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Getting tired of using public transportation with a long queuing? So sick of driving to work using four wheels engine just like a car and ended up with the congesting traffic jam every day? Then this article will make your journey on the road with everyday life become more convenient and less stressful. We will introduce you to the way of using moped scooters which make your driving to any places you would like to with using less time and money. Therefore do not wait any more, here are the top 10 best moped scooters in 2020 you should consider in buying right now.

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Top 10 Best Moped Scooters In 2021

10. Renegade TPGS-805

Renegade TPGS-805

This Renegade TPGS-805 moped scooters comes with a standard design. It is a brand new that is still inside a metal crate. Its model is 49cc or 50cc Tao Tao brand street legal scooter. And it also has the matching trunk. That it is easy and convenient for you to keep your staffs or especially your helmet.This moped scooters can goes with 35 or 40 miles per hour. And especially it offers 100 to 110 miles per gallon. It provides double seat for 2 adults.

  • Its Front & Back Tires is 100/60 – 10 inches Steel Rims
  • Length: 67.32″ Width: 30.7″ Height: 51.57″ Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
  • CARB approved from California
  • Colors are available in red, black, blue, pink, white and green
  • It offers warranty in 30 days for all replacement parts

9. X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooter

X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooter

X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooters is a model from Moto Pro warehouse in California. It is fully assembled and made in this state originally. So you do not need to worry whether it is a well checked product or not . Because its company’s professional had checked and tested in the United States already. Its automatic process guarantee you an easy operation with this X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooters. All you need to do right now is open the gear and start your journey now, Ready to ride.

  • 12 inch front and rear DOT tires offer great traction.
  • Front and Rear Disc brake supply strong, reliable stopping power.
  • Colors are available in black , blue and burgundy
  • Every package comes with X-Pro Gloves , Google and Handgrip

8. X-Pro 50cc Moped Scooter

X-Pro 50cc Moped Scooter

This X-Pro 50cc moped scooter is also a product from Moto Pro warehouse in California as well. The professional staffs from Moto Pro warehouse had conduct a well checked assembling before selling to the users. After you order this product and get it at your doorstep, you do not need to assemble it by yourself. Because professional from its company had assemble and link the hardware of it already . So you will save time and money by buying it . Moreover this X-Pro 50cc moped scooter also comes with wide , thickly padded seat to customer to ensure the best rider for passenger with comfortable and stylist feeling to rider.

  • Engine: 50cc,4-Stroke
  • Fuel Tank (gal) : 3
  • Fuel Consumption: 115 Mpg (2.0 L/100 Km)
  • It offers bright multi reflector taillight for great visibility.
  • Every package comes with X-Pro Gloves, Google and Handgrip
  • Colors are available in red , black and blue.

7. Brand new BIG SIZE 150cc Fully Automatic Street Legal Gas Scooter

Brand new BIG SIZE 150cc Fully Automatic Street Legal Gas Scooter

Tao has introduced a brand new Big Size 150cc fully automatic street legal gas scooter to their customers. It is a product that has approving from its main factory in California. And its CARB also got approving and guarantee for buyers in California as well. All users need to do is start the moped scooter with its key and it will kick start as well as back up. And it is fully automatic with using of GY6 engine and CVT transmission.

  • It has 150cc engine and 8.9 horsepower
  • It can hold 2 adults and about 260 to 280 pounds
  • And, it offers 70 to 75 mpg
  • It goes with 40 to 45 MPH
  • It gives 80 to 85 MPH

6. X-PRO X19 150cc Gas Moped Scooter

The X-PRO X19 is a zesty 150cc automatic transmission moped scooter. It’s perfectly street legal and its 4-stroke engine is very fuel-efficient. The scooter has large dual-headlights, which gives it a great effectiveness in nighttime riding. It’s a very attractive scooter with retro vibes. It starts by both kick and electrically. It has a modern digital instrument reader display. Its front suspension is a twin-inverted electric fork while a dual hydraulic spring suspension serves the scooter’s rear, making it perfect for any bumps or potholes on the road.

  • Maximum speed is 55 miles per hour
  • Comfortable to carry one adult pillion rider
  • Has ABS brake on the front wheel
  • Has drum Brake on its rear wheel

5. X-PRO Oahu 50cc Gas Moped Scooter

X-PRO Oahu 50cc Gas Moped Scooter

The Oahu 50cc is another offering from fabled moped scooter manufacturer X-PRO. The Oahu has a peppy and incredibly fuel-efficient gasoline engine. The engine is air-cooled and even comes with fans that help in keeping it cool during traffic stops and high revving highway journeys. However, this particular X-PRO model does not come fully assembled. Depending on the reseller, the handlebar, alloy wheels, brake pads, battery, or trunk might need to be assembled by the customer upon receipt of the delivery.


Comfortable seat

Maximum speed is 35 miles per hour

Comes with X-PRO gloves, goggles, and two grips for the handlebars

4. X-PRO X20 150cc Gas Street Scooter Bike

X-PRO X20 150cc Gas Street Scooter Bike

The X20 is the new and improved version requested by all the customers who had bought X-PRO’s X19 moped scooter. The X20 is a scooter that rides as if it was a sports motorcycle. It has high intensity discharge dual headlights that are excellent when riding in adverse visibility conditions. It has big 13-inch aluminum wheels, which are covered to prevent pillion leg injuries. It has an engine kill switch which can save gas during traffic stops. The engine is air-cooled with assisting fans, which keep the engine in peak condition even after prolonged usage.

  • Comes in four colors: red, blue, white, and black
  • Spacious legroom
  • Maximum speed of 55 miles per hour

3. TAO 49cc street legal fully automatic scooter moped

TAO 49cc street legal fully automatic scooter moped 

The TAO 49cc is a perky little moped scooter with a fully automated transmission and drivetrain that will get you fun-filled miles around the city. This scooter has a retro-styled yet elegant design and its 49cc engine is very gasoline-efficient returning 100 miles to the gallon, while having good power for acceleration. The TAO 49cc is not a scooter for highway driving though. It’s best suited for city cruising, jaunts around suburbia, and visits to the village. Its starting mechanism is both electric and kick. Its headlights have halogen bulbs.


Body has a double coat of premium paint

Best for learners or college students

Seat is made from premium quality polyurethane

2. MotoTec 24v Electric Moped Scooter

MotoTec 24v Electric Moped Scooter 

Preview Product Rating Price
MotoTec 24v Electric Moped Purple MotoTec 24v Electric Moped Purple No ratings yet $389.00

Do you remember those battery operated and slow as snails’ tiny cars and moped scooters that used to be around in the late 80s? Those of us who were kids back then enjoyed the heck out of those electric toys. The MotoTec 24v Electric Scooter Moped is the modern version of those toys that we older people enjoyed. Its standard features include a 24-voltage household charger, a 350-wattage motor, two 24-volt batteries, horn, and a single headlight. It starts electrically with a key. Of course, the packaging includes a crash helmet as well to protect the little tyke. The MotoTec 24v Electric Moped Scooter is the quintessential toy for the kid who can afford it!


Battery charging time is between four to six hours

Maximum speed of 15 miles per hour

Can carry one child

1. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This Razor pocket mod miniature euro electric scooter was first found in 2000. It has become the icon and very popular from time to time because of its best riding experience, combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and innovation. With these, it helps to deliver satisfaction to customer with its products designed to suit riders lifestyles. Also, this product is suitable for young people . Especially those who ages from 13 years old and up. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 170 pounds. With a single charge of a battery , it can run up to 10 miles. Addition to this, the speed of this scooter can go up to 15 miles per hour.

  • Vintage-inspired scooter with the chain-driven electric motor
  • 12-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system
  • 90-day warranty
  • Colors are available in pink, blue, white, vapor black, betty and hot mod.

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How fast can a Moped Scooter Go?

How fast can a Moped Scooter Go?

Many people confuse moped with scooters, but there’s a huge difference, even though they share many similarities. The speed is the major thing that distinguishes a moped from a scooter as a scooter is a faster means of transportation, while moped is slower.

But, how far can a moped go?

As mentioned earlier, every country has its set rules and regulations that determine how far a moped can go. Here are the max speed for a few countries, but ensure you check with your states to find out the max speed a moped can go.

Switzerland, Europe          19mph (for moped below 50cc)

Canada                                 31mph (depending on the model)

United States                      20mph-30mph (depending on the state)

How Popular are mopeds?

You can find a moped almost anywhere around the globe due to its popularity. You can also ride it anywhere in the world as long as you follow the rules and regulations that guide its use. Although, scooters and motorcycles are more common in many parts of the world, mopeds are also being used, even though they aren’t as common as scooters and motorcycles.

Many people do not consider moped as a good investment because of the distances they cover daily or the number of people it can accommodate.

Some people prefer to use car as their means of transportation because it is cheaper and faster. some others are also concerned about their safety since moped doesn’t protect them from being exposed to danger like theft or violence.

Nevertheless, moped is quite common in some parts of the world, especially Africa. This is because a moped is way cheaper than a car and are very easy to ride. Unlike car, which costs a lot and takes days or weeks to learn.

Also, the process of getting a license to ride a moped is easier than other means of transportation and in some countries, like South Africa, you do not even need a license to ride a moped.

What Does a Mop Look Like?

A moped looks like an improved motorcycle or scooter, but it is definitely not any of those. A moped is faster than a bicycle but slower than a scooter or motorcycle. It has a pedal and a motorcycle frame attached to its frame. Since scooters usually come with powerful motors, there are laws and regulations that guide their use on major roads.

Also, a moped come with a step-through frame, with some others looking quite interesting. For instance, some come with the attachment of motorcycle frames with a raised fuel tank.

But, disregard the erroneous believe that mopeds are plain motorized bicycles as some can be as powerful as a motorcycle. This means that you can get a moped that will get up to 70mph. So, a moped can perform exactly like some motorcycles.

The major thing about mopeds is that most of them have motors of a maximum of 50cc, with some having higher than that and still referred to as mopeds.

A moped also looks smaller than a motorcycle, which makes it sometimes invisible to car drivers. So, ensure that you put on colorful clothes that will make you more visible to other drivers on the road.

That’s why it isn’t advisable to use a moped on bustling roads to avoid collisions from vehicles.

Also, the moped is not designed for high speed, which makes it quite dangerous when used for higher speeds. Some riders also go beyond the required speed limit, causing problems for themselves. For instance, the majority of moped riders in Finland are teenagers, with many of them increasing their speed limits above the required limit.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Drive A Moped?

Different countries have various legal ages for driving a moped. In some countries, you need to get an exclusive license while some other countries do not require such. You should know the legislation law in your state to avoid breaking the law. You should also find out if there is a need for a license, safety issues and other important things.`

In Alaska and Alabama, the minimum riding age is 14 years, without any need for a license. But, the safety equipment list is quite long and it’s best that you carefully read the recommendations before your moped on busy roads.

In Colorado and Arizona, the minimum riding age is 14 years, and a driver’s license is required. Arkansas only has few safety requirements for moped riders, and California doesn’t require a driver’s license before you can ride a moped. But, the only clause is that your vehicle cannot be above 20mph.

Delaware and Columbia’s minimum age for moped rider is 16, but you’re not allowed to ride on interstate roads in Delaware. At the same time, Columbia district requires a headlamp of between 2000-300 ft, which must be very visible.

In Hawaii, there are very requirements as a moped can be allowed in public from 18 years old, and the rider must have a valid driver’s license.

In Georgia, the minimum age requirement is 15 years, with a driver’s license when using the moped in busy roads. Florida, on the other hand, requires the rider to be a minimum of 16 or a bit below as long as the passenger obeys the rules, especially wearing the headgear.

For Indiana, the required age is a minimum of 15 years, and the moped must be less than 50cc. The rider should also use the required protective gear until they turn 18. There’s only a few legislation in Idaho, and the maximum engine capacity of the moped should be 50cc.

The legislation for the minimum age to ride a moped in Iowa is quite complex as it requires the rider to take a specific course as soon as they become 14 years. Here, they will learn the necessary things about using a mop and how to use it on busy roads.

In Kansas, you need an exclusive license as soon as you turn 15 and you mustn’t exceed the maximum speed of 35mph. You must also use the required protective gear. Kentucky only requires you to be 16 before riding a moped, and Louisiana moped users only need to take a road safety course and get a driver’s license.

You must be 16 in Maryland before using your moped, and you don’t need a license. But, you will take a specific test and pay some fees too.

If you live in Maine and below 18 years, you can use your moped in public or busy roads, but you need to have your helmet and follow other safety rules.

Other states and their requirements include:

Massachusetts           16 years with driver’s license and proper safety equipment

Michigan                     Below 19 years. Must wear the crash helmet

Minnesota                  At least 15 years. Must have a license and pass a test

Missouri                     16 years and a valid license

Mississippi                 Same law as motorcycle law

Montanna                  Wear visible clothes when using mopeds to reduce the risk of accidents

Nebraska                    same age as a driver’s age limit

Nevada                        Get a license plate and register your moped

New Hampshire        pay attention to all safety rules

New Jersey                 15 years old with an exclusive license

New York                    same with the laws guiding the use of motorcycles

Mexico                         Special permit or driver’s license

North Dakota              minimum of 14 years and a crash helmet for 18 year-olds

Ohio                               minimum of 14 years and pass a special test

North Carolina            16 years and special permit

Oregon                          Classs-C driver’s license and only the driver is allowed to use the moped

Oklahoma                    minimum age according to the type of driver’s license

Pennsylvania              minimum of 16 years and the use of safety

South Carolina           21 years and above. Riders under 21 are required to use the helmet

Rhode Island              16 years minimum with a vehicle registration for people outside the state

Tennessee                   14 years minimum and a special course

South Dakota             14 years and a special course

Texas                           15 years and above

Utah                            below 18 years and use the headgear

Vermont                     16 years and a driver’s license

Virginia                      16 years and above

Wyoming                   Driver’s license

Washington              16 and above

West Virginia           16 and a valid driver’s license

Wisconsin                 14-18 year old can use the moped ONLY during the day.

 What are the safety tips for beginners when driving moped Scooter Riding?

 What are the safety tips for beginners when driving moped Scooter Riding?

As a beginner, learning how to drive a moped scooter, you need to be aware of some vital safety tips. To get the best out of your moped ride, follow these safety tips.

Safety Tips

It is highly relevant that you get the right mope scooter that suits your needs as a beginner. Also ensure that you go for moped scooters that are designed for you as some are designed for males and some for females.

Also, prepare and protect yourself by getting the right protective gear, including visible clothing, helmet, proper footwear, eye protection, and rain gear.

For your safety and comfort, you may want to upgrade a few components like handle grips, seats, and other vital parts of your moped scooter.

Avoid using your moped scooter on a bustling road as a beginner. You can start by using it in your vicinity until you have the needed experience to ride your moped scooter on high traffic roads.

Read and understand the local laws as regards the use of moped in your area and follow these rules strictly.

Things to learn as a beginner

  • Study different parts of your scooter and how they operate
  • Master the basic skills of braking, cornering, and balancing
  • Master advanced skills like clutch engaging, gear shifting, and emergency procedures like obstacles or riding on rough terrains.
  • Acquire your license and hit the road

Safety Rules to Maintain

  • Always keep your front light on
  • Do not over speed
  • Wear your protective gears
  • Always stay on your lane
  • Do not follow too closely
  • If the place is safe, jump when a collision is about to happen
  • Turn your signal lights on, especially when you’re turning

How to Maintain your Moped Scooter

Maintaining your moped scooter is a great way to improve its durability and overall life span. There are many ways to maintain your scooter including daily maintenance, monthly and yearly.

Here are a few ways to maintain your moped scooter

  • Read the manual on how to care for your battery or ask the dealer as soon as you get your moped scooter.
  • Do the surface cleaning to prevent yourself from being exposed to harmful chemicals
  • Check your tires and air pressure to know if they need to be filled before riding your scooter every day
  • Check your wheel bearings and tire treads every week to ensure that they are in perfect condition
  • Take your moped scooter for full inspection every year. Doing this will help prevent unforeseen events and you will be notified of any damage as well as any replacements or repairs that will be needed. This is to ensure that your moped scooter remains in perfect condition year after year.
  • Get insurance for your moped scooter to cover third party liability, breakdown issues, accidental damage, significant repairs, and theft.

A moped is a faster means of transportation compared to bicycles, and you do not have to use a lot of energy before making a moped move. Also, a moped is best for longer distances than a bicycle can cover.


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