Finding the best PC cases can be quite a daunting task. If you are setting out to build one the best and unique PC that you can muster, it is quite tempting to channel all the energy into finding the best SSDs, processors, RAM, and best graphics card. However, it is very important to be able to focus on finding the best PC cases, so that the components are kept very cool, both in style and temperature. This is mainly because the best PC cases will easily make the PC look better and also to last longer. Here are the best PC cases in 2020.

Top 10 Best PC Cases In 2020

10. Phanteks PH-ES518XTG_DBK01

Phanteks PH-ES518XTG_DBK01

To start or list of the best PC Cases is Phanteks PH-ES518XTG_DBK01. It comes with a strongly enhanced design. The device has smart space utilization for the ultimate flexibility.

This PC case has been refined with a strongly enhanced airflow while at the same time maintaining distinctive character. This does include effective spacing as well as mesh elements to ensure an impeccable balance between airflow and clean aesthetics. It does support dual systems computing combined with the Phanteks Revolt X power supply. The device does support ITX motherboard installation in top hence allowing for the second system to run simultaneously with the main system. Perfect for professional streaming setup at the home server.

  • It has a sleek design.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Massive storage capacity.

9. CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Are you looking for the best PC cases with a sleek tempered glass window showing off a roomy interior that does fit up to 5 120 mm fans and can easily accommodate massive cooling potential?

It does hide the cables behind the motherboard tray to be able to keep the build looking very tidy and out of airflow path for enhanced cooling. The PC case has a high-speed USB 3.0 port as well as additional ports for all the modern connections. 3 HDD and 2 SSD drive cages are very easy to install as well as keep the system and cables looking clean. The asymmetrical design does bring bold styling to the build.

  • It has enough space for a full-sized graphics card.
  • Excellent tempered glass side panel.
  • The asymmetrical design offers you bold styling to the build.

8. MUSETEX Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower 

MUSETEX Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower 

Are you thinking of getting the best PC case to buy? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. This product is one of the leading items from the MUSETEX Production Company. The manufacturer is popularly known for coming up with great things. And this PC case is no different since it delivers an outstanding gaming experience.

The PC case has a unique and elegant design that quickly grab attention from all who come across the product. It has a compact construction for easy portability, use, and management. Also, it has a simple installation mechanism. Not to mention, the sturdy base to deliver maximum stability of the product.

  • Compact for easy portability and use
  • A stable base that rests comfortably on different surfaces
  • Dust-proof
  • An excellent cable management setting

7. Montech X1 Black ATX Mid-Tower Case

Montech X1 Black ATX Mid-Tower Case - PC Cases

There are multiple options of PC cases that you will come across in the market. And this fact explains the dilemma that people often face when it comes to buying PC cases. This product is a top PC case that you can invest in. It is a high-quality device with stable construction and delivers an excellent operation mechanism. Get this case today for excellent services.

The PC case comes with a black color finish that matches multiple home décor. It has a mesh and a tempered glass front and side construction, respectively. The device has compact and lightweight to ease its management and portability. Not to mention, it includes a sturdy base that rests comfortably on a variety of surfaces.

  • An easy and fast installation mechanism
  • Stable base to deliver maximum stability
  • High airflow
  • A strong fan

6. Enermax Starryfort Mid Tower

Enermax Starryfort Mid Tower - PC Cases

Get this high-quality PC case to guarantee yourself a fantastic gaming experience. It is a high-quality case from Enermax Production, which is a famous manufacturer for their great products. The manufacturer blends in unique features, great design, and most importantly, delivers excellent services. Purchase the PC case today for excellent services.

This Enermax pc case is an excellent product with tempered glass construction. It has a compact but sturdy design for easy portability and long-lasting services, respectively. The black color finish delivers a universal match that makes it acceptable for a variety of decors. Other than that, it comes with a stable base that comfortably rests on a variety of surfaces.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • A stable base
  • The PC case is affordable for all to buy
  • High-quality construction materials

5. Cooler Master ATX Mid-Tower 

Cooler Master ATX Mid-Tower - PC Cases

This product is a fantastic PC case from the Cooler Master Production Company. Similarly to all the other items from the manufacturer, it blends in a high-quality design, robust construction, and delivers exemplary performance. Get the PC case today for outstanding performance.

Cooler Master Pc case features a white color finish that matches multiple home decors. It comes with a lightweight and compact design to ease its portability, use, and management. Other than that, it has a tempered glass construction to monitor its operation.

  • Crystalline tempered glass construction
  • A stable lighting system
  • It comes with a stable base for maximum stability
  • Easy to use

4. Fractal Design FD-CA-MESH-C-BKO-TG Case

Fractal Design FD-CA-MESH-C-BKO-TG Case

With a front panel that maximizes air intake, this is among the best PC cases that are available in the market. Distinctive new styling with the stealthily black on black aesthetic makes it an excellent choice.

the pre-installed Fractal design fans offer an optimum airflow with very minimal noise. The open interior layout creates an unobstructed airflow path from the front intake to the rear exhaust. The easy to clean filters on front, base, and top with the full PSU coverage and convenient front access.

  • It has a stealthy design.
  • 3 SSD options provide you with flexible storage options.
  • It has a clean looking interior.

3. CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D Super-Tower Case

CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D Super-Tower Case

Obsidian Series 1000D is among the best PC cases with an iconic tempered glass design, smart lighting as well as fan control, and the ability to be able to house 2 systems simultaneously for most epic builds.

Rotatable GPU bracket for the standard or even vertical GPU mounting and the wealth of pump and reservoir fit points throughout the case, making it very flexible. Install the fans and the radiators effortlessly with the smooth and tool-less modular radiator mounting trays.

  • Super easy to be able to access the system.
  • It makes cable management to be easy.
  • There is the ease of assembly.

2. Fractal Design Define R5

Fractal Design Define R5

Are you looking for the best PC cases that are designed for silent computing with a high-density material that reduces noise? Then, this is an excellent choice. It ensures maximum noise absorption.

Sturdy metal HDD trays offer excellent dampening features for hard drives while offering better airflow through the cage with an updated and more open design. New, as well as innovative Quick Release System on the left side of the case, offers secure mounting of left side panel yet at the same time grants quick and easy access to the system.

  • Users can modify the case layout according to their personal experience.
  • SSD mounts that have innovative new brackets offering a tool-free installation and removal.
  • Extensive water cooling support.

1. Rosewill ATX Case

Rosewill ATX Case

If you are looking for a gaming mid-tower that offers you tremendous capacity, then, this is an excellent choice. It does have 7 expansion slots and it can be able to fit a card with a maximum length of up to 380 mm.

With help from honeycomb air vents on front and top panels, air flow in NAUTILUS is highly adequate to be able to keep the system cool and under your control. It is able to support up to 154 mm CPU cooler.

  • Minimal noise.
  • An excellent choice for gaming.
  • Cable management is easy.

Criteria to look for in PC CASE

What are the criteria to look for in PC CASE?

When it comes to getting any product in the market, it is vital to make sure that you invest in the right item. And this rule applies to everything, especially a PC case. No matter what you need a PC case for, it is essential to make sure that you buy the right item as per your needs and requirements. With that, you will be certain to make sure that it has room for all the hardware and is in the right size. This article will give you a guide that will help you comfortably settle for the right PC case.

Cost: One of the significant consideration is the price of PC cases in the market. They vary from one product to another, thanks to the different construction materials and other features. Due to the global pandemic, you should expect to pay more for a case in comparison to the cost seven months ago. In that case, make sure to settle for a high-quality product within your budget.

Size: It is not uncommon to visit an office where things are in a mess, especially devices. And what results to mess is not settling for the right size of the products you want to keep in your office. Consider the three significant sizes, the Mini-ATX, Full tower, and Mid-tower.

Features: For the features, we mostly dwell on the buyer’s preference and need. In that case, it is vital to get an issue that will result in an excellent performance.

Reliability: It is vital to make sure that the pc case you buy has a high-quality construction to last its long years of outstanding performance.

What is the PC case used for?

What is the PC case used for?

Maybe you are thinking of investing in a PC case, and you are wondering what purpose the case plays? If yes, then you are lucky since this piece will give you answers to why there is a need to buy a PC case.

A computer case’s primary purpose is to serve as a place to mount and contain most of the basic things inside a computer. These components include a motherboard, optical drive, hard drive, floppy disk drive, and other items. All it is essential to know that all these computer components are compatible and ready to work together.

With its prominent feature being to mount all the components of a computer physically. Since it plays a significant role, there are multiple options in the market from different manufacturers. However, not all the products you will buy will result in excellent services. And this fact explains the need to be careful when settling for a PC case. Get the best PC case today from a good Production Company for outstanding services.

How can you customize your PC CASE?

How can you customize your PC CASE?

There are multiple times in life that we hope we could customize different products for better results. And when it comes to the PC case, things are not different since it is possible to customize your PC case and achieve professional results. The art of customizing PC cases keeps gaining popularity as years pass by and the demand for customized PC cases is also high. However, the process can be dangerous, especially when you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Safety precautions include:

  • Making sure that you have safety goggles, use a stable work area, use power tools in the right way, and respirators for painting

The steps to follow to achieve a customized PC Case are easy, but it is essential to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions,

  • Select any cheap case that you can get in the market at a low cost
  • Make sure that you buy all the right components with your most-preferred qualities. It is important to note that the main reason for customizing is to upgrade the pc case
  • Choose your favorite graphics and sound cards
  • Install other vital things such as fans, case controls, and many more
  • It is critical to ensure that the power supply is in the right setting. In case you are not experienced in the field, it is okay to seek professional help

What to do when your computer doesn’t start?

What to do when your computer doesn’t start?

It is no secret that sometimes your computer fails to start, especially when you need the device the most. Some people will panic and think of all the possible problems that can be resulting in the issue. However, you don’t have to worry since we will highlight some of the most comfortable and most effective troubleshooting steps that will help you boot your computer.

  • The first step would be to check on power. Unplug your device and connect it to a wall outlet that you are sure that it is working. This step will help you confirm if the battery backup has an issue.
  • Check the monitor: the monitor may be causing the problems. It is also excellent to check if the cable connection to the monitor is well-connected. Also, check to see if the brighten setting of the monitor is on.
  • In case the computer is beeping but producing no results on the monitor, make sure that you check out the manual to check what the beeping sound means and what to do about the situation.
  • Try booting your computer again after removing all the other devices such as external hard drives, webcams, and USB headsets to make sure that you have not overloaded the computer.
  • Reset your hardware to make sure that everything is in place.
  • Use a live CD to scan for any form of a virus that may have infected your computer.

Follow these safe tricks above to help you boot up your computer in case of any problem.

It may seem odd given how visible they are, but having the best PC cases for gaming should often be the priority when the enthusiasts start putting together a new rig. You can only ignore the case at your own peril. Not only is the proper case a necessity for finding a form factor which does suit the gaming space and can easily fit all your components, top cases will be able to keep the performance parts very cool, dust-free and also include fun extras such as cable management systems. There are also some options that incorporate AI as well as deep learning to manage stuff such as fan speeds to be able to maintain optimal temperatures.

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