Plastic chairs are essential especially if you spend a lot of time in a day while seating in your home. While spending your leisure time sitting, you need to have a comfortable chair which is also stylish. First, the best thing about plastic chairs is that they will not only give you a comfortable time in your home, but they will also provide you with flexibility through the high portability of these chairs making them essential for outdoor and indoor use.

Furthermore, these chairs are light, and they are cheaper in comparison with other types of chairs whose budget tends to be higher. With our research, you are sure to have the best plastic chairs you have been looking for. Here are the best plastic chairs

Best Plastic Chairs in 2019


Plastic Chairs Reviews | Highly Durable Plastic Material

8. Funnel Indoor Plastic Chair 

Funnel Indoor Plastic Chair (Set of 2), Teal

One of the main unique thing about this plastic chair is that it contains several appealing colors which ensure that you get a variety of choice on your selection of the best color dependent on your preference. Not only this but these it also features highly durable plastic material which is injection-molded.

Furthermore, the design of these plastic chairs is to provide a livable space in which they are bold and contain no pretense. In addition to this, the eye-catching design is perfect for use on any home with a variety of choice of colors which include black, teal and white.

  • Measures 22” by 18.50” by 33”
  • Each set contains 2 plastic chairs
  • Uses plastic material with the leg finish being teal

7. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 800 lb. Capacity Premium Blue Plastic Folding Chair

The Flash Furniture plastic chair is an ergonomic plastic chair which is very convenient for use on any size of the home. First, you enjoy its use through its high-quality material which features both metal as well as a plastic material that is highly durable.

Furthermore, this plastic chair features a foldable design which is suitable in storing as well as in the portability of this chair. Lastly, it is lightweight through which you can move with it easily enhancing its portability.

  • Contains a contoured back for perfect comfort
  • Lightweight through which it weighs 800 lbs
  • Foldable for ease in portability and storage

6. Hunter Green Outdoor Rocking Chair 

Hunter Green Outdoor Rocking Chair - 600-Lb. Capacity

The Hunter Green plastic chair comes in 4 different colors which ensure that it provides you with a variety of choice depending on your home décor. This include white, sand, green and taupe color. Furthermore, it is highly durable through which it gives you a long-lasting service.

Furthermore, this plastic chair features an attractive as well as an ergonomic design which fits easily with any décor in your home. It is also stain-resistant making it easy to maintain. Lastly, it is ideal for use by adults and by children through its large seating areas suiting different sizes.

  • Ease in assemblage through the 4 piece parts
  • Lightweight of weight of 600lbs
  • Stain and scratch resistant

5. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 440 lb. Capacity Black Ergonomic Shell Stack Chair with Black Frame and 14'' Seat Height

Are you looking for plastic chairs for use in your schools or classrooms? Well, the Flash Furniture Hercules plastic chairs are perfect you will have. First, storing these chairs is very easy following its stackable design which can stack up to 15 chairs high.

These chairs feature a vented back which is essential for enough air circulation. Furthermore, it also has seat drain holes which enable ease in drying while cleaning this seat. This, as a result, leads it to be suitable for commercial use.

  • Stacks up to 15 chairs high
  • Lightweight through which it weighs 440lbs
  • Contains plastic floor glides for protection

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4. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 440 lb. Capacity Black Stack Chair

The flash furniture Hercules is also another one of the best plastic chairs which are suitable for commercial use. First, it is of a lightweight through which it has a weight of 440 lb. in addition to this; it can stack up to 4 chairs high hence ease in storage.

Its design is of a curved flex back with the ergonomically contoured design which not only ensures comfort while seating but also ensures that you get no injuries such as back pains while using this plastic chair. Lastly, it features a cutout back which is essential for ease in air circulation.

  • Lightweight in which it weighs 440 lb
  • Can stack up to 4 chairs high
  • Features a coated frame finish of a black powder

3. Best Choice Products (5) Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs

Best Choice Products (5) Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs Stackable Wedding Party Event Chair

One of the unique things you will love about the use of this amazing plastic chair is through its ease in storage as it is foldable as well as a stackable chair. Despite its lightweight features, this plastic chair is very strong in which it features the steel construction which ensures that it can support a weight of up to 250lbs.

Furthermore, it has a locking upright design which ensures that there is ease in the storage of these chairs with less hassle. Lastly, its use is perfect for the outdoor as well as the indoor uses through the rubber feet as well as the plastic composition which is of high quality.

  • Each set contains 5 plastic chairs
  • Foldable, stackable and a locking upright design
  • Measures 117.5” by 17.5” by 31.5”

2. Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair in Clear

Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair in Clear

The poly and bark burton plastic chair come in the second of our best ten picks. With this, you are sure to receive the best from the use of this amazing plastic chair from which you can use it for both the outdoor as well as the indoor uses. The chair comes fully assembled; hence it is ready to be used.

The design of this plastic chair is that they are highly durable through which they feature the single mould injection which enhances its strength. In addition to this, it is also made from the polycarbonate material which is also very durable; hence you are sure of the long-lasting service.

  • Can stack on up to 5 chairs high
  • It is UV protected
  • High durability from the use of the polycarbonate material

1. Furmax Pre Assembled Modern Style Dining Chair 

Furmax Pre Assembled Modern Style Dining Chair Mid Century Modern DSW Chair, Shell Lounge Plastic Chair for Kitchen, Dining, Bedroom, Living Room Side Chairs (White)

On the top of the list is the Furmax plastic chairs which feature the modern style of plastic chairs you will be looking forth to have. Assembling these plastic chairs is very easy with the assembled legs which you only need to screw them to complete the installation.

They feature an ergonomic design with the perfect height as well as amazing curving which supports one’s back for full comfort. As a result of this, it is perfect for use on both home and office use together with other areas you may need to use it.

  • Made from highly durable moulded plastic, metal connectors and real wood
  • Contains a weight limit of 275 lbs
  • Has an overall measurement of 18.1” by 16.9” by 34.6”

You might be wondering why you should put much value while considering which plastic chair to purchase. However, this should not be the case as you definitely are not willing to encounter any frustrations on the use of the plastic chair you purchase. Following this, through our research, you are sure to get the best experience from the plastic chairs we have provided for you to choose from. Our list proves to be the best you will need for the top 10 plastic chairs today.