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LED Shop Lights

Contrary to the previous fluorescent lights families, the LED shop lights have been designed to suit all your needs giving you the highest performance from a shop light. They come with an on/off switch at one side, a new feature for the shop lightings. The LED shop lights can illuminate your garage with higher energy efficiency at a low electricity bill. Do you want the best-LED shop light? Here are the reviews.

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Top 10 Best LED Shop Lights in 2020

10. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 48 inch LED Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 48 inch LED Shop Light, 4FT, Linkable Integrated Fixture, 40W=260QW. 5000k Daylight, 4500 LM, Clear Lens

Are you looking for a quality LED shop light that can save your electricity bills? If yes, Try Sunco LED Shop lights Get one of these lights and take your shop lighting to the next level.

These LED lights can save up to 85% of energy due to there relatively less power usage. They can last more than 45000 hours. It can be operational in garages, workstations, and rooms. They are extremely easy to install.

  • It is a 42 W LED light
  • It has suspended hardware in the package

Like other LED shop lights, it has also on and off switch

9. Archipelago Utility LED Shop Light

Archipelago Utility LED Shop Light, 4FT Integrated LED Shop Light Fixture with 5FT Cord, 36W, 3200 Lumens, 4100K (Natural White), Frosted Lens (LEDs Integrated w/Fixture), ETL & Energy Star Listed

This amazing LED shop light has an option to connect several lights. It gives uniform light due to its even cover. This LED light cannot subject you to eye problems as it saves you from any form of fierce stare. It can be used domestically in kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, schools, hospitals, and workshops.

The Archipelago lighting is multi-functional LED Shop lights with a simple but effective design. It has a link-up option. They are safe to use thanks to the safe lighting. In addition to that, they are durable and reliable.

  • It is a 36 LED light.
  • It has a suspended flush mounting.
  • The lights have 3200 Lumens.
  • The color temperature of 5000k.

8.​​​ Barrina 4Ft 45 Watt Extenda​ble Utility LED 

(Pack of 2) Barrina 4Ft 45 Watt Extendable Utility LED Shop light Workbench Light 6500K Super Bright White 4500lm 300W Equivalent

A Barrina Utility LED Shop Light is a higher rated LED Shop Light. It has an amazing dazzling white light that is easy to transmit evenly to all the corners of the room. Purchase these shop lights for an amazing experience.

This product is the ultimate light to purchase thanks to the amazing design and fresh technology. Also, it has a Built-in and off switch mounted on the side of the light. Besides, it is easy to install and light since it features a simple design.

  • It is a 45 LED light
  • Can be classified as a workbench light
  • Lightweight
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Hs an amazing lifespan of more than 50000 hours.

7. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack LED Utility Sunco Lighting 10 Pack LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT, Linkable Integrated Fixture, 40W=260W, 5000K Daylight, 4100 LM, Frosted Lens, Surface/Suspension Mount, Pull Chain, Garage - ETL, Energy Star

Do you love light from the Sunco family? Here is another Sunco rated LED light. It is best made to save your financial issues. If you have ever used a Sunco, you know how durable these lights are. They are strong, lasting, and highly efficient.

These lights are well-designed to use less amount of power hence saving your electricity bills. Besides, these lights come with a manual that helps you to follow the instructions on how to install the light.

  • It is a 40=260 W LED light
  • Has frosted Lens
  • Mounted with on/off switch
  • The lights have a hanging mount.
  • It has natural light

6. Bbounder Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

While these are LED shop lights, they offer you an extensive application to use in a garage, storefronts, porches, patios, and more. You can seamlessly connect up to four LED shop lights, as they are linkable and great energy savers as well. Installing them are simple, with the instructions included. Furthermore, they are four feet in length with a beam angle of 240-degrees with 5000 Kelvin and 40W. You get 4000 lumens as well.

  • Economy LED Utility Shop Light
  • Four-foot length
  • Beam angle 240-degrees
  • Lumens 4000 with 40W power and Kelvin 5000
  • Linkable with other LED shop lights in the range
  • Versatile to use with a 5-year warranty

5. PrimeLights 4 Bulb /T8 LED High Bay Utility PrimeLights 4 Bulb /T8 LED High Bay Utility Shop Garage Warehouse Light Fixture 11,400 Lumens, 120-277V

Looking for a LED light that comes with internal drivers? Prime light is the best answer. This type of light does not require external tubes. To add, the tubes of Primelights are so wide, making them a perfect transmitter of light in any location or room.

They are very suitable for outdoor use since they can transmit light to far distances. You can also use them indoors because of their quality light. Surprisingly, the cost to replace a broken Primelight tube is very cheap even though these tubes are of high quality.

  • Has a 50000-hour lifespan
  • You can buy in a four-pack or single unit
  • Has a steel mirrored reflector
  • Mercury-free
  • Easy to install



4.Bbounder 10 Pack 4ft Led Shop Light

42W Linkable LED Shop for Garage BBOUNDER 48 Inch 4FT 5000K led Work Shop Light LED Utility Shop Light Ceiling

Do you require a maintenance-free LED shop light? 42 W LED light is the best option. It will save you repair cost as well as serve you in the most efficient way possible. Most people today are using this type of LED light to replace traditional fluorescent counterparts.

It is used mostly for commercial application, in workshops, and garages since it assure excellent performance. It saves your electricity bills and lasts for a long period. Due to its splendid features, a 42 W Linkable LED light are multifunctional. Therefore, they are useful in warehouses and restroom or recreation rooms.

  • It is a 42 W light
  • Has a wide-angle of more than 120 degrees
  • Durable since it can last up to 50000 hours
  • It has a hanging flush mount
  • Easy for installation

3. Sunco Lighting LED Utility Shop Link

Sunco Lighting LED Utility Shop Link

Here we have top-rated LED utility shop lights with a frosted cover for commercial grade use. The lights are ETL Certified, and Energy Star rated as well. The length of the lights is four feet with Kelvin 5000 and wattage of 40 with 4100 lumens. You can link the lights, and installing them is straightforward by following the instructions. The fantastic thing is you get a ten pack at an affordable price with a seven-year warranty.

  • Commercial grade LED shop lights
  • ETL and Energy Star Rated
  • Length: 4 feet
  • Kelvin: 5000
  • Lumens: 4100
  • Frosted Cover
  • Linkable and comes with a 7-year warranty

2. Sunco Lighting 2 Pack LED

Sunco Lighting 2 Pack LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT, linkable Integrated Fixture, 40W=260w, 5000K Daylight, 4100 LM, Frosted Lens, Surface/ Suspension

We are speaking of Sunco one more. Sunco Lighting 4 LED light remains to be among the most rated LED shop light in the market today. The light produces a 98+ performance making it one of the best in the LED series. Sunco lights are to last-lasting and exceptional.

This brand is very reliable, cheap to purchase and I assure you if you follow the manufactures instructions you will certainly get the best results you have looking in a LED Shop light. It has an output of 4000 lumens and produces a natural white light that will save your eyes from peril light. Due to its low power usage, the lights are the best choice to replace the old versions of fluorescent lights.

  • It has a lifespan of more than 50000 hours.
  • Doesn’t have mercury meaning they don’t emit infrared light
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has a manual kit with instructions on how to set up
  • Durable
  • Comes with a warranty of 7 years

1. Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light LinkableHykolity 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight 42W LED Ceiling Lights for Garages

To top our list is the Hykolity 5000k LED Shop light. It is the best that Hykolity can offer so far, and the light is really good. Furthermore, it was designed to deliver excellent lighting feature that answers the biggest question of what is the best quality.

It has an amazing linkable design that can be used to link it to the power cable. It can be used both for commercial application and domestic use. Very suitable in warehouses, restrooms, garages, and workplaces. Hykolity 5000k LED light material of construction is aluminum, giving an edge in terms of durability.

  • It is a 42 W LED light
  • It has an inline power switch
  • Has a linkable design
  • Durable
  • Has connecting cables and a hanging mount for easy installation
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years

All these LED Shop Lights we have reviewed for you, provides the best performance in commercial applications and domestic set up too. It is upon you to choose the best light that suits your perfect requirements.

Contrary to their fluorescent counterparts, LED Shop Light saves your electricity expenditure and ensures that your health safety is the main priority. These lights come with installation kits making the whole process of setting up easy. If you want to increase safety and efficiency in areas of your operation, then I recommend you try LED Shop Lights.

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