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Top 20 Best Graphic Design School In The World

Being a graphic designer is one way of putting your creative mind to good use. There are so many places that talent can take you and particularly graphic design. We live in a world where communication keeps evolving and becoming better. Being able to make sense of circumstances, places, and provided information using visuals is the best thing ever. Visuals are the most effective ways of communication.As one looks forward to being a graphic design student, then they can be sure that they will be playing an important role in the communication you’ll need to know which Graphic Design School you should go.

Graphic design has so much to offer to society, and it is advantageous to be the one offering this service. As you go through this list of top twenty best graphic design school in the world, you can trust that they are tested and proven. We have top professionals in the field to prove us right. This means that the chances that you will also be among them are very high.

Top 20 Best Graphic Design School In The World

20. Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

The graphic design program offered here is extensive and comprehensive when it comes to equipping students with graphic design skills. The curriculum places a lot of emphasis on research skills, crafts, concept development, and more. It offers the students a lot of chances to be involved in the designing of narratives that are relevant and develop them. It teaches principles of design, theories, applications, practice, and also history.

19. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Abu Dhabi

This institution purposes to raise professionals who can interpret information in great depth as deliver visual correspondence with excellence. Over the years, it has managed to do so, and it still does. Graduates from this institution are capable of doing information graphics assignments, typography, editorial assignments, advertising, logo building, branding, and so much more.

The faculty is made up of people that are practicing artists exposed to the world. These designers help raise a generation of free-thinkers that are critical and creative.

18. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts

This institution teaches students how to put together color, imagery, texture, composition, typography, and shape to create an art piece. All these work together to help in communication design. Students get exposure to great learning environments that inspire them and be the best.

The robust learning environment helps them to master branding, print design, dynamic media and information design. All these work to ensure that students are all rounded. The students are encouraged to be solution providers in designing, communication, and other areas.

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17. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This institution produces a generation of people who are capable of generating the most powerful communication tools using visuals means. This course is under a Bachelor of Design in Communication. The students are trained to provide communications that are educative, informative, interactive, and delightful.

With their knowledge in communication design, they can create connections between the people, their environments, and product. The students also learn to communicate through kinetic typography, mobile apps, signs, posters, multimedia content, and so on.

16. Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Temple University is a renowned institution that has raised dependable and skilled individuals who are dependable in society. The school introduces graphic design to students in a conceptualizing manner while incorporating the visual aspect of it. The students are trained in solving problems about visuals thereby enhancing communication.

There are many pre-requisites for one to take this course and they are all aimed at helping the individuals prepare. The learning environment is robust, and students get the best out of it.

15. Minin University

Minin University

Minin University is an esteemed university in Russia. Over the years it has produced able professionals in graphic design, and it still does. With their excellent learning environment and their learning modules, they have nurtured the student’s talents.

The institution also offers practice and design projects that shape the skills of the students. Students learn about book design, industrial graphics and packaging, logos and typefaces, advertising, and branding, among others. The students penetrate the graphic design industry and they thrive.

14. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California

In this institution, students receive teachings on the value of imparting life to words and images. This institution believes that graphic design is more than just art for commercial purposes. It is an art that has become essential when it comes to communication in the whole world.

Students are taught to communicate an experience from all kinds of contexts. Students are involved in a lot of experimental processes that make them competent in numerous areas. These areas are 3D motion graphics, branding, Packaging, and so on. The robust learning facilities are an added advantage.

13. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

This is a school of Arts that has an excellent academic record and academic achievements. It focuses on building students with knowledge and skills. This way, they can actively define their roles in the designing world. The robust learning environment and facilities offer an excellent working environment.

This opens the minds of the students to be independent and creative thinkers. The students are taught courses that cover identity, web design, packaging, typography, among others. The interdisciplinary model of teaching provides students with enough knowledge to make them a success.

12. Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida

Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida

Ringling College of Arts and Design primarily focuses on giving the students a deeper understanding of processes about design. The knowledge gained is applicable when it comes to creating media content that is two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and screen-based.

Once you enroll, you will be taught how to build design concepts, arrange compositions, and carry out the interface design. This institution emphasizes teaching branding, packaging, and interactive design. It offers an environment where students can interact with other professionals to realize their goals.

11. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

The graphic design program that is offered in this institution puts a lot of emphasis on imparting the students with conceptual and practical skills. Students get exposure to an environment that builds their creative skills and exposes them to possibilities.

The diverse knowledge they get helps them in web and interface design, branding, motion graphics, identity, and type design, among others. The learning modules include debates and discussions, design studios, lab sessions, and the likes. The sessions are engaging and collaborative.

10. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia

A Savannah College of arts and design is an institution that targets to raise individuals that will solve graphic design problems. There are a lot of aspects taught at this school. They include entrepreneurship, product design, mobile technology, interface design, and more.

As an institution, their portfolio is exquisite and inspiring. It strives to make their students as fluent as possible when it comes to today’s visual language. The school also exposes the students to real-life experiences, and they get a chance to work with the ‘big-names’ in the industry.

9. Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University

This university is the people’s choice in Turkey because of its exceptional record of the success story. Students learn how to communicate using visual to convey relevant information to a target audience. The institution encourages students to approach problems with a contemporary perception and use the numerous technologies made available to solve them.

They take part in projects and studio works that further sharpen their skills. The learning processes revolve around computer graphics, communication design, and presentation. All these help build a wholesome individual.

8. Media Design School

Media Design School

The Media Design School places its focus on teaching students how to be effective communicators. The aspect of communication here is concerning visuals like texts and images, and forms. Out of these three, one can make meaningful interactions.

The course also helps students create their portfolio that assists them to have a landing ground when they are out of school. The designs that one has, they will develop and document them.

7. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Pratt Institute will always train their students to effective visual communicators. As an institution, it focuses on using illustration, advertising, and graphic design to come up with communication design. Students are encouraged to be creative, innovative, and elegant.

This way, they can come up with cutting-edge graphic designs that stand the test of time. Through graphic design, the students come up with artifacts, design systems, and ideas that are impactful.

6. Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy

The location of Pearl Academy is in Mumbai India. It is one of the leading institutions offering graphic design. The academy focuses on teaching students how to work with texts and imagery. This helps them to take advantage of the media platforms, media-type, and print publications offered.

We are living in a world where graphic design is becoming part and parcel of life. It is therefore of great importance that people learn how to comprehend and communicate effectively using visuals. The academy employs many teaching techniques that are student-oriented.

5. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University is very popular, and people know it for all the right reasons. One of the good reasons is an excellent graphic design course offers. This university focuses on raising students who are independent and dependable. There is a robust learning facility, but students are required to have their computers.

This is to help them do with their studio work. Students are allocated workspaces in every place where learning takes place. The institution takes teaching practices very seriously, and that is why the institution produces world-class professionals in graphic design.

4. School of Visual Arts New York

This school is well known for faculty that has many Hall of Fame Laureates (8). It also offers the students a lot of studio courses that they can choose from. The students that take graphic design have the ability to choose from a wide range of majors depending on their strengths. These majors include information graphics, package design, publication design, CD packaging, and more. It all depends on one’s strengths.

3. Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

This institution aims to transform their students into visionaries. These skills also help them to be able to communicate effectively using form and shape. This way, they learn how to use art as their voice and become independent artists. The primary focus of the institution is more publishing spectrum.

2. Parsons School of Design at the New School, New York

Communication design students at Parson School of Design enjoy a robust learning environment. They take part in numerous engaging projects. As a school, it focuses on teaching students about type design, web product design, advertising branding, editorial design, motion graphics, and more. All this knowledge acquired creates a wholesome individual ready for the real working environment.

1. Rhodes Island School of Design, Providence, Rhodes Island

Visual communication is continually changing. This institution helps students keep track of these changes by teaching them with the latest technologies. Students learn about grids, typography, imagery, systems and more. The university also teaches the creation of books, websites, logos, apps, posters, and the likes.

Top graphic designers are also graduates of this university. As they thrive in their works, we can see that the institution is indeed the best. The learning and teaching environments are robust as well as the facilities. There is zero chance of failure.

Graphic design is becoming a culture in today’s world, and no one can deny that. Therefore, it is vital that all upcoming graphic designers invest in the best institutions.  Therefore, these are the top twenty best institutions one can look into with an assurance that they will be glad.

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