Top 10 Best Glass Break Detectors in 2020

Having security in your home is the first priority you will put over all other things. However, thieves with the increased technology can now get into your house without getting noticed. With this, they might use some devices in breaking your window glasses and hence get access to your house without struggling.

Nevertheless, with glass break detectors, you will be sure to notice any breakage of glass as the glass break detectors are sensors which are essential in detecting any shattering or breakage occurring in the window pane. This, as a result, will be one of the best ways among other security measures in securing your home from intruders. On the breakage of the glass, the sensor then triggers the alarm hence notifying you.

Not only this but the modern glass break detectors also feature advanced functions of sending you a message or a call to your phone hence alerting you of the safety measure to take before they can have the access of your house. With considering several factors, the following will be the top 10 best glass break detectors.

Top 10 Best Glass Break Detectors in 2020

Glass Break Detectors Reviews | Notice any Breakage of Glass

10. Interlogix Acoustic Glassbreak DetectorInterlogix Acoustic Glassbreak Detector, Round (5812-RND)

To begin with, the INterlogic Acoustic Glass Break detector comes in the 10th position of our list. It is 25% better false alarm immunity in comparison to other industry leaders. Furthermore, it has a coverage pattern of 360 degrees with a maximum radius of 25′ where the sensor is placed from the glass.

Its design incorporates the use of the pattern recognition technology which also listens for the actual patterns of the breaking glass. You can be sure to have the best and the working of this detector by clapping your hands to check its operation.

  • Glass breaking detection within a radius of 25′
  • Identifies the broken glass’ unique sound through the pattern-recognition technology
  • It is tamper resistant with being held securely to the wall through the use of screw which connects it to the wall

9. Digital Security Controls DSC AC-100 AC100 Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector

Digital Security Controls DSC AC-100 AC100 Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector

Being one of the best from our choices, you are sure to receive the best experience from this amazing glass break detector. It features a LED light for identification of several features such as the user location, and the battery level. In addition to this, its vibrations sensors which avoid false vibrations with the inbuilt technology.

The design of this glass break detector is through its inbuilt sound alarm technology which provides an alert in the house through a sound alarm. Furthermore, the sound from the alarm is very high such that it can also give communication to your neighbors easily.

  • Contains a LED light for indicating battery level and user location
  • Features a vibration sensor which differentiates different vibrations
  • Uses an inbuilt sound alarm technology to alert any breakage

8. Interlogix Solution 2000 Glassbreak Detector 

Interlogix Solution 2000 Glassbreak Detector (2000)

Interlogix Solution glass break detector is an amazing detector guaranteeing you of having the best security against having entry by intruders through breaking the glass. It uses the 3×3 technology which enables this detector to sense enough data from using 3 different frequency ranges.

Furthermore, it features a low profile design which one cannot easily notice. Lastly, it has a detection range of up to 20′ which will be suitable for any commercial or residential property use.

  • Features a detection range of 20′
  • Contains a LED light indicator
  • Detection is done on all types of glass

7. SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector Alarm 

SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector Alarm with Security Warning Decal - DIY EASY Installation

SABRE Wireless glass break detector is not only attractive but it also one of the best-preferred glass break detectors by most customers. This is from its superior features which are essential for the optimal protection of your home from any intruders. Furthermore, it contains an extra level of security through updating the status of the batter with the low battery test button.

Its design contains sensors which are inbuilt with extra sensitivity hence preventing false alarms. This, therefore, makes it be the perfect choice for the patios, windows and sliding doors as well.

  • Contains a detection area of a radius of 300′
  • Preset microphone sensitivity setting included for detection
  • Low battery alert signals to remind you of changing the batteries

6. Fortress Security Store (TM) Glass Break Sensor 

Fortress Security Store (TM) Glass Break Sensor for Fortress Alarm Home Security Systems

FORTRESS glass break detector will be the perfect detector you will use if you are worried of any intruder breaking your window panes so as to gain access to your house. On the detection of breaking of the glass through the use of the glass sensor linked with the S02/GSM control panel, you will get a notification either through a phone call or an SMS.

The design of this glass break detector ensures that it avoids any instances of the false breaking system. Furthermore, whereas some of the traditional sensors where there is a security breach when glass breaks without being a forced open window, then the contact sensors might not sense. However, this glass break detector assures you of the best from such kind of instances.

  • Contains a wireless alert system that is very intelligent
  • Uses several frequencies in detecting glass breakage
  • Compatible with the GSM alarms and home alert systems

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5. Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Dual Flex-Guard Audio Glass-Break Detector

Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Dual Flex-Guard Audio Glass-Break Detector

The Honeywell Intellisense glass break detector will give you an amazing security experience in your personal as well as in your commercial property. With it, you will be able to monitor any intruder aiming to have access of your property through breaking the window panes. This is through its inbuilt alarm.

Furthermore, it features a dual flex and audio technology which is responsible for the detection of shattering and any initial impact at a range of a radius of 30′. Lastly, you will also have the ability to have the glass break detection of several different types of glass.

  • Glass break detection is done within a range of a radius of 30′
  • Identifies the unique sound of broken glass through the dual flex and audio technology
  • Prevents false alarms through signal filtering



It is the perfect time to have a glass break detector which will not only assist you in monitoring your home but will also act as a security measure among many other security measures you have installed in your home. First, it is essential to note that it utilizes microprocessor-based sound analysis technology.

In addition to this, the SAT technology used is used in detecting glass breakage of any type of glass. Lastly, it mounts flush on walls as well as on ceilings through the use of the rectangular exposure. In harsh environments, it will alert the installer on false alarms.

  • Uses DC power source
  • Weighs 4.2 oz only
  • Used for both commercial as well as home properties

3. Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector, White (5150W)

Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector, White (5150W)

Get to be notified on any intruders in your property through the use of the Interlogix glass break detector. It is white in color hence matching with your wall for the home décor. Furthermore, this detector is suitable for detecting different types of glass breaks without having any adjustments.

Its design also ensures that it has an excellent immunity on any false alarm hence providing you with a 24-hour loop protection. Lastly, it will provide detection for a radius of up to 10 ft

  • Provides you with 24-hour protection
  • High immunity to false alarm detection
  • Covers a range of up to 10′

2. DOBERMAN SECURITY Ultra-Slim Window Alarm 

DOBERMAN SECURITY Ultra-Slim Window Alarm with Loud 100dB Alarm and Vibration Sensors – Modern & Ultra-Thin Design Compatible with Virtually Any Window – Perfect for Home, Office, Dorm Room or Even RVs – Model SE-0106

The second best glass break detector is the Doberman Security glass break detector. It features 3 button cell batteries which are not only unique, but they are also highly durable. Not only this, but this detector will be very easy to install with no tools required. As a matter of fact, all that you need is to simply peel and stick it to your best-preferred position.

This detector additionally features a unique as well as an ultra-slim design hence making it perfect for use on your office, home, dorm room, garage, or even an RV. Furthermore, it features the vibration trigger technology with the inbuilt vibration sensor which will remain on despite the changes in weather with the elimination of false alarms.

  • Features control switches with the ON/OFF control element
  • The compatible sensor which you can use in different places such as offices, home, garages, among other areas
  • Provides an alarm sound of about 100db on detection of breakage

1. Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector

Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector

On top of the list is the Honeywell glass break detector. This is an amazing detector which is not only suitable for the best security measures. But also provides you with a long-lasting service. This is from its high battery life which is 10 years which are also easily replaceable.

The design of this glass break detector incorporates the use of 4 selectable sensitivity settings which include lowest, low, medium and max. Furthermore, you can activate the test mode remotely through the use of the FG-701 tester. Lastly, it senses sound from a variety of glass.

  • Features 4 sensitivity settings which are selectable
  • Usually sense variety of glass sound
  • It is of sleek design with back and front case tamper

In conclusion, with the increase in threats on security, there is need to have security measures to curb this increase. Improved technology has played a great part in this whereby robbers have devised new ways to get access to a house. This is through intelligently breaking the window panes after which they can now get in. Nevertheless, with the top 10 best glass break detectors, you will have the ability to notice any unexpected breakages hence monitoring your home. Coming up with the above list involved several factors put into consideration to ensure the best is attained.


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