Hair Curlers for Short Hair

Best Hair Curlers for Short Hair in 2021 | Easy to Curl

Having short hair may leave girls with limited option to style their hair. Wanting a perfect curl but your hair is too short to curl or usually burn from the iron as it is too big or inconvenience to use.That is because you are choosing the wrong hair styling tool and hair curler. A hair curler that design specifically for short hair is the best for styling with tons of style without burning your hair and skin.

Top 10 Best hair curlers for short hair In 2021

10. CHI Spin N, Onyx Black

CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

Preview Product Rating Price
CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black No ratings yet $74.99

This hair curler creates flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with the CHI Air Spin n Curl. Hair is drawn into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves every time.

Designed with digital temperature, the display offers easily adjustable temperature settings and a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage.

  • Reduces Frizz & Static.
  • Adds Unparalleled Shine.
  • Customizable Temperature For All Hair Type.
  • Perfect Curls No Heat Damage
  • Low 370°F for Fine Hair
  • Medium 390°F for Medium Hair
  • High 410°F for Coarse Hair

9. HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel

 HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron/Wand

You can create every size curl you can think of with this Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron. Each curling iron model features 10 variable heat settings for ultimate curl control, a 24K gold plated barrel, and a powerful spring clamp to set each curl with long-lasting hold, and all Hot Tools professional spring curling irons have a Patented Pulse Technology for Gets Hot.

From tight corkscrews, to large bouncy curls, to loose waves (and everything in between) you can’t go wrong with Hot Tools.

  • 5/8″ barrel size
  • Professional spring curling iron
  • Patented Pulse Technology for Gets Hot… Stays Hot performance
  • 85 watts
  • 10 variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • Extra-high heat
  • 24K gold-plated barrel
  • Fast heat up
  • Heavy-duty long-life heating element
  • Foldaway safety stand

8. KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron

KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron, Small Flat Iron for Short Hair and Pixie Cut, 3/10 Inch Titanium Beard Hair Straightener with Variable Temperature, Dual Voltage

This small flat iron even heat distribution that eliminates frizz & preserves hair moisture and the smaller plates width are recommended for creating more versatile styles.Reaches up to 450⁰F with fast heat up time, 5 optional heat settings for all hair types and beards to set to your ideal straightening temperature

The 3/10 inch-wide plates make it super easy to straighten bumps near your roots and messed-up bangs, pixie cut and beard that wider flat irons usually miss.

  • 3/10 inch plates size
  • Dual Voltage
  • Reaches up to 450⁰F
  • Titanium plates
  • Non slip surface
  • 5 optional heat settings for all hair types

7. The ALEATH Automatic Curling Iron Wand Hair Curler

The ALEATH Automatic Curling Iron Wand Hair Curler

Curling your own hair can be dangerous with potential hair loss and even permanent damage to your hair. That’s why it’s essential to have the best hair curler that matches perfectly with your own hair type.

The Aleath Automatic Curling Iron Wand hair curler is an example of what hair curlers should be. Its advantages over other brands of hair curlers are the following:

  • It’s coated with Keratin Ceramic and Anion enriching technology, which nourishes, moisturizes, and protects the hair and their cuticles.
  • It prevents accidental electric shocks, hair pulling, scalding, and tangling.
  • Its heat setting range of 140 to 230 degrees Celsius covers all types of hair from dense, reedy, soft, and coarse hair.
  • It can curl your hair on both right and left sides for easier ironing of inward, outward, and sporadic curls.
  • It has a built-in automated energy saving mode that shuts down the curler after 60 minutes of idling.

6. LENA Geniecurl

 LENA Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand with Ceramic Ionic Barrel and Smart Anti-stuck Sensor, Professional Hair Curler Styling Tool for Long and Short Hair

It is easy hair curler with long-lasting result, complicated hair styling made simple and suitable for users of all ages with or without any experience.With double-layered heat protection cover is designed to prevent burning on your Fingers or face, ideal for long hair styling as well as short-hair users who need to hold the wand close to the facial skins.

Designed wit Anti-stuck mechanism – Smart sensors installed in every unit to automatically cutoff the power when it senses pulling or Tangling Beyond threshold. Prevent pulling and damage to your hair.


  • Long-lasting Result
  • Anti-stuck Sensor
  • Circular Heating Unit
  • Color: Pink
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Product weight: 2 pounds



Preview Product Rating Price
True Glow by Conair Glam 2 Piece Vibrating Makeup Brush Set True Glow by Conair Glam 2 Piece Vibrating Makeup Brush Set No ratings yet $40.00

Discover a revolutionary new way to create beautiful, shiny curls. The Conair InfinitiPro Curl Secret Hair Styler features the latest technology for tangle-free curls that won’t quit. With auto-curl technology your hair is automatically and gently drawn into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where it is held, timed and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the perfect curl. No matter your hair length or type, this hair curling tool makes achieving consistently flawless curls easier than ever. This revolutionary styling tool puts a modern twist on your everyday curling iron.

The professional brushless motor is built to have a longer life and it offers precision styling with a safety sensor to ensure easy, tangle-free curls every time. The V-shaped hair guide in the center of the curling chamber perfectly positions hair while two professional heaters heat hair from all directions to create even, beautiful, flowing curls. Plus, the auto-beep indicator lets you know when hair is done for the perfect curl every time.

  • Color: Purple
  • Technology: Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Benifit: Hair goes in and curl comes out! Creates loose, medium and tight curls for all hair types.
  • 2 heat levels
  • 3 timer settings: 8, 10 and 12 seconds

4.9mm Thin Curling Iron Ceramic

 9mm Thin Curling Iron Ceramic, 3/8 Inch Small Barrel Curling Wand for Long & Short Hair, LCD Dispaly with 9 Heat Setting Include Glove(Blue)

This product comes with 360° no tangle swivel power cord(78 inch) makes it more flexible when curling. The light weight of 9mm curling iron helps to handle it more easily. The cooling tip protects your fingers from scalding. With dual voltage from 100-240V, you would love to take this 9mm curling iron with a world widetravel(need a adapter). 60 Mins auto shut off keeps your things from burning. No hesitation, just try it and enjoy!

The 8.3 inch barrel is little longer than normal curling iron which means you can put more hair into the iron and you will be pleasantly surprised to find it saves 50% time to style your hair.

  • LCD Display
  • 360° Swivel Cord
  • Anti-scalding Tip
  • Heat Insulation Bracket
  • 60mins Auto Shut Off
  • Suit for All Hair Types
  • 9 Temperature Settings
  • 110-220v Universal Dual Voltage

3. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

 John Frieda Hot Air Brush, 1-inch Hot Air Brush

Preview Product Rating Price
John Frieda Hot Air Brush, 1-inch Hot Air Brush John Frieda Hot Air Brush, 1-inch Hot Air Brush No ratings yet $34.99

The john frieda hot air brush utilizes advanced ionic technology giving you 50 percent more ions when in use.With 500 watts of power you can truly dry with power. The vents allow the airflow from a blow dryer to reach the hair, for faster drying and styling

It has 2 heat settings and a cool shot setting to lock styles in place. The titanium ceramic coated barrel gives you safe, even heat without any damaging hot spots.


  • Titanium Ceramic Barrel
  • 500 Watts of power
  • 2 Heat Settings PLUS Cool Setting
  • Recommend using on damp hair
  • Nylon and Ball Tipped bristles

2. Mini PHOEBE Hair Brush

 Mini Curling Iron PHOEBE Hair Brush for Travel, 3/4 Inch Dual Voltage Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hot Curler Brush with Traveling Bag for Europe, Professional...

This product is unique with good quality and convinient. It has only ON/OFF button with max temperature 390℉. It fast heats up in 60 seconds for saving time and perfect styling, you can curl your hair quickly and it will last all the day.It’s dual voltage 100-240V for worldwide use, it switch automatically, no button to press.

Designed with Ceramic Tourmaline barrel to produces negative ions to reduce heat damage, lock more moisture to make your hair more smooth and healthy.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline barrel
  • Plentyof negative ions to preserve moisture in hair
  • Maintains essential natural oil to protect hair
  • Avoid heat damage
  • Keep hair supple and nourished
  • Size: (3/4″*8.7″)

1. Hoson 3/4 Inch

Hoson 3/4 Inch Curling Iron Professional, Ceramic Tourmaline Curl Wand Barrel, Hair Curler Iron for Short Hair

This 3/4 inch curling iron with tourmaline ceramic coating barrel will eliminate static and keep moisture by releasing millions of negative ions instantly while working, creating loose and soft hair styles with less frizz. Making curls last for a whole day. The barrel is 8.3 inch, so the curling iron is suitable for short, medium and long hair.

The curling iron with Dual PTC heater inside, button on, the iron will rapidly heats up to 225°F in only 60s for instant styling. The barrel also provides heat evenly with less hair damage effectively.

  • LCD Display
  • 360° Swivel Cord
  • Anti-scalding Tip
  • Heat Insulation Bracket
  • 60mins Auto Shut Off
  • Suit for All Hair Types
  • 9 Temperature Settings
  • 110-220v Universal Dual Voltage

Owning a curler is like owning a magic wand. Having a short hair, never a problem, you can style as many as you want, from wavy to extreme curl, all these irons do works like wonders. It is not only convenience to use, cost less and even prevent your hair from damage as well.

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What Should You Beware of When Curling Your Hair?

What Should You Beware of When Curling Your Hair?

Here are some pointers to help you avoid any potentially devastating mistakes that would cause your hair irreparable damage

  • Always start your personal hairstyling by applying a high-quality heat protectant on your hair. This product will act as a shield between your hair strands and the curler, and help retain moisture and defend your hair from being frizzy.
  • Setting an overly high temperature on the curling wand. When you’re in a hurry it can be tempting to set the hair curler to its maximum heat setting in order to curl your hair as quickly as possible. But remember that too much heat will do permanent damage to your hair. Generally, if you see smoke coming off your hair then the heat setting is too high.
  • After using the curling wand, hold the curls in your hand until they cool off. This way your curls will be firmer and they will last longer.
  • Choose the size of your hair curler carefully. Whether you are looking for tight curls, loose curls, or a natural and messy curly look, different sized curling wands will produce distinct results. Loose curls are best achieved using a curler with a 2-inch barrel. Tighter curls are produced when a 1-inch barreled curler is used. For natural curls, look for a curler with a tapered wand.
  • Using the curling wand in the precise direction. If you find yourself getting frustrated with the results of your hair curler then you aren’t using the curler properly. For example, if you want a natural curly look then you should curl your hair outwards from your head. Again, if you want a glamorous look then you should curl all your hair in the same direction to get tight curls. On the other hand, if you want a messy curly look then curl your hair in distinct directions.

Short Hairstyles You Can Do with a Hair Curler

The easiest way to change something about yourself is to get a new hairstyle. Short hairstyles are sought after because they are easily maintained, trendy, and look awesome for everyone. The following are some hairstyles we’ve collected that can be done at home using hair curlers.

Short Curly Bangs with a Mohawk Haircut

This is a trendy pop culture hairstyle that combines lightly shaved sides with a medium-large curly bang on top of the head. However, this hairstyle is not suitable for naturally curly hair.

Tightly Packed Tiny Curls

This hairstyle is perfect for bob style haircuts. As daily maintenance of curls can get tiresome, a perm would be a perfect way to get long-term curls. This is a great hairstyle for daily wear.

Natural Curls on a Bob Haircut

This cheek-length bob cut curly hairstyle is perfect for everyone no matter the type of hair. The soft curly hairs have a naturally messy look. Add in some brown or blonde highlights and you will look like any movie star in no time.

Large Messy Curls with Slightly-shaved Sides

This hairstyle is similar in principle to the Mohawk style mentioned before with one distinction. It only has a slightly shaved part on one side of the head. This gives the overall style a glamorous look.

How to Curl Your Short Hair Quick and Easy?

How to Curl Your Short Hair Quick and Easy?

Here are five different ways to curl your short hair.

The Curling Iron

Choose the correct sized curling iron for the type of your hair. Use a heat protectant before starting your hair curling routine.

A Roller Set

Roller sets will never go out of vogue unless some radical technological improvement is discovered in the future. From perm rollers, flexi-rollers, to foam rollers, all of these supplemented by a good curling wand can help you get that sensuous curly look you want!

Curling Iron Length

Depending on the kind of curls you want to get, a curling iron with lengths 1-inch to 2-inch may be used.

Bantu Knots for Curls

Bantu knots are a great way to get your desired curls if for some reason you cannot or do not want to use a curling iron wand.

Pin Curls

Pin curls with bobby pins or clips can be used to make curls on short hair.

How to Keep Your Short Hair Healthy and Smooth?

How to Keep Your Short Hair Healthy and Smooth?

Although the short hairdo is the choice of hairstylists of contemporary times, healthy hair can totally change the outlook of your hairstyles. Read on to know how to keep your hair healthy and smooth.

  • Refrain from using a myriad of hair health products. Instead, consult a doctor and know the type of your hair before embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and getting advice from hacks.
  • Don’t shampoo your hair more than twice every week. Shampooing daily or frequently can sap your hair of its essential moisture and render your hair strands damaged. Always condition your hair after shampooing. If you have to shampoo daily, then use a very mild shampoo.
  • Hair quality depends heavily on the type of diet that you are following. So, load up on protein and iron-rich foods such as saltwater fish, chicken eggs, beans, lean meats, and leafy greens like spinach and broccoli.
  • Direct sunlight exposure can harm your hair due to the ultraviolet spectrum. So, cover your hair using a hat or a scarf.
  • Before shampooing, apply coconut oil to your hair and see the magic later. We often forget that oil is a natural conditioner for hair.
  • After your shower, avoid brushing if you have short hair since the hair strands will be prone to breakage on a short hairstyle. Use a comb with wide teeth to further safeguard your hair.

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