to install this table wall mount. This is through the inclusion of 2 easy mounting stand cradles for under cabinet and wall displays.

Moreover, it features a unique design which can accommodate 3 display modes which include under cabinet, wall, and tabletop. The legs of this table wall mount are also foldable. Lastly, you are sure of high durability from the high-quality aluminum material used.

  • Rotation of up to 360 degrees
  • 2 mounting cradles
  • Foldable for ease in portability
  • Lastly, it is compatible with tablet ranging from 6″ to 8.75″



4. Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount

Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount with 8 inch Arm and AMPS Drill Base for iPad Air iPad Pro iPad 4 3 2 Galaxy Note 10.1

Arkon heavy duty tablet wall mount as its name suggest will be the perfect tablet wall mount for your heavy tablets if you need a secure wall mounting. First, its slim grip holder fits on tablets which are 7″ to 18.4″ of the size of the screen.

Moreover, it also features a customizable as well as adjustable design on the tablet holder’s support legs which provides room for different locations. Furthermore, it also features an adjustable arm as well as swivel ball suitable for assisting in positioning the tablet to the best position.

  • Fits tablets measuring 7″ to 18.4″
  • Secondly, it has an adjustable swivel ball and arm for better positioning of the tablet
  • Adjustable support legs to your best position



3. Koala Damage-Free Tablet Wall Mount Dock 

Koala Damage-Free Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem; for iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, and eReaders (Chrome-Plated Plastic)

This tablet wall mount is unique such that it will give you an amazing watching experience without having to hold your tablet. One of the best things about this tablet wall mount is that you will be able to install it easily less than 2 minutes through the use of the 3M command adhesive strips which are damage-free. No screws will be used it can hold up to 5lbs

Its design further features 2 separate brackets for its universality to ensure that you can set it at different distances allowing wide compatibility. The brackets fit devices less or equal to 11mm thick.

  • 3M adhesive strips which you can reuse in another room
  • Can hold up to 5 lbs
  • Lastly, it can hold devices of up to 11mm



2. Padholdr IFIT XPS18 Series Tablet Holder 

Padholdr IFIT XPS18 Series Tablet Holder with Heavy Duty Wall Mount (PHIFXPS18HDWALL)

On the second best tablet wall mount is the Padholdr tablet wall mount which is a standard mount to provide secure holding. You will have the access to charging your tablet through the included space for the charging port. Furthermore, you will have the full security of your tablet in which it features a lock to keep the tablet in place, and you will slide it out and in easily.

It features an open design which provides access to the necessary buttons as well as the charging port. Not only this but it also specifically designed to fit the Dell XPS 18 tablet.

  • Ease sliding of the tablet in and out of this tablet wall mount
  • Features a lock to keep the tablet secure
  • Access of necessary buttons is enhanced



1. Displays2go Articulating Monitor & Tablet Work Station

Displays2go Articulating Monitor & Tablet Work Station, Mounts on Counter or Wall, Steel & Aluminum Construction – White (DWSSW02WT)

The Displays2go tablet wall mount features to be the best tablet wall mount you will have from our list. It comes as the best following its all-around features which enhance its use through which you will be sure to receive the best from its use. With it, you can easily rotate, tilt or even pan your gadget. Furthermore, it fits tablets which measure 14″ to 27″.

It features a sit-stand design which is perfect for your comfort. All you need is to choose the best posture you need it. In addition to this, the iPad will mount to the computer stand to enable multitasking while you are using your computer.

  • First, it features monitors which fit in this tablet wall mount range from 14″ to 27″
  • Can be used as a computer stand or tablet wall mount enhancing its versatility
  • High durability from high-quality materials.

In conclusion, prevention is termed to better than cure. Why? This is so as while curing some adverse effects could even prevent you from regaining your original state. With this, therefore, every time you use your tablet without the best position, you are getting prone to neck pains, aching wrists or hands. However, with tablet wall mounts, you will have all that you need to avoid and prevent these pains. Therefore, we hope that with the above, you will grab the best tablet which fits you considering that you have the best list thereof.