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Best Portable TV Stands in 2020 | Move Your TV Anywhere

The key factor deciding the TV viewing experience is its setup. If your TV unit is not properly set up, you may end up with an unpleasant viewing experience. Along with improving the TV experience, the appearance of your TV and the interior decor can be upgraded through the portable TV stands. Unlike conventional TV stands, these stands are equipped with excellent portability and simplicity of setup. You need not depend on the large unit to support your TV. With the assistance of these portable stands, it will be straightforward to move the TV unit from one place to another.

One of the key advantages of using such TV stands is they can neatly organize the TV unit and other accessories. For instance, you can neatly place remote, speakers, headphones, cables and other accessories. They are made lightweight yet they come with the excellent weight capacity. Moreover, they are furnished with adjustable viewing angles and height, so the finest viewing experience is guaranteed. With so many portable TV stands available currently, read below to make a wise buying decision:

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Top 10 Best Portable TV Stands in 2020

10. ONKRON Universal Mobile TV Stand with Shelves

ONKRON Universal Mobile TV Stand with Shelves

The present model of mobile TV stand from ONKRON is suitable for large screens and it can hold the light and sturdy aluminum alloy mounting frame on its wheels. Excellent mobility and superb convenience are the key traits of this stand. Actually, it is a height adjustable rolling TV stand equipped with the double shelving engineered for large screens. Moreover, it would flawlessly fit flat panel or curved displays too. Generally, these ONKRON portable TV stands are suitable for LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, HD, gaming monitors, 4K televisions, etc. Actually, these stands would fit TV sets weighing up to 100 lbs.

  • The portable TV cart serves as a simple and contemporary solution for large and small businesses, classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, professional setting, trade shows, expos, educational venues, and entertainment venues.
  • It would be extremely simple to use -connect and display with electrical outlet wherever available.

9. ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount

ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount

An ideal combination of quality, value, and functional design are seen on this mobile TV stand. It is extremely simple to maneuver and set up. Essentially, this rolling TV cart is exclusively designed for TVs with most common diagonals – ranging from 32” to 65 inches. Process of mounting television screen on the cart proves to be a simple and contemporary solution for personal and professional applications.

  • All the portable TV stands are not height adjustable but this one allows you to adjust the height from 47.2’’ to 59 inches above the floor in 2-inch increments.
  • The implemented stable metal alloy frame is capable to safely hold up to 100 lbs screens. For hassle-free movement, there are 4 caster wheels available.

8. VIVO Black Tripod 32″ to 55″ 

VIVO Black Tripod 32" to 55" 

When you need to frequently adjust the height and position of your TV stand, it is best to go for this floor stand. VIVO took immense care while designing this TV display stand to let it fit LCD LED flat screen. The stand actually showcases five points of height adjustment, so it is easy to find the most convenient viewing angle. Furthermore, height adjustment is easy and quick for your convenience. Due to the tripod feature, incredible stability is guaranteed.

  • This tripod stand facilitates easy backward or forward adjustment and hassle-free tilting mechanic.
  • The stand is competent in holding screens ranging from 32” to 55” size. Maximum weight withstood is 77 lbs.

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7. Yaheetech 32 to 65 Inch Mobile TV Cart

Yaheetech 32 to 65 Inch Mobile TV Cart:

All the portable TV stands do not come with protective features but this mobile TV cart comes with the safety bolts. They assist to avoid your TV from falling off. It is possible to utilize this Yaheetech TV cart for homes, educational uses, conference rooms, tradeshows, expos, classrooms, hospitals, gyms, bars, hotels and lecture halls. The cart can excellently fit most models and brands of LED, LCD, OLED flat panel, plasma TV and curved TV LCD.

  • To present the optimum viewing experience, the cart is furnished with an adjustable TV bracket along with pillars. The size of the pillars ranges from 43.3″-63″.
  • Construction is done using the powder coated metal to ensure longevity.
  • There is the availability of storage shelf for holding cable box, DVD player, Xbox, etc.

6. Portable TV Stand, Height Adjustable Telescoping Pole

Portable TV Stand, Height Adjustable Telescoping Pole

The height adjustable functionality of this portable TV stand device is suitable for classrooms, conference rooms, or simply rolling around your home. Basically, the stand is uniquely designed to hold screens 13” to 42” and the maximum weight lifting capacity is 44 lbs. There is the special availability of adjustable feet that can hold the TV unit on rough floors. This feature is greatly beneficial for hotels, restaurants, malls, trade shows, bars, cafes, etc.

  • The included mounting bracket enables -30-degree screen tilt to boost the viewing angles.
  • Total cart height is 52” and the maximum base width is 20”.
  • The wide base showcases 4 adjustable feet to mount the stand on uneven surfaces.

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5. 1home Mobile TV Cart Floor Stand Mount:

1home Mobile TV Cart Floor Stand Mount

Identified as a TV stand with a flexible mount bracket, it would seamlessly fit the majority of the LCD, LED, plasma and flat screens. It would fit all these screens whose size range from 23 to 55 inches. The brand 1home designed it to be VESA compatibility up to 400x400mm. There will be no issues while moving this floor stand around your home, business premise or classrooms.

  • The incorporated mounting bracket can be tilted vertically by 15 degrees. Hence, the height can be adjusted from 39.37’’ to 59’’ for presenting the optical viewing angle.
  • A well-built media shelf is included to hold a DVD, laptop, or gaming system.
  • At the bottom of these portable TV stands, 4 heavy-duty casters are included. They allow effortlessly shifting of the TV cart to different rooms.

4. VIVO White Mobile TV Cart 

VIVO White Mobile TV Cart 

Keeping in mind adjustability, VIVO designed this mobile TV cart with tray and screen height adjustment. To find the optimal viewing angle, there is the special incorporation of 15-degree screen tilt. Overall installation process is straightforward with the use of essential tools and hardware.

  • All the included wheels feature locking casters to make the cart steady or moving when needed.
  • The size of base i.e. 19.5” x 14.5” is adequate to maintain stability.

3. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

Mount Factory devised a premium quality rolling cart with the potential to move your monitor or TV unit to different rooms. Basically, the entire unit is designed to universally fit the majority of the LCD, LED, plasma TVs and several other flat panel displays whose size vary from 32″ to 65″.

  • All the portable TV stands do not come with an astounding weight holding capacity. But this TV cart can withstand maximum weight up to 110 pounds. This is made possible by the use of commercial-grade, heavy-duty steel.
  • Inside its structure, this is an easy-to-use, height adjustable component shelf. This shelf can hold a game console, cable box, DVD player, or any other such devices.

2. VIVO Mobile TV Display Stand for 13″ to 42″ LED LCD Flat Panel Screen

VIVO Mobile TV Display Stand for 13" to 42" LED LCD Flat Panel Screen

What sets this mobile TV display stand unique from the typical ones is its sturdy construction. It can fit most of the flat screens whose size varies from 13” to 42”. With the assistance of the front two wheels equipped with the locking casters, you can make the cart steady or moving.

  • One of the significant features is the telescoping height adjustment with the greatest center screen height of 49”.
  • The mounting bracket possesses 30-degree tilting and so the monitor can be aligned to anticipated viewing angles.

1. VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart 

VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart 

Not just holding the TV unit but this rolling TV cart also organizes cables and other TV accessories. With the storage shelf and efficient cable management, the surrounding home décor will appear exquisite. With the availability of the 4 locking casters, the users can make this cart either stationary or move. So, it proves to be a perfect addition for your home, classroom, conference room and more.

  • The integrated cable management system presents neat internal organization for cables.
  • In these rolling portable TV stands, the middle shelving is made durable and adjustable with a maximum 30 pounds capacity.

TV Stand Vs. Wall-Mounted. Which One Is The Best For You?

portable tv stand

A portable TV stand is also a great way to conceal your electronics and improve your room’s décor. It can also help beautify your room and give it a stylish look.

Some TV stands are sometimes mounted on the floor space. Although a TV stand may seem large it will not make your room feel smaller.

Wall-mounted TVs.

Wall-mounted TVs are different because you will need a console or shelf for storing your electronics, which is usually the same as having a TV stand. Still, the major difference is that it is not designed to sit on anything but to be mounted on the wall.

The significant difference between a wall-mounted and a TV stand is that you cannot adjust the exact height to place the TV with a TV stand, but you can do that with a wall-mounted TV. With this, you can easily choose the best spot to keep your TV.

Also, as long as there’s a wall to support your TV, you can place it anywhere around your home without having to bother about space or anything.

Also, if your wall is beautifully designed or you have a wall that is made with bricks or other beautiful designs, mounting your TV on such a wall makes it stand out, and the contrast comes out beautiful.

How Wide Should a TV Stand be For 55 inch TV?

How Wide Should a TV Stand be For 55 inch TV?

With the many sizes of TV stands in the market today, choosing the right TV stand for your TV can be a daunting task.

The size of your TV will determine the size of your TV stand. For instance, a 50 inch  TV will have a different TV stand from a 60 inch TV.

Also, if you get a 50 inch TV, you should be aware that the screen of the TV only amount for the inches and the additional inches on both sides ( known as the bezel) are not taken into consideration.

This factor is majorly responsible for the difficulty encountered by many people when trying to figure out the best TV stand for their TV. Here are a few steps to finding the best TV stand.

Step One

Find out the exact width of the TV

The first step to knowing the exact size for your TV is to take the exact width measurement by using a measuring tape. Start by taking the measurement from the far end of the left side of your TV to the far end of the right side of it. Put down the measurement in a book and take note of this when shopping for your TV stand. If you don’t have a measuring tape, contact the manufacturer or check out the full detail of the product on the website of the manufacturer.

Note: It is very important that you understand that getting the exact size for your TV shouldn’t be based on aesthetics alone. Also, avoid placing a big TV on a small TV stand or the exact size as this can cause harm to you.

Step Two

It is highly crucial that you place your TV where the center of your screen will be below eye level. This will ensure that your TV is placed in the best position. You can do this by measuring the distance from the floor to the viewing level from the cushion and deduct half of the height of your TV.

 Step Three

Since TV stands are measured horizontally, and TV’s measurements are taken diagonally, you should take the record of the width of your screen before choosing your TV stand. That’s why it is recommended that you go for a console that is wide than your TV with a few inches.

Note: The recommended or advised TV viewing distance is at least two times the size of your screen. That is, if you have 50 inch TV, the TV and stand should be kept at 100 from the viewing area.

Nonetheless, the size of the frame around different TV depends on the manufacturer, and the guideline should only be taken as a general guideline and not the static guideline. This is why you must use your discretion and involve sound judgment when arranging furniture in your home.

Check out the measurements below to know the exact size for a 55 inchTV stand

For large TV Stand

Many large TV stands come with beautiful built-in drawers, a minimum of one shelve and compartments, and a lovely aesthetic to bring out the beauty of your home.

It is also designed to conceal your cords and wires and support your TV as well.

Large TV stands have a size ranging from 74 inches and above, but the popular sizes are 74, 7, and 85 inches.

Medium TV Stands

Like the large-sized TV stands, the medium-sized TVs also offer almost the same kind of storage capabilities, which makes it easier for you to improve the style and height of your TV, regardless of the space. Common medium-sized areas include 64 and 70 inches.

Small TV Stands

If you want a compact or portable TV stand with a sleek design and sturdy support, the small TV stands are the ideal choice. It makes the elevation of your TV very easy and it doesn’t take too much space. This makes it the perfect TV for people with small-sized apartments. Common small TV stands sizes include 42, 54, and 60 inches TV.

Below is a breakdown of TV sizes and their inches.

TV Size (inches)                           Portable TV Stand Size (Inches)

50-59                                                46

60-69                                               54

70-79                                               63


80 and above                                80

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Portable TV Stands Vs. Wall-Mounted TVs

Portable TV Stands Vs. Wall-Mounted TVs

The improvement in technology has made it easy for TVs to be mounted on the wall, and portable TV stands have numerous advantages.

Before choosing the best method for mounting your TV, you should consider the one that will suit your room and personal needs.

Wall-mounted TV

Presently, most TVs today are designed to have the ability to be mounted on the wall, and holes are already drilled at the back for easy attachment of brackets and mounts.

The holes are all designed to the VESA Mounting Standard, which enables you to choose any bracket size that will fit in. Generally, the box that comes with the TV specifies the ideal mount that will be needed.


The major benefit of wall-mounted TV is the space that is saved since they come in a very slim design. They are very slim and hardly stick out of the wall, which means you do not have to use too much space for a TV stand or table.

Wall-mounted TVs also give your room the stylish and modern look it deserves. You also don’t have to bother about seeing wires everywhere, which can make the room look clustered and you may trip over due to this.

Unlike general belief, mounts and brackets are very easy to mount as the installation, and every other thing only takes less than one hour. The mount usually comes with a step-by-step guide. In the absence of that, you can see many “how-to” videos on YouTube.

Also, a wall-mounted TV makes viewing very easy, and you don’t have to strain your eyes or neck. This is so because you can mount the TV at any distance you’re comfortable with.


One of the significant disadvantages of wall-mounted TV is how much time it takes to set it up, unlike portable TV stand that doesn’t require any major set up. If you’re not patient enough, you may find it hard to put everything together.

Also, if you don’t like fixing things, you may not want to go for this option because you must make the connections correctly to avoid messing up everything. However, when done correctly, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with a portable TV mount.

Wall mounts and brackets in different types and costs. Some cost only a few bucks and some charges as much as the price of the TV.

If you mount your TV too high, you may have to strain your neck and eyes, and your TV might even be directly opposite the light coming from windows that are closeby.

Installing in-wall wires is usually done by electricians, and this means you’re spending more money.

Devices like a game console, DVD player, and sound system may create a cluster since there are no shelves or compartments to keep them.

Portable TV Stand


One of the benefits of using a portable TV stand is that it has more storage spaces where you can easily store other gadgets. It also comes with various beautiful designs that will improve the beauty of your home. A portable TV stand also helps to keep your cables hidden to prevent your home from getting clustered. It will also help to prevent you from tripping over.

A portable TV stand also allows you to easily reach all the sockets and cables, whenever you need to change them, without you moving your TV and you can quickly move the TV if it requires you to do so.


Unlike wall-mounted TVs, TV stand takes more space and is not the best option for people that has little space. So, if you’re not planning to use more space, the TV stand isn’t the best option for you.

Since the TV stays on the TV stand, someone can easily knock it over. That’s why TV stand isn’t the best idea for people with pets or kids as they can cause damage by running around.

Types of Wall Mount or Brackets

Different types of wall-mount are available, including those with basic designs and those with complex designs.

Types of Mounts

Flat Mount

This is one of the cheapest and basic styles of bracket available. They are pretty easy to install and can mount your TV to the wall for as small as an inch away, although they do not come with any tilting or angling function. Also, it makes changing cables a problematic task.

The TVs that work well with this mount is the Plasma TV because of their wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles, which helps to solve the problem of adjustment.

Tilting Mount

A tilting mount is also referred to as swivel mount. This type of mount is more expensive than the basic one, but they are also easy to install. They help you view the TV without any problems, regardless of where you’re viewing from. With this mount, you do not have to sit in a specific spot to enjoy your viewing.

But it looks great when you place it on a bedroom wall or above a fireplace. The angle adjustment reduces the reflection of the screen from lights, and this can be a problem for some LCD and Plasma TVs. The cost of a tilting mount is on the high side, but they are also easy to install.

Full Motion Mount

The full-motion mount is the most versatile and sophisticated type of mount. It has a foldable arm between the TV and the wall. It provides the best swivel flexibility. The mount is designed with arms that back to prevent the TV from being far but close to the wall when it’s not being used. When housing this type of mount, ensure that you can place the TV many inches out of the wall, which provides you with a broader motion range.

Portable TV stand and wall-mounted TVs have their various advantages and disadvantages. They also have their various functions and serve their different purposes, which makes each type of TV mount distinct in its way.

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