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Best Nursery Hampers in 2020 | Making Your House Unbearable

Do you have a newborn baby or are you expecting to have the birth of a new baby? Well, you will always look forth to create a memorable moment during this period. You will absolutely not love to see your house always messy whether it be toys, clothes, or any other items. Having the right place to store them while not in use is essential rather than to leave them spread everywhere in the house. First, this will make you look unorganized and not only this, but it will go an extra mile in making your house unbearable. As a result of this, having nursery hampers is essential as they will assist you in organizing different things in one place making your house look tidy.

However, the increase in need of nursery hampers means an increasing number of the brands and types of nursery hampers in the market. This, therefore, makes it challenging to get the best type of nursery hampers you need. Nevertheless, you don’t have to trouble yourself as we have you covered through our amazing research providing you with the top 10 best picks of nursery hampers as below.

Top 10 Best Nursery Hampers in 2020

10. Animal 16 in. W Laundry Hamper 

Animal 16 in. W Laundry Hamper 

This is one of the best nursery hampers you will find. This nursery hamper comes with much fun through its attractiveness. In addition to this, it will not only excite your child, but they will also be able to maintain cleanliness through finding fun in using this animal hamper.

The design of this nursery hamper is such a way that it is expertly handcrafted in the shape of an elephant which has a curling trunk. Furthermore, it is spacious on lifting the elephant’s hat to ensure you have all that your kids will need.

  • Measures 20” by 16” by 17”
  • Secondly, it also includes a removable lid together with a liner
  • Handwoven of the water hyacinth on the metal frame

9. JJ Cole Heather Hamper

JJ Cole Heather Hamper, Blue

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JJ Cole Heather Hamper, Blue JJ Cole Heather Hamper, Blue No ratings yet

The JJ Cole Heather nursery hamper is another one of the best choices for the nursery hampers that you will have which gives you the perfect size you need for your kid’s items. It features a blue color which is stunning and attractive. Furthermore, it has a lid together with two handles hence making it convenient.

This nursery hamper has a collapsible design which ensures that it can be stored easily even in small areas. Moreover, it features high-quality material of metal and canvas which make it highly durable hence providing you with a long-lasting service.

  • Measures 22″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
  • Collapses for ease in storage
  • Lastly, it contains 2 handles

8. Sea Team 19.7″ x 15.7″ Large Sized Folding 

Sea Team 19.7" x 15.7" Large Sized Folding

The sea team nursery hamper is one of the best hampers you will find not only for storing items to make your house look tidy but also complements the décor of the home hence enhancing its elegance. Furthermore, it is of a lightweight together with being collapsible hence increasing its portability and ease in storage.

It has a collapsible design with a fabric drawstring together with totes lid enhancing its dustproof feature as well. Lastly, its waterproof coating also enhances its durability combined with the 100% canvas material used in making it.

  • Made from 100% canvas material
  • Measures 19.7” on its height by 15.7” on its diameter
  • Lastly, the materials used are of a lightweight

7. JJ Cole Hamper

JJ Cole Hamper, Navy

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JJ Cole Hamper, Navy JJ Cole Hamper, Navy No ratings yet

One of the best things you will love about the JJ Cole nursery hamper is through the variety of colors which it offers you, and they include black, black-and-white chevron and violet color. This nursery creases upward compactly so as to ensure that it provides enough storage area together with increasing the mobility.

Furthermore, it is also has a collapsible design which enhances easy storage when you are not using it. Not only this, but it also has a comfortable handle for ease of transportation. Lastly, it has an attached lid which the dirt put together out of sight.

  • Measures 22” by 13.5” by 13.5”
  • Collapsible where you need to store it
  • Features the textured canvas material

6. 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper

3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper

Made from the use of 100% polyester material combined with the 100% expanded polypropylene material, you will be sure of having the full durability you need to enjoy a long-lasting service from the use of this amazing nursery hamper. Furthermore, it is a decorative feature you will use in your home rather than storing dirty clothes only.

The collapsible design of this nursery hamper ensures that you have the best experience from its use such that you can fold it for easy storage when you don’t need it. Furthermore, it comes with two handles which ensures that you can easily carry it along where you need it.

  • Made with 100% polyester and 100% polypropylene material
  • Features two large handle
  • Easy to clean with the need of using a cloth only

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5. Delta Children Enterprise Tall Nursery Clothing Hamper

Delta Children Enterprise Tall Nursery Clothing Hamper

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This nursery hamper is made with the idea of providing high-quality as well as safe cribs for all families. First, you will enjoy using it from its amazing prints together with the color options it has that are of a subtle polka dot print together with contrasting piping in 3 coordinating colors making it look amazing.

Its lightweight design ensures that it can be carried along with. Despite being of a lightweight, it provides a large storage room on the other side. This, therefore, assures you of the best experience you enjoy through using this nursery hamper.

  • Measures 26” by 13” by 13”
  • Folds flat when not being used
  • Contains handles on both side for ease in portability

4. UPPAbaby Hamper Insert

UPPAbaby Hamper Insert

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UPPAbaby Hamper Insert UPPAbaby Hamper Insert No ratings yet $49.99

Have you been looking for the best wooden nursery hamper? Well, the UPPAbaby nursery hamper will be the ultimate solution you will have to your needs. It features a canvas bag which has laundry compartments which fit perfectly to your wood bassinet stand which is also included on purchase.

Its stylish look makes it be unique in comparison with most nursery hampers. Furthermore, the stand of this nursery hamper comes in tow colors which include white and espresso in which both the colors are stylish and ergonomic suitable for use in your home décor.

  • Easy to attach and detach laundry bags
  • Comes with convenient carry handles
  • Stylish design suiting different home decors

3. Sea Team 19.7″ Large Sized Waterproof Coating

Sea Team 19.7" Large Sized Waterproof Coating

The seat team nursery hamper is a large sized hamper which provides enough room for having anything you need to be put to bring it out of sight. This is through its large size through which it measures 19.7” on its height and 15.7” on its diameter. Furthermore, it is easy to use this nursery hamper considering that it has is of a lightweight hence highly portable.

Moreover, it has a collapsible design which ensures that you find much ease while storing this nursery hamper. Lastly, it is made from natural materials which enhance its durability. Materials used in making this nursery hamper include 100% ramie cotton fabric together with a waterproof PE coating lining.

  • It measures 19.7” on its height by 15.7” on its diameter
  • Has a collapsible design for easy storage
  • Two handles to enhance portability

2. BirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper 

BirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper 

Being the second from our list, you will be sure to have an amazing experience from this nursery hamper. First, it has a spacious interior through which it can hold up to 2 loads of dirty clothes. In addition to this, it has a lid together with a removable liner; hence the included removable laundry bag is suitable for easy transport of the clothes from the hamper to the machine.

Furthermore, it contains a highly durable and lightweight design through which the polyester linen used is of a lightweight yet on the other side; it is highly durable for a long-lasting service.

  • Measures 14.25” W x 14.25 D” x 25.75 H”
  • A lightweight through which it weighs 7lbs
  • High durable from the polyester linen material used

1. OAKAY LIVING Cotton Rope Basket

OAKAY LIVING Cotton Rope Basket

The nursery hamper has a cute and stylish yet durable design. With the large size, you can use it for almost anything from blankets, laundry to toys as well. On the other hand, it will not scuff the doorframes or wall when carried and has sturdy handles.

With the soft structure, you can store it nearly flat and takes up little space when not used. The cotton rope basket can hold enough loads of washing up to three, depending on how much you cram into it as well.

Furthermore, it has a great look to fit in anywhere from the baby room, bathroom, kids’ room, to the laundry room.

  • Made with 100% cotton rope
  • Durable and firm design with handles
  • Neutral color with multiuse design
  • Extra-large at 16 x 18

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Why Should You Get Nursery Hampers?

nursery hampers

Hampers are a handy thing to have in the nursery. A good one is a durable, breathable place to store baby clothes and other baby things. It will also often have a folding design that makes them easy to transport. Here are some reasons why you should invest in nursery hampers for your baby.

Storing Dirty Clothes

It has extensive aeration and often sports waterproofing, which makes it ideal for storing dirty clothes. Having your baby’s poop-filled clothes in your laundry basket may be a terrible idea after all.

You can keep it in the nursery and simply drop in dirty clothes as the baby goes through them. Many parents prefer storing their baby’s dirty clothes in the hamper for better breathability than storage chutes. The excellent aeration means that you don’t have to worry about spoiling the clothes.

Better Organization

It’s easy to know a baby home without a nursery hamper once you’re inside it. Baby stuff will often be strewn all over the house in a disorganized mess. With a suitable basket, you can keep all baby’s things in the nursery in an orderly way.

It’s also useful for you to organize your kid’s materials separately from yours. Hampers ensure you’re not mixing your clothes (clean or dirty) with the baby. The better organization also makes sure that you can quickly handle your baby’s stuff conveniently.

Storing Clean Clothes

Getting a storage box for your infant may be relatively too much, but a hamper is a lot more reasonable. You can keep all his or her clean clothes in it and put it in the nursery for convenience. When it’s time to dress the baby, you simply reach into the hamper and pull out what you want.


Many parents say they love nursery hampers because it’s a convenient tool to have. You can use it to keep an eye on laundry time by watching how quickly it fills. Also, you can pour the contents of the hamper directly into a washing machine without worrying about sorting.

Storing Toys

Babies get a lot of toys, and leaving them strewing around the house may not be the best idea. It doesn’t have to be too big or expensive as long as it can accommodate all your kid’s toys. Nursery hampers are an ideal and cheap tool for you if your baby has a lot of toys littering around.

Better Nursery Look

Aside from their ability to better organize the nursery, a suitable baby hamper is a brilliant decoration. Because they come in so many forms and shapes, baby hampers can spice up your nursery looks. A combination of good themes and color choices ensures it doesn’t look out of place while maintaining functionality.

What Type of Nursery Hamper Should You Get?

nursery hampers

Unlike ages ago, when nursery hampers were made by hand and woven from straws, baskets are now different. Most manufacturers today prefer to make hampers from plastics because of the advent of oil and cheaper prices. In the hamper market, you’ll get numerous different materials, designs, and shapes.


These hampers are handmade (mostly from eco-friendly materials), which often makes them extremely expensive. It’s the closest to the original idea of baskets than any other type of hamper on the market. The shape may range from cylindrical to elliptical and rectangular.


Nursery bamboo hampers are an ultra-modern choice for nurseries with a modern theme. The baskets can come as rectangular or cylindrical designs. It’s usually heavy but often comes with a waterproof interior lining to make cleaning easier.


These are relatively cheaper than bamboo or wooden ones but pricier than most others. Cotton hampers are usually solid rectangular and rarely square. It has more portability and is often lightweight but rarely comes with a lid.


Mesh hampers have better breathability than anything else on this list. Although they’re often nylon, sometimes they can be cotton mesh. These baskets are one of the most popular options because of their low price and lightweight. It will usually have internal steel support.


These baskets are the most popular choice for new parents. Plastic hampers are not just cheap; they’re also widely available and come with millions of designs. Most of the baskets are cylindrical, and some come with zipper lids, while others don’t. When it comes to variation in choices, plastic hampers have everything else beat.


These hampers simply hang from a hook in the closet. The material ranges from polythene to plastic and clothes and are mostly handmade.

How do you make a hamper look good?

nursery hampers

Either you are buying one or building it; there are a couple of ways you can improve your hamper’s look. Purchasing a basket is a convenient choice for people who are often busy. However, whether it’s a nursery hamper or a gift hamper, it’s relatively impersonal.

Thankfully, though, there’s a way to personalize your hamper a little without building it yourself. The key is to take some time to think through your choices and do some other small things. A little personalization will go a long way to improve your hamper’s looks.

Pick A Theme

The key to beautiful interior decorations is the theme, and hampers are no different. Your choice in baskets should reflect the purpose. A gift hamper should have a different idea from a nursery hamper, which should be different from a wedding hamper. You should consider some questions before deciding your theme.

  • For What Use Is the hamper?
  • Which message do you want to pass across with it?
  • What influence are you trying to achieve with the receiver?
  • Any likes and hobbies?

Some excellent ideas for themes are:

Food – This theme works well for nursery hampers but also for gift baskets and Christmas hampers. The type of food you choose should depend on preference, shape, and color. Don’t go ahead to pick a beer theme for a baby basket.

Crafting – You can pick a hamper with some excellent odds and ends as patterns. It’s primarily a right choice if you’re trying to influence your baby to like certain things.

Gardening – Combining a gardening-themed nursery with a gardening-themed hamper has never gone wrong before. Nature is beautiful, and bringing a little life to your basket works for most baby hampers.

Movie – Most kids grow up with a favorite cartoon or action movie character dotting their walls. You can never start too early by decorating his or her nursery with your preferred choices. After all, while it’s the baby’s room, you’re using it the most right now.

Sports – It’ never too early to try getting your baby to like your favorite games and theme. Anything from a falcon, Chelsea, spurs, or any other favorite sports team could work. You may also choose a simple football or tennis ball as a theme.

Relaxation – Anything that you find soothing could work, especially if the child also finds it soothing. It may be a pure color or even a beach theme.

Pick A Type

The type of hamper you decide on will influence how good it looks in your nursery. Basket hampers are a superb choice because of their simplicity, low cost, and beauty. However, baskets tend to end up in charity stores eventually and are unsuitable for modern homes.

It’s crucial to buy a type of hamper that complements the nursery theme. Nylon and mesh hampers are cheap and ordinary, but try going for a bamboo or cotton one. The thick sides and solid look make most of them look tidy and minimalist modern.

Choose and Use A Lid

It’s not enough if your hamper doesn’t have a lid, or has one and you’re not using it. The top keeps your baby stuffs inside the hamper and makes it look tidy and attractive. With an appropriate lid, the hamper will look good no matter how much dirty clothes are inside the basket.

Try Some Decorations

A bow or some charms will turn your minimalist, functional hamper into something cute. Try to add some decorations to the top edges of the basket and to the lid to spice it up. However, too much or improper decorations could mess up your basket, so be careful.

Organize Carefully

A strewn collection of hampers in the nursery is as bad as a scattered collection of clothes and toys. The purpose of your basket is to organize your baby things better, so keep everything orderly. Nursery hampers look a lot better sitting in a corner than standing in the middle of a room.

DIY A Nursery Hamper

The best way to ensure your hamper looks precisely how you want is to make it by hand. You’ll be making a 10 x 10 x 12-inch basket for cheap and within a short period.


You may need 5/8 yards each a quilting cotton (décor fabric), fusible interfacing (Pellon 809), and lining fabric. Also, you’ll want sewing supplies, 1-yard rope, and four grommets.


  • Cut out two rectangles of lining and interfacing fabric each of 22 x 20-inches
  • Separate and cut out 5.5 inches squares from both-sides of one end of your 22-inches width.


  • Iron the two interfacing fabric separately to the inner side of your outer fabric (2).
  • Cut out around the interfacing fabric ends to get two ironed cloths.
  • Add your two outer fabrics together. Remove the lining.
  • Sew the fabric 0.5-inches from the ends of the corners and bottom parts. Do not sew the 5.5-inches sides or the top.
  • Iron the seams
  • Flatten the 5.5-inches sides and line it up.
  • Sew till you have your basket inside out.
  • Repeat the above steps for your lining fabrics.
  • Sew both inside out baskets (interfacing and lining) together at their top ends.
  • Flip the basket inside out to make the lining the new end.
  • Hem the basket at the top end and sew again.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully made a nursery hamper.

You can add a handle by creating two holes 2.5-inches from the tip on both sides and adding the grommets. Finally, you’ll cut the rope into two, bend one in two, insert it into the holes, and knot it together on one side. You should repeat for the second handle to complete the basket.

Nursery hampers are an ever-useful resource for parents who like to keep a tidy home. The Baskets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, that make them a fit for any house theme. In finality, if you have a baby at home, it’s always better to have a nursery hamper than to not.

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