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Best Car Air Freshener in 2020 | Long Lasting Effect

We have all met that ‘person’ whose vehicle stinks and we never want to be them for sure. Washing your car, servicing and painting it does not quite make the inside of a vehicle smell good. The reason behind cars smelling can vary; even wasted food can give off bad smell in the vehicle and make your passenger’s journey miserable. To keep your car smelling good, you need to keep it clean first.

Cars can still stink even after cleaning because it’s a confined space. In this humid weather, keeping the windows down and turning off an air conditioner is not a great option either. Air fresheners come to the rescue in these situations. A good air freshener will keep your vehicle smelling great throughout the day. Here we have a list of the best scented and most affordable air fresheners for you to pick from.

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Top 10 Best Car Air Freshener in 2020 

Best Car Air Freshener in 2020 | Make Your Journey Everywhere More Refreshing

10. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

One of the best car air freshener in 2020. The air freshener promises long lasting effect and can eradicate any bad odor from your vehicle. An exciting feature of this is its all natural components. All it uses is simple natural ingredients – bamboo charcoal. The mechanism of this is that the charcoal absorbs all bad odors from your car and then your car smells fresh!

As the air freshener works naturally, it takes a while to absorb the smell. The air freshener comes in a pouch and you can recharge it in the sun!

9. Air Spencer Car Freshener

Air Spencer Car Freshener

Remember the strong smell of some air freshener that gives you a headache? Well, this one will make you forget about them easily. You can regulate how strong the scent in this car freshener is. The air freshener comes with detachable cassettes filled with a jelly like substance which has the scent.

The controls for regulating scent are on the main box of this air freshener. It’s a great addition to all kinds of vehicles and everyone can use it with ease.

8. RoyAroma Car Air Freshener

RoyAroma Car Air Freshener


One of the best car air freshener in 2020. This nut shaped will remind you of Ice Age. It comes with a pocket for essential oils. It is completely natural and as it uses essential oil to get rid of bad odor in your car, you can enjoy the health benefits of essential oils.

You can use whichever oil you like. The only disadvantage of this cool car air freshener is that you will need to refill the container every one or two days.

7. Drive Natural Air Freshener

Drive Natural Air Freshener

A completely natural and environment-friendly car air freshener to keep your car smelling good without causing any harm to nature. The air freshener is basically a pouch that contains Moso bamboo charcoal. The charcoal is activated and absorbs the bad-smelling particle in the air of your vehicle.

The charcoal reduces moisture in your car and is great for a moldy environment. Anyone who has sensitive skin or kids will love this natural alternative of chemical car air fresheners.

6. Anzazo Air Freshener

Anzazo Air Freshener

The Anzazo air freshener also uses essential oil for eradicating the bad odors in vehicles. The air freshener looks very cool and classy. It comes with pads that can be dipped into the essential oils and you can insert the pad into the clip. The scent spreads through car pretty fast and it completely natural as well!

5. Moso Natural Air Freshener

Moso Natural Air Freshener

This all natural car air freshener also contains a pouch full of Moso bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal does not have any fragrance; it just absorbs the bad smell in your car. The whole process is completely natural and suitable for kids as well.

If your car smells really bad or has strong odors,  this might not be enough. The Moso Natural Air Freshener works brilliantly with mild odors.

4. Febreze Air Freshener Car Vent Clip

Febreze Air Freshener Car Vent Clip

One of the simplest and most popular types of air fresheners which just use a string to be controlled. The car air freshener is basically a vent clip that you attach to your car’s air conditioning vent. The vent clip works excellently in transmitting fragrance all through your car.

It comes with a string which you can use to regulate the scent in your vehicle.

3. Yankee Candle Smart Scent Vent Clip

Yankee Candle Smart Scent Vent Clip

This car air freshener has to be attached to your car’s air conditioning vent as well. The Candle smart scent vent clip has a mild sweet smell that is great for confined areas like that in a car.

You can choose the scent to use in this vent clip. As the clip is attached to the AC vent in your car, the scent travels fast and fills up car air with a lovely smell.

2. Ozium Car Freshener

Ozium Car Freshener

If you are a smoker and don’t want your passengers to endure the smoke scent, you will love this car air freshener. The air freshener works brilliantly for removing any scent of smoke that your car might have.

A cool feature of this is that it can change the molecular structure of a bad odor. That makes it easier to overpower the bad smell and fill your car with good fragrances.

1. Turtle Wax Odor-X Kinetic Blast

Turtle Wax Odor-X Kinetic Blast


If your car has a strong smell and bad odors which seem to last every single car air freshener you have used, the Turtle Wax Odor-X Kinetic Car Blast might be your last resort. It can remove any kind of smell, regardless of how bad and strong they are from your vehicle.

The air freshener comes with micro-cleaners, which can travel far. You can use it at home and other places as well!

We have listed many excellent car air fresheners which have different features. If you do not necessarily need a chemical air freshener for your car, choose something natural. You can opt for the chemical ones as well if you would like.

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