For seminars, business meetings, conference, lectures or any other needs, the projector screen is inevitable. Generally, while choosing the projector screen, the display resolution is one of the prominent aspects to consider. This is because it is impossible to compromise the display output. However, once you have checked the display output, the next thing to focus on is the portability. It is one of the most significant aspects serving you with great flexibility while using. Selecting the appropriate portable projector screens is actually dependent on your need.

Whether you need it for professional use, educational use, commercial use or home use, the selection varies. It is not a feasible idea to ignore portability. The projector screen which is not made portable will let you suffer from the hassles of incapability to move easily. On the other hand, a portable projector screen will benefit you with easy movement and it would also feel lightweight. Read below to get a complete idea about the finest portable projector screens available currently:

Top 10 Best Portable Projector Screens in 2019

Portable Projector Screen Reviews | For Your Outdoor Entertainment

10. Portable Projector Screen with Stand 100

Portable Projector Screen with Stand 100

If you looking for a 4k projector screen along with stand then you may invest in this 100-inch projector screen. Boasting elite build quality, this home theater projector screen utilizes durable and dense canvas to present a resilient finish. Furthermore, contrasting other portable movie screens, this HD projector screen from Neblio is dense and flexible. By the use of the ultra tight knit canvas, this model of the projector screen presents a crystal-clear image.

  • The use of canvas material offers excellent tear protection and ensures longevity.
  • Overall setup is easy and quick by just following the 4 easy steps.
  • It is found seamlessly compatible with most projectors.

9. Homevibes 100 inch 4:3 Projector Screen

Homevibes 100 inch 4:3 Projector Screen

Comfortable user experience is the prominent specialty of this 100-inch projector screen. Basically, it comes with the 4 side black borders and also comes with the back enhance picture contrast. Generally, this Homevibes projector screen is suitable for classroom training, conference presentations, home theater, and public display. In most cases, there will be no hassles to install, unlike the other typical portable projector screens. Along with the projector screen, you will also get a table stand which is sturdily build.

  • In less than a minute, it can be easily installed. Besides, its auto-locking mechanism presents adjustable height and hassle-free operation
  • The screen area is 80″ x 60″ and the screen presents 160 degrees of viewing angle without any resolution loss.

8. OWLENZ Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen 100 Inch Diagonal

OWLENZ Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen 100 Inch Diagonal

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this movie screen is made versatile in nature. OWLENZ meticulously prepared this movie screen to let you use anytime, anywhere. The output is awesome for use at home, office, multimedia classrooms, outdoor, schools, colleges, conference rooms, and other commercial applications.

  • It boasts superior quality materials production by the use of standard white plastic fabric. Besides, the curtain is prepare from 3 layers – polyester filament, ground PVC layer, and high-definition coating. This kind of 3 layers coating makes sure there are no problems of wrinkles or curling.
  • With the special use of moisture-proof treatment, this projector screen is resistant to mildew and found simple to clean.

7. TaoTronics Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen

TaoTronics Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen

TaoTronics guarantees a versatile viewing experience for multiple uses. Furthermore, it is this indoor/outdoor projector screen that works impeccably for home, educational use, professional use, outdoors, commercial uses, etc. However, it can also be use for PowerPoint presentations to deliver some important message to the audience.

  • With the use of premium PVC matte design, this projector screen is resistant to mildew and wrinkle. It is extremely simple to clean.
  • In less than 2 minutes, the process of setup is complete.
  • It comes with 1.1 gain and a broad viewing angle i.e. 160°.
  • All portable projector screens do not come with a stand. Inclusion of the stable tripod support stand presents excellent stability. This stand can be easily accommodate inside a carry bag for storage or transport.

6. EleTab120 inch Projector Screen Portable

EleTab120 inch Projector Screen Portable

Wide application and simplicity of set up are the prominent traits of this 120-inch portable projector screen. It serves as an ideal choice for education, home theater movie, presentation, conference room, outdoor movie, public display, and more. However, it is extremely simple to setup -unfold the screen and position it in a few minutes. With the use of the the 12 metal finish grommets, the screen can be easily hang on a wall by using hooks or ropes.

  • The EleTab portable projector screen presents 16:9 screen format and diagonal 120″. The wide viewing area of 160-degrees let you feel the wonderful widescreen experience.
  • With sufficient smoothness and thickness, these 120-inch portable projector screens are free from wrinkles when fold.
  • The projection is bright and sharp with the use of natural polyester fabric.

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5. Portable Projector Screen Tripod Stand 

Portable Projector Screen Tripod Stand - Mobile Projection Screen

The hassles faced for attaining mobile projection is now eliminat with this screen equip with a stand. Therefore, included projection screen stand is made lightweight and specially engineered for instant setup. So, you can easily carry it for travel. Therefore, execution of the retractable design enhances the convenience for presentations. However, the trouble-free setup saves time and makes it simple to use. For use at home, office or classroom, these portable projector screens with tripod stand are perfect.

  • At the output, vibrant image and video capture are facilitated with a 50-inches viewing size, 25-inches minimum height, and 48-inches maximum height.
  • An optimal viewing surface is facilitate with the use of premium matte fabric inside its white projection screen. There is a black masking border for enhanced image focus and positioning.

4. Portable Projection Screen Viewing Area

Portable Projection Screen Viewing Area

Presenting the wide viewing area, this portable projection screen equipped with stand showcases 84″ diagonal (67″ x 50″). The included heavy-duty tripod frame makes the screen suitable for business, home, and educational purposes. Furthermore, there will be no compromise with compatibility because the screen is made universal compatible with most of LCD, LED, or DLP projectors available on the market. Outstanding stability and portability are experience during use because there is the presence of the aluminum tripod legs.

  • The maximum viewing angles up to 120-degrees is present through a matte white surface. This surface diffuses light in all directions.
  • In its construction, the screen material used will provide 1.1 gain along with standard black backing. Therefore, the external lights are prevent from penetrating inside.
  • Implementation of the auto-locking mechanism effortlessly adjusts the screen’s height by the press of a button.

3. Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Movie Screen by Vamvo

Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Movie Screen by Vamvo

Being extremely stable, there will be no troubles with the use of this outdoor movie screen wherever setup. Superb stability is maintaine through rigid support. Therefore, the users will find great convenience while carrying because it is foldable and lightweight materials in its construction. In less than 3 minutes, it is quite simple to set up and assemble.

  • The implemented pipe and drape system combines durability, stability, and simplicity.
  • In the structure of these portable projector screens, the width of the frame use to hold the screen is make adjustable by swiveling the joint.
  • Furthermore, the screen tilt angle is make adjustable by varying the height of the back multi-connector situate on the back stand pole.

2. VIVO 100″ Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

VIVO 100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

The latest tripod projector screen from the acclaimed brand VIVO is essentially an affordable solution for personal or professional projection needs. Furthermore, the screen is found simple to use and you will find these VIVO portable projector screens widely used for businesses, classrooms, home theaters, etc. The corresponding screens are manufacture using a superior quality material equip with multilayer matte white with a black backing. This kind of unique structure prevents light penetration, so a clear image is convey at the output.

  • Use of the durable material presents smooth transitioning into the anticipated screen height.
  • High stability is guarantee with the use of Aluminum tripod legs; these legs can be fold up for easy portability.
  • The back handle showcases an auto-locking system to allow simple screen height adjustments.

1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

The 120-inch outdoor projector screen in the present discussion boasts a 160-degree viewing angle with completely black front projection screen material. However, the wide viewing angle makes sure the output from the screen can be viewed at many different angles. It is found that the screen is mildew resistant and convenient to clean with soap and water. Generally, it can work seamlessly with Standard, Short Throw, and UHD/HD projectors.

  • Within a matter of a few minutes, the screen can be assemble.
  • The lightweight aluminum square tube construction effortlessly transports with the contained carrying bag.

The portable projector screens are extensively popular due to their ease of portability, wide viewing angle and excellent screen resolution. For different applications, they can be easily set up and disassembled in a few minutes.