Best Egg Chairs in 2020

Have you been looking forward to have unique chairs which fit with the décor of your home? Well, egg chairs as its name suggests, are one of the unique chairs you will find in the market. First, you get the uniqueness from the shape of these chairs which is usually in the shape of an egg.

Secondly, these chairs also very attractive and they are likely to draw the attention of every visitor who comes to your home. Don’t hesitate to have them complement your home décor as they not only give you a unique design to use but they also can be used both for outdoor as well as indoor where needed.

However, from the market, you will get a variety of different egg chairs which have many differences. Some of the major differences include material used, size, quality, price as well as many other factors which differ. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry as we have you covered through our top 10 best egg chairs you will find in the market today as follows.

Best Egg Chairs in 2020

Egg Chairs Reviews | Uniqueness From the Shape

7. ART TO REAL Egg Shaped Hanging Swing Chair with C Stand

ART TO REAL Egg Shaped Hanging Swing Chair with C Stand, Outdoor Patio Porch Hanging Swing with Cushions, Egg-Shaped Hammock Swing Chair Single Seat (Orange)

First and far most, let’s commence with the Art to Real Egg chair which comes in the 10th position from our picks. Well, this is an amazing egg chair which will be perfect for use on your garden, patio, backyard, or even on your balcony has it is not only an egg chair but also a perfect hanging chair.

Furthermore, this egg chair features a fashion new design which makes it perfect for use in different areas with its uniqueness. Lastly, it can be used on outdoor or indoor uses following its UV/water resistant cushions made from waterproof zippered cushion cover together with a soft sponge.

  • Can hold a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs
  • The cushions thickness is 3.15” which is perfect for full comfort
  • Highly durable yet of a lightweight at the same time due to the powder-coated metal frame


6. Egg Chair in Wool 

Egg Chair in Wool (Red)

This is another classic egg chair which is not only comfortable, but it also provides a unique and stylish form in your home décor. Made from 100% wool, you are sure to get full comfort from its use.

Furthermore, this egg chair features a lightweight design through the aluminum base which is very strong but on the other side, making it be of a lightweight. Lastly, it contains swivels together with a tilt lock through which you can make movements while controlling them.

  • Measures 43” by 34” by 31” with a height of 17.5”
  • Features swivel for smooth movements
  • Lastly, it contains a tilt lock to avoid accidental movements

5. Christopher Knight Home 239197 

Christopher Knight Home 239197 | Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair | in Brown

The Christopher Knight Home egg chair is another one of the best quality egg chairs which you cannot afford to miss in your home décor. It is not only an egg chair, but it is also an amazing hanging chair which you can use on your patio, backyard, sunroom, deck or garden. This is enhanced by its UV and weather resistant making it suitable for use on indoor or outdoor seating.

Moreover, it has an intricate design through which it is created from a teardrop hanging chair together with iron and wicker to give it the elegant and modern look. Lastly, the materials used assures you of a long-lasting service regardless of where you use this chair as they are of high quality.

  • Wicker chair measures 23.25” by 37” by 50.5” while the iron frame measures 37.5” by 37.5” by 77.75”
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Features removable and washable cushions for freshness and comfort

4. Flash Furniture Egg Series White Leather Side Reception Chair

Flash Furniture Egg Series White Leather Side Reception Chair

This egg chair can only be described as just a piece of art. This is so due to its attractiveness which it contains which will be suitable for use in any office or lounge area. In addition to this, it gives you full comfort through tits arms which are of a curved wing side making it precise and very unique.

Furthermore, it contains a contemporary design with a lumbar pillow which enhances increased comfort. Lastly, it has a large base to support an adults weight through which it has a base diameter of 21.5”.

  • Contains a pillow size of 12” – 13”W by 8” – 10”H by 2” Thick
  • The base diameter is 21.5”
  • Features integrated curved arms for extra comfort

3. Urban9-5 Aviator Swivel Chair, Brown

Urban9-5 Aviator Swivel Chair, Brown

The Urban egg chair is another one of the best choices you will have for the egg chairs to use. Its unique seating will be perfect for use in your office or at home as well. It features a swivel function which enhances the play of this egg chair.

Furthermore, it contains a design of a bucket style seat which is covered beautifully through the rich brown poly-leather upholstery which not only makes it be attractive but also makes it be very attractive. The color of this egg chair will match most home decors.

  • Contains a seat height of 17”
  • Has a pedestal as well as an aviator riveted base
  • Features a swivel function

2. Flower House FHEC100-RD Egg Chair

Flower House FHEC100-RD Egg Chair, Red

On the second point of our ten best picks is the flower house egg chair. This is an amazing egg chair that will be suitable for use on your leisure time from your garden as well as from your home. In addition to this, it will also complement the décor of your home making it look more attractive.

This egg chair contains a hanging design which makes it be more comfortable for full relaxation. Furthermore, it is also weather resistant hence making it suitable for outdoor use as it will not get destroyed.

  • First, it has a roomy design which is necessary for perfect comfort
  • Has a 66” height which is essential for accommodating different users
  • Weather resistant making it durable and easy to maintain

1. Kardiel Egg-Purple Amoeba Chair 

Kardiel Egg-Purple Amoeba Chair & Ottoman Boucle Cashmere Wool

The topmost pick from our selections is the Kardiel egg chair. First, it is an attractive egg chair which will be perfect for use on complementing your home décor especially if you are looking forth to have a beautiful home. Secondly, it has a high-density foam which ensures that it provides maximum comfort through its use.

Its design of smooth contour cold pressed foam body provides extra comfort to the users as it matches with the body shape. Lastly, this egg chair features high-quality materials used in making it hence ensuring that it provides long-lasting service. This includes the aluminum base used with a satin finish that is flake resistant.

  • Contains a 360-degree swivel function
  • Made with boucle fabric which contains 35% Cashmere as well as 65% Poly/Dacron material
  • Highly quality aluminum base which is strong and highly durable as well

In conclusion, we hope that our above top 10 best egg chairs picks provide you with the best selection of the egg chair you need. You can trust the picks and will be sure to have the best. In addition to this, we highly recommend the purchase of our top selection which is Kardiel Egg-Purple egg chair though not discrediting the other egg chairs. Get the best that suits your needs where you are not comfortable with it, and you will be sure to have the best.


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