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dish drying mat

If people describe their cooking experience as wonderful without an incredible Dish Drying Mat in their kitchens, chances are that is not true. To make the best of cooking or the best experience in the kitchen consists of many aspects and having a high-quality Dish Drying Mat is one of them.

You can always tell when a kitchen is every chef’s dreams or a disaster place where nobody would want to see. The thing is that you can make your own kitchen become every chef’s dreams kitchen. So this means that your kitchen should feature-complete cooking tools especially one stunning Dish Drying Mat.

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In the market today, a variety of new designs with high-quality Dish Drying Mat is booming like grenades. There are just so many brands out there trying to boost the number of their sales. So, if you are struggling to decide whether to buy a Dish Drying Mat that you saw last week or the one you saw the following day, let’s jump straight into the review that we bring to you today.

Top 15 Best Dish Drying Mat in 2020

15. SINLAND Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

SINLAND Microfiber Dish Drying Mat 

Here we have a perfect solution to help replace your dishtowels on the sink when washing dishes. The dish mat holds up to four times its weight on the thin layer of foam. The foams placed between two absorbent microfiber layers to help absorb water. On the other hand, you can wring out the water for fast drying and fold it up for storage.

These dish cushions are ideal for stemware and other delicate dishes. The set consists of two drying mats available in a wide selection of colors as well to fit in with your current décor. These are perfect to use in the office kitchen, home kitchen, or at your bar.

14. OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat

OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat

Preview Product Rating Price
OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat No ratings yet $15.98

Let’s introduce you to one of the most famous silicon Dish Drying Mat. The gray color of this refines dish drying rack fits your kitchen perfectly. It will project the cleanliness and helps dry out your kitchen tools pretty quick. It is purely designed for the purpose of maximizing drainage as well as aeration. Moreover, the other special thing about this drying mat is that it is designed to fit large items. You can thoroughly dry large items as big as your 12’’ frying pans, pots, platters, salad bowls and any big things in your kitchen that are in need of drying after cleaning.

Despite being easy to use, this mat is really easy to clean. The surface though is soft and of course, it is non-slip. With this surface, your delicate items such as stemware will be well protected.

13. HOMEFFICIENT Silicone Dish Drying Mat

HOMEFFICIENT Silicone Dish Drying Mat

For versatility, nothing compares to these silicone-drying mats from HOMEFFICIENT. You can use it to dry your dinnerware by leaving it standing on this mat. You can even leave your cast iron pots on it. With the kitchen drain mat, you can use to hold hot pans to protects the countertop.

On the other hand, you can leave open jars on them to prevent spills when filling them. When not used, you can roll them up for storage and can stand heat up to 450-degree F. You get the drying mat with two silicone trivets and a sink organizer as well.

12. STS 497401 Dish Drying Mat

STS 497401 Dish Drying Mat, White Trellis

Preview Product Rating Price
Rubie's 497401 Dish Drying Mat, White Trellis Rubie's 497401 Dish Drying Mat, White Trellis No ratings yet $7.79

Here we go with another incredible product of your favorite brand S&T. We can all agree on one thing that the S&T products are incredible. We are now bringing you the bestselling Dish Drying Mat in the market today that is made by the S&T.

It comes in so many colors for you to choose. You can choose anything from bright red to dark blue and you can also choose the patterns. There are so many choices of patterns that you can get your hands on.

The ability of this dying mat though is undeniable. It absorbs water in such a speedy pace that will satisfy the owner. Moreover, it is reversible. You can simply flip it over so you can go another long round with this incredible tool.

11. Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Norpro is everyone’s choice when it comes to Dish Drying Mat. This mat is the choice of all chefs or anyone who loves their way in the kitchen. It is to be said that this guy fits every table as well as lifting it to the next level of beauty.

You can put everything on it from your pans to your glassware. You can simply not doubt its ability to absorb water that spill on it because it is so freaking fast.

The microfiber layers make this drying rack durable and extremely absorbent. Furthermore, the appearance of it is so elegant that will fit your table perfectly.

Whenever you’re done using it, just hang it up or you can just fold it so it can be easily stored in the drawer.

10. S&T Baby Bottle Drying Mat

S&T Baby Bottle Drying Mat

S&T baby bottle drying mat is not just for drying kid’s bottle, but it’s perfect for a wedding gift, housewarming, parties, and welcome up present or any other occasion. The best thing with our amazing drying mat is that is machine washable unlike other ordinary mats. You only need to toss it in your washer when it’s time for a refresh.

This is a durable and high-quality drying mat that is made with a classic quality microfiber and cushioning foam absorb dishwater quickly and effectively, so counters tops stay dry and your dishes stay clean and safe. The dish drying mat dries up quickly, so as soon as your dishes or cookware are finished drying, it can be folded up and stored in your drawer.

  • Both sides of the bottle drying mat is crafted with durable microfiber; thus you will have two sides to use for drying.
  • It measures 9.1 by 5.4 by 1.6 inches.

9. AmazonBasics Drying Rack with Mat

AmazonBasics Drying Rack with Mat

For convenience, the AmazonBasics drying rack with mat is necessary to have in any kitchen. The cloth has an absorbent design while the trays made of plastic for placing dishes on to leave to dry. The drying rack holds up to seven plates, and the mat has a polyester design to dry fast. The dish mats machine washable and fold up for storage with an elastic band offering you convenience when needed the most.

  • A space-saving plastic drying rack that holds up to seven plates, boards, lids
  • You get a polyester mat made with polyester for quick drying
  • The cloth has a non-slip double-sided design
  • The drying mat has elastic closure for storage and machine washable

Small and lightweight

Does not take up loads of space


Does not hold a lot of dishes

8. Norpro 16 by 18-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Norpro 16 by 18-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

This is another amazing and high-class drying mat that is very cheap as compared to similar types of the mat in the market. Besides, it is a product of Bellemain company; thus you are guaranteed of getting drying mat worth your money. Our drying mat is 405% bigger than the ordinary thus you can easily hold while drying your utensils.

When it comes to its design, it has a robust design for easy handling while drying both large and small items. It is an innovative honeycomb microfiber structure that enhances absorption and quickens drying times. Our modern mat protects your counter from scuffs and scratches while keeping your most prized glassware safe and sound.

  • It is very easy to store as you only need to fold up and types in a drawer or tuck
  • This is a medium size drying mat measuring 24 by 18 by 0.2 inches

7. Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Envision home microfiber dish drying mat is one of the great high quality and durable mats that you can find in the current market. This is not just for home purpose, but also for other areas like welding, parties, and other occasions. Our mat is large in enough to absorb up to 4 times its weight in water and radiates moisture from the point of origin to keep your items dry and clean.

When it comes to its design, we can’t afford to negotiate on that has it has an ergonomic and visually appealing design. With this drying mat, you will protect your counter from scuffs and scratches when placed under small appliance like blender and mixer.

  • Highly durable and machine washable in cold water with liquid detergent.
  • It measures 16 by 18 by 0.2 inches and weighs 5 ounces

6. DRYMATE Dish Drying Mat XL Size

DRYMATE Dish Drying Mat XL Size

  • Drying mat has waterproof backing with slip-resistant design
  • Ultrathin design for air drying and using on delicate stemware
  • Universal 19” x 24” fit you can cut with scissors as it does not fray
  • Machine washable

The DRYMATE is easy to use a dish-drying mat with extra-large design. The fabric absorbs more liquid to wick moisture away. Furthermore, it comes with a waterproof backing to prevent damage to the surface below. You can use it for air drying, staining surfaces, or drying delicate stemware at the same time. On the other hand, you can buy the mat in different sizes or use a scissor to cut the drying mat into a shape you prefer.

5. ZLR Silicone Dish Drying Mat Easy Clean Dishwasher

ZLR Silicone Dish Drying Mat Easy Clean Dishwasher

ZLR silicone dish drying mat is very easy to clean up, and the best thing is that it a waterproof thus it can last for many years. You can place it in the dishwasher or wipe off spills and water to clean. In addition of being easy to clean and of high quality, this dish drying mat it also doubles as heat resistant trivet for your table and countertop which is not a common feature with majority of ordinary mats.

This mat has a stylish design with well-designed edges that makes it easy to fold and store when not in use. Our modern drying mat is of high quality and its very light to ensure that you dry up your items easily and effortlessly.

  • It is made up of soft, pliable material for easy rolling.
  • Features BPA free, eco-friendly, leaving your items safe and secure from dust and water.

4. mDesign Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

mDesign Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Now, if you need premium support, these microfiber cushioned drying mats are what you need. The mats have a three-ply design and available in a pack of two.

You get a quick dry with the mesh side while the other side of terry fabric absorbs the water fast. You can use the drying mat alone or pair it with a dish drying rack.

Furthermore, it presents you with compact storage, as the fabric is soft and folds up easily. The material is 100% polyester mesh found on the one side. The other side has a terry cloth design and machine washable as well. Each cloth measures 18” x 16”.

  • Three-ply design with a cushioned surface
  • Mesh side to reduce condensation and increase airflow
  • Folds up for storage and available in a set of two

Thin and effective

Mesh top works well to absorb moisture


Does not work as efficiently as a drying rack

3. All-Clad Textiles Reversible Fast-Drying Mat

All-Clad Textiles Reversible Fast-Drying Mat

All clad Textiles is another amazing and high-quality drying mat that is very cheap but durable as compared to similar types in the current market. This drying mat is imported to different place thus you can easily order for it. This is a high performing drying mat that absorbs excess water and keeps countertops dry and clean. In addition, this is a machine washable thus it’s very easy to keep it clean..

Our drying mat is made of high quality and durable polyester/polyamide material. The unique thing with our amazing drying at is that it comes with multiple folding options to fit small to large countertops spaces and making it easy to store.

  • This type of modern, high-quality drying mat comes in 6 different colors perfect for any household.
  • It is equipped with plush microfiber on both sides

2. Silicone Dish Drying Mat – 21 x 18

Silicone Dish Drying Mat - 21 x 18

Silicone dish drying mat has a wide, raised ridge for ventilation that allows dishes water to evaporate quickly thus making the dishes to dry up faster. The best thing with our drying mat is that its machine washable thus making it easy to clean up. The mat is large enough; thus no need to have several mats in your kitchen.

When it comes to its design, we can’t afford to negotiate on that as it has a stylish and elegant design. This drying mat is made with a durable silicone which is very easy to clean. This drying mat is capable of handling high temperatures; thus it can be used as heat resistant.

  • The soft silicone material used in making this mat is very easy to roll thus making it easy to store
  • It will easily fit tight spaces like kitchen drawers, campers as well as small cabinets.

1. Teaberry Black Mat 18″ x 12″ Rubber Bar

Teaberry Black Mat 18" x 12" Rubber Bar

  • Made from non-toxic, durable rubber.
  • It has a dimension of 8 by 3 by 0.3 inches.

This Tebery back rubber drying mat is made of non-slip rubber that helps to prevent excess spillage and damaging glasses. Our drying mat is available in black color that assists in coordinating with any décor which is not a common feature with most of the ordinary drying mat.

This is high quality and durable black mat that come into 2 packs. Our mat is of medium size making it easy to hold while drying your dishes. The soft material used in making this fantastic mat makes it easy to clean as its machine washable.

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What are the benefits of having dish drying mats in your kitchen?

dish drying mats

A dish drying mat will leave your kitchen looking and feeling different. It is an efficient alternative to the conventional bulky drying racks. Buy a drying mat to enjoy some of these benefits.

  • Improve the hygiene of your kitchen. Dish drying mats will soak up every bit of water in, and on your dishes. Such water would otherwise spill all over the place.
  • Save space in the kitchen. Unlike traditional drying racks, these mats take little space.
  • Efficiency- A quality dish drying mat soaks up the water of up to four times its weight. They are simply efficient in their job.
  • Helps you get rid of the many drying towels in your kitchen.
  • Additional uses- Dish drying mats are also useful in soaking water from wet fruits and vegetables. Some people find them perfect for drying shoes. Use them when filling your water bottle to avoid spillages.
  • Dish drying mats are easy to clean. They only need cleaning to maintain. Use a washing machine to clean it effectively.
  • They provide cushioning for your sink and dishes, keeping them free from chips and scratches.
  • Dish drying mats have a fantastic design, and finding the appropriate one adds some extra elegance to your kitchen

How do dish drying mats work?

Dish drying mats are pretty effective in soaking up the water residuals from clean dishes. Most people prefer to have them on the sinks, and then place the utensils on it. Some people place the mat onto the dish basket, where any remaining water gets soaked. Placing it underneath a utensil rack is also an alternative.

Regardless of the method, a dish drying mat in good condition will always ensure that residual water does not spill on the floor. They normally have an absorbent layer of foam between two layers of micro-fibre. The porous microfiber mesh draws water away from your dishes in a short duration.

The water is absorbed and locks it into the foam core. Dish drying mats also work well with fruits and vegetables. The foam additionally provides cushioning for a sink, glasses, and other kitchenware against scratches and breakage.

It is clear why you see many people opt for dish drying mats as opposed to the traditional racks. They are effective and will save you a lot of space.

How to remove moulds off of the dish drying mat?

dish drying mat

As effective as dish drying mats, they are prone to the build-up of mould, which stinks, and is unhygienic. Do not leave soaked mats on the floor to reduce mildew. Ensure to clean it regularly to maintain their quality, and for your health. It is important to note that not all dish drying mats are washable. Check yours before cleaning. Follow the procedure below for effective cleaning.

  • Remove any loose debris, and residuals by rinsing thoroughly in warm water.
  • Place the dish drying mat in a washing machine. Use a gentle cycle setting and, warm or hot setting for water temperature. It should be enough to kill any existing mould, bacteria, and mildew.
  • Use laundry detergent and a cup of white vinegar to clean and sanitize. Large mats make loud noises during washing, and also risk off-balancing the washing machine. Wash them with several towels will ensure cleaning is seamless.
  • For hand-wash, use a bucket of water and a handful of detergent. Scrub the bath mat using a brush on the front and back. Use vinegar to clean any persistent mould.
  • Hang the dish drying mat in the laundry, on the clothesline, or place in the dryer. Ensure it does not get direct sunlight exposure to avoid cracking, discolouration, and peeling.

What are the best ways to clean dish drying mats?

You must keep your dish dryer mat clean all the time. Experts recommend that you clean them as often as weekly. A clean mat will leave your kitchen with some extra freshness and elegance. It also keeps it in health, which will serve you longer. Ensure always to remove any loose debris, and residuals by rinsing thoroughly in warm water before cleaning the dish drying mat. Be sure also to check the packaging. Some mats are not washable.

  • Machine washing is always the best option. Use a gentle cycle setting and, warm or hot setting for the water temperature to kill any existing mould, bacteria, and mildew. Remember to use laundry detergent and a cup of white vinegar to clean and sanitize. Washing with a few towels helps eliminate loud noises during washing, and you also risk off-balancing the washing machine.
  • A bucket of water and detergent is used for hand wash. Scrub the bath mat using a brush on both sides, and use vinegar to clean any persistent mould, mildew, and dirt.
  • During the hanging, always put the drying mat away from direct sunlight. It affects its quality.

Can You Wash Dish Drying Mats?

Wash Dish Drying Mats

Generally, an average dish drying mat can absorb up to four times its weight of water. Unless you’re allowing your dishes to carry more water than they should after washing, you can use a dish drying mat for a few days without being washed. And when absorbed water becomes excess in your mat, you can squeeze it gently, and hang it to dry. It is advisable and safe to allow dish drying mats to dry thoroughly before the next use.

There definitely would come a time when your dish saver would need a thorough cleaning. This time should be about a day or two after continues use. At this point, you may want to suspend dishwashing until your mat is cleaned and dried. Suspending dishes can be skipped if you’ve got more than one dish drying mat – and you should!

Primarily, most dish drying mats are made of machine-washable microfiber. So washing them shouldn’t be much of a problem. Simply throw them into your washing machine along with towels, and wash in cold water. You may want to use a mild cleaning liquid because laundry detergent may be too harsh for the mat. Remember it comes in regular contact with your dishes.

However, for silicone dish drying mats, you can wash it thoroughly with a clean sponge and lukewarm water. And while washing ensures that the ribs dents are correctly washed so that every bacteria hideout can be eliminated.

After washing your dish drying mats, you can tumble-dry them on low. You can also air-dry them (mainly if it is a silicone mat) under low-humidity conditions. However, you should know that air-drying a multiple-layered foam or microfiber drying mat would take a long time to achieve. The best way to dry your laundered dish drying mat is to allow it to dry in the sun. This way, you’d not only be getting all the moisture out. You’ll also be making certain bacteria do not ever get comfortable in your mat. You’ll also be destroying every prospect of foul smell from your mat when you sun-dry them.

As soon as the mat is laundered and adequately dried, you’ll want to store it in a cool, dry place. Try not to save your mat in humid or warm areas to avoid making them conducive for bacterial growth. You also do not want them to develop a bad odor, so store them properly.

Is It Safe to Dry Dishes With Paper Towels?

Absolutely. If you haven’t got all the time a dish drying mat would require, you could resort to paper towels. Provided the towels are kept and stored away from contaminated environments, they are entirely safe for dish drying.

Also, given that paper towels are used only once, there’s a very slim chance of biological contamination with them. Molds and bacteria cannot possibly spread through something that is going to end up in the trash, can they?

Besides, you do not have to bother about keeping paper towels clean and dry all the time. You just need to reach out for the bundle to get fresh and dry paper towels whenever the need arises. Provided you store paper towels in dry places, they’re suitable for use as a dish drying material.

Lastly, there is also no risk of chemical contamination with paper towels. Unless you’re going to heat them up or try to leach out their chemical composition, it is improbable to have paper towels introduce toxins on washed dishes.

But if you’re looking for the best dish drying method, the use of paper towels may not pass for one. First, they degrade the ecosystem, i.e. they are not eco-friendly, and are not considered safe for the environment. Secondly, you’ve got to be ready to spend a great deal of money to keep paper towels always available and ready for use. They may not be too costly to purchase. Still, a regular supply would mean extra cost that could as well be avoided via other dish drying methods.

Why are Cloth Dish Towels Unacceptable for Drying Dishes?

Dish Towels

If you’re looking to dry your dishes within the shortest time possible, you might want to consider towel drying them. If at the same time, you have no intentions to degrade the ecosystem or spend unwisely, then cloth towels are your best options.

Admittedly, there are different categories of cloth dish towels. And each of these categories has their various water-absorbing capacities. You should look for a cloth towel with excellent absorptive properties, and that is also easy to wash.

However, cloth dish towels are unacceptable for drying dishes because they’re basically pickup stations for germs and bacteria. Isn’t it precarious to use the same cloth towel to wipe your hands after a messy job, and still rub them on clean dishes?

Now, unless you’re dedicating a few cloth towels for dish drying alone, paper towels may as well come in handy. Plus if you’re not the only one using your kitchen, you definitely do not know where those towels have been. And you do not want to be caught massaging grime and bacteria all over your washed dishes.

So, if you must use cloth towels to dry your dishes, you can follow the guideline below to keep your towels sanitary.

Dedicate a Set of Cloth Towels for Dish Drying Alone

Since you wash your dishes to keep them clean, you’ve got to make the cleaning thorough. Avoid using your general kitchen cloth towel for dish drying purposes. Dish drying towels should be used for dish drying alone. And if you’re tempted to quickly grab them for other uses, keep them away from easy reach until it is time to do the dishes.

Never Keep Cloth Towels Wet or Crumpled Up In a Corner

When you store wet dish drying towels or leave them crumpled up, you’re only inviting bacteria to live on them. Always spread your dish drying towels in a dry place. And avoid storing them in drawers when they’re moist. As a tip, the oven handle is always the right place to dry cloth towels because of its heat. You can also hang your cloth towels by the window. This way, fresh air can also get them dried and ready for use.

Wash Your Towels before Dish Drying

For every dish drying process you carry out, a clean, fresh towel should be used. Never use the same cloth again unless it is washed and properly dried.

Boil or Sun-Dry Your Towels to Keep Odor Away

A foul odor is the one way mold and bacteria announce their presence in your cloth towels. So you want to make sure your sheets are properly sun-dried or boiled occasionally. To boil your cloth towels, place them in a pot of water, add a mild cleaning agent. Bring the content of the pot to a boil for about 10 minutes. And afterwards, you can dry with heat, and store in a cool, dry place.

Having seen the processes your cloth towels must go through to be certified safe for dish drying, mats are obviously more comfortable to deal with. And except you’re going for the latest models (that are foldable), dish racks are also not very convenient for dish drying.

Dish drying mats will save your kitchen a lot of space. Also, they won’t accidentally hit your shin, unlike drying racks. Take care of your glasses, and other kitchen utensils better than ever. The good thing about mats is they are versatile. People even use them in their balconies to dry shoes. With good care, dish drying mats will serve you for a long time. Do not mould, and mildew build up as it affects both the performance and life. The above products will exceed your expectations.

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