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A bluetooth car stereo is and always will be an essential part of your traveling journey. Not to mention long drives, a quality bluetooth car stereo would turn any traffic congestion into a relaxing time. Apart from enjoying your favorite music, you can also learn by listening to audiobooks or getting yourself up to date with live news. 

You can receive calls, play music or listen to the radio. You can also connect it with your USB as it comes with a USB front connection and even a CD player. The best thing about a bluetooth car stereo is that it is easier to install and connect with your mobile devices. You can then control everything wirelessly.

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Today, we have brought the top 10 best bluetooth car stereo in the market for a review, so let’s check them out below. 

Top 15 Best Bluetooth Car Stereo in 2021

15. Jensen CMN86 Car Stereo

Jensen CMN86 Car Stereo

The Jensen CMN86 is one of the biggest car stereos. It has a screen of about 6.8 inches. The built-in navigation system is impressive for its voice commands. It can be synced with every voice assistant like Siri or Google. And they can take command likewise. This stereo is Bluetooth activated. Hence it allows a wide range of connectivity for various devices. It comes with both front and rear cameras, with the only rear having a sound option. The Jensen CMN86 comes with a whole year of warranty.

  • 6.8-inch LED screen
  • iGO Primo Navigation
  • Voice activation access
  • Bluetooth access
  • Front and a rear-view camera
  • One-year warranty

14. JENSEN CDR462 Car Stereo

JENSEN CDR462 Car Stereo

The Jensen CDR462 car stereo is a slightly smaller version of the Jensen CMN86 Car Stereo. Both have all equally features except for the Jensen CDR462 having a slot for CDs and all the audio inputs. It has a 6.2-inch LED screen, which is quite broad in itself. Also has all the other features of its contemporary. Though small, it gives all others a run for their money. It also has an upgraded Bluetooth function and both front and rear-view camera.

  • 6.2-inch LED screen
  • Voice activation access
  • Bluetooth access
  • CD and audio player
  • Front and a rear-view camera
  • One year warranty

13. Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

This 7-inch LCD touch screen is excellent input for your car. It comes with the function of autopay. This ensures safety on the road while using your phone. It supports an mp3 player, Bluetooth, USB jacks, A/V input, and a backup camera. It also has access to FM radio in your car. The rear-view camera gives HD images with night vision. It is excellent for its map navigation qualities and many more.

  • AutoPlay
  • 7-inch LCD screen
  • Voice control
  • Rear view camera
  • Bluetooth access
  • Multifunction (mp3 player, Bluetooth, USB jacks, A/V input, backup camera)
  • Night vision camera

12. Pioneer Single Car Digital Media Receiver

Pioneer Single Car Digital Media Receiver

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Pioneer Single Car Digital Media Receiver is one of the older designs in the lot. This has an analog screen with no other source of connection other than USB and Bluetooth. But the pioneer smart sync app allows you to fully utilize all the functions of your smartphone. It has a sturdier built. With a retro look, this input can give you an experience of a lifetime. You can make a call, navigation, and everything else through this.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB connectivity
  • iPod and iPhone connection
  • Pioneer smart sync app

11. Hieha Bluetooth Car Stereo


Hieha Bluetooth Car Stereo

With a 7-inch touch screen, the Hieha Bluetooth Car Stereo is a beauty. It has a user-friendly interface. And supports FM radio, AUXin, and USB port playback. Also comes with a double din dashboard for smooth streaming and hands-free calls. The backup camera has night vision making navigation a breeze. It comes with a mirror link function that allows the stereo to copy your smartphone media. The auto removing technology makes parking safer.

  • Access for apple car play
  • Compatible with android auto
  • Phone mirror link
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Backup camera
  • Multifunction

10. Sony XAV-AX5000 7″ Media Receiver

Sony XAV-AX5000 7" Media Receiver

Enjoy superior quality audio in your vehicle thanks to the SONY XAV-AX5000. With the handy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can connect your compatible devices to pull up the applications on your vehicle screen.

The 6.95” touchscreen makes navigation very easy with the perfect balance between brightness and contrast.

  • Apply CarPlay and Android auto.
  • Quick-access key panel for easy functioning on the road.
  • Dual USB ports to listen to music whilst receiving directions.
  • Adjustable audio level: -8 dB to +18 dB.
  • Can connect Sirius XM Radio satellite tuner.

9. ATOTO SA102 Series Digital Media Car Stereo

ATOTO SA102 Series Digital Media Car Stereo

For a seamless integration of your smartphone with the vehicle, the ATOTA SA102 features in-built Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can control it via UBS connection.

We really enjoyed how the stereo smartly detects the kind of mobile device connected and runs either of the settings.

  • Compatible with both OS: iOS and Android.
  • EasyConnection app for easier casting of the phone onto the stereo.
  • AM/FM radio tuner.
  • BT hands-free and A2DP music streaming.
  • USB Playback.
  • Backup Camera Input.

8. Power Acoustik CP-650 Bluetooth Digital Media Car Stereo


The Bluetooth Digital Media Car Stereo Receiver comes with a 6.5-inch LCD touchscreen and built-in Apple Car Play. You have an AM/FM tuner with preset stations, and it offers you MP3/MP4 playback via the USB. You can enjoy listening to music over your iOS device and use it hands-free for audio streaming and talking. As a bonus, you get a remote control with an external wired microphone.

  • 6.5-Inch LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in Apple Car Play
  • AM/FM tuner with preset channels
  • USB for MP3/MP4 playback
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Remote control with wired microphone
  • Bluetooth streaming audio and talking
  • Front AV Aux Input and comes with wiring

7. Jensen CMR682 6.8 inch Bluetooth Car Stereo

Jensen CMR682 6.8 inch Bluetooth Car Stereo 

A decently sized 6.8” touch screen LCD makes navigation easier and comfortable. The car radio receive will seamlessly pair with your Bluetooth enabled device and let you take calls, send or receive texts, play tunes, whatnot.

You can also install a front and/or back camera to the car receiver to strengthen your awareness of the surroundings.

  • Stream songs from your USB car’s media storage.
  • Listen over the radio – 18FM/12Am.
  • Installable front and back camera.
  • Comes with rear USB, front and back RCA inputs, back RCA aux input, as well as 3 pairs of RCA 4Volt pre-amp outputs.

6. Jarwee 7-inch Touch Screen Car Stereo

Jarwee 7-inch Touch Screen Car Stereo 

One absolute powerhouse of a car stereo, the Jarwee 7” touch screen does the job you bought it for. It includes a heap of fancy features, but it’s super-fast functioning and ease of use are perhaps the best things to note.

The 7” display is comfortable to read and you control the stereo with your voice and the touchscreen.

  • Functions on Quad-core Android 7.1.
  • Video format: 1080p.
  • Features Mirror link for smart devices.
  • The navigation function can be paired with a global map.
  • Free read view camera.
  • Up to 4K video playback.
  • Supports DVR function.

5. BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Multimedia Player

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Multimedia Player

When it comes to stereos and speakers, the reputation of BOSS precedes it. Equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the BVCP96854 enables you to control your stereo with your phone and vice versa. As an added layer of safety, the stereo automatically lowers the volume when you’re reversing the vehicle.

You can rearrange the way your apps look on the CarPlay screen by using your iPhone.

  • 6.75” LCD touchscreen monitor.
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • Accurate, fast touch.
  • Double DIN MP3 compatible.
  • USB/ AV input.
  • 3-year platinum online dealer warranty if bought from Amazon.

4. Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Multimedia Player

 Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Multimedia Player

The BOSS Audio BVB9351RC just makes using your phone features, jamming to your favorite tunes, and looking for directions just that much easier. You can play music from Pandora/Spotify wirelessly. Watch your preferred videos with the DVD player or pop in your CD. You can also use the SD or USB ports.

The equalizer helps you customize your music your way. Control everything from treble, balance, bass, etc.

  • 6.2” LCD touchscreen.
  • Includes 80 W x 4 Max power to power the speakers.
  • The powerful equalizer that can we used hands-free.
  • USB / SD, AUX input.
  • 3-year platinum online dealer warranty if purchased from Amazon.

3. j Junsun 7 Inch Touch Screen Player

j Junsun 7 Inch Touch Screen Player 

Eliminate the problem of never being able to save any songs on your car stereo and get all the songs you want because the j Junsun offers a spacious 2GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage.

Pair that up with the 7” HD screen and you’ll find yourself one of the best car speakers you can get for your vehicle.

  • Combination of A7 Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor and Android 10 OS.
  • Mirror linking for seamless integration of devices.
  • Precise navigation.
  • Supports Wi-Fi.
  • Integrated backup camera.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity.
  • 1024 x 600 display.
  • 2 GB RAM + 32GB ROM.

2. Venove 10.1″ Touch Screen in-Dash Car Stereo

Venove 10.1" Touch Screen in-Dash Car Stereo 

With a myriad of cool features, the Venove 10.1” is a total beast that boasts incredible performance and a sleek design. It functions on a relatively older Android OS – 8.1, but the Quad-Core processor plus the 1GB RAM gives it the speed and practicality you crave.

The display is definitely one of the standout features. It’s a massive 10.1” HD touch screen with an adjustable viewing angle.

  • Voice navigation, 60 languages.
  • 2D/3D map, but only supports online navigation.
  • Mirror link to connect your iPhone or Android.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module and antenna for better reception grabbing.
  • 16GB flash memory.
  • Support USB/SD playback during navigation.

1. Boss Audio Systems 616UAB

Boss Audio Systems 616UAB

The best generation of Boss car stereo so far is here. The incredible button and LCD display are dimmable to suit your preference. Not just that it is dimmable but the dancing light is also included so you can have fun with those high beats songs that you’re about to play. Even better than this, if you’re ever want to take a break, you can just hit the mute button which is included in this latest update. 

With this single head unit, you can find ways to chill. You can stream through your MP3 player if you wish, you can also stream audio from your smartphones which you can easily connect with the auxiliary input.

You can use the wireless remote control that will be included in the package to adjust and customize how you want to hear your music. 

  • No CD mechanism and built-in preset EQ
  • AUX input
  • Pre-Amp outputs

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What Does Bluetooth Car Stereo Mean?

bluetooth car stereo


Bluetooth car stereo is a car stereo that comes with bluetooth functionality. The bluetooth in your car stereo does many amazing things, with the major functionality being wireless capability and giving you convenience.

A car stereo that has the bluetooth functionality works like any regular car stereo. A bluetooth car stereo is also referred to as the heating unit due to its ability to control all the audio components in your car. It usually comes with a built-in amplifier and can be connected to your speakers. It can also play MP3s or CDs and may also have a radio.

Another primary function of the bluetooth car stereo is bluetooth connectivity, which can be connected to portable electronic devices like your phone, or headphones/ earpieces. Even though some car stereos do not come with Bluetooth, a large amount of them come with Bluetooth.

 What Features Does the Bluetooth Car Stereos Offer?

Bluetooth Car Stereos

What is Bluetooth, and How is it Used in Cars? Bluetooth is a device that enables the sharing of data between devices like head units and mobile phones and enables hassle-free communication. The functionality of every Bluetooth depends on different brands.

Different bluetooth devices are designed for various functions, with some providing better tasks than others.

The standard features that bluetooth car stereos offer include:

  • Remote App Control: The remote app control is a double way functionality that works with the car stereo to control some apps or your phone.
  • Access to saved contact information: This is a feature that works with your car stereo to get information on your contact book or phone.
  • Hands-free Calling:
  • This is a popular feature that helps you call with your cars speakers, Bluetooth earpiece, or an in-built microphone.
  • Audio streaming: With this feature, you can stream podcasts, music, and any type of audio from your phone with the audio system in your car.
  • Each of these features works with the head unit by using the Bluetooth Stack to ensure that the paired devices can provide the best result.

Bluetooth Car Stereos and Hands-Free Calling

Even though there are some laws that the use of a mobile phone when driving, a large number of these laws do not apply to hands-free calling. Although many mobile phones you with the speakerphone feature and you can pair a bluetooth-enabled phone with your headset, you get a much better experience by using a Bluetooth car stereo.

A bluetooth car stereo uses two profiles to improve its hands-free calling feature- the HSP and HFP features.

The HSP feature, also known as headset profile, provides you with the basic functions alone. It usually comes with most hands-free calling kits. The HFP feature, also known as Hands-free profile has more functionalities compared to HSP, and it is always seen in Bluetooth car stereos.

With HFP, you have access to more advanced functionalities. When a Bluetooth car stereo is paired with your phone that comes with the HSP feature, you will only have access to basic connectivity since the device will only work as a bluetooth earpiece and offer you the essential functions alone.

Pairing your phone with any device that supports hands-free operation works perfectly and the volume becomes low when a call comes in. So, instead of leaving the wheel because you want to operate your car stereo, you can easily speak into the system without leaving this wheel. This method is a great way to be safe, and it is more convenient for you.

Access to Stored Contacts

A bluetooth car stereo is built to either support the PBAP (Phonebook Access Profile) or OPP (Object Push Profile). This is to enable you to have access to the stored contacts on your phone with the use of the head unit.

The Object Push Profile sends your contact details to the head unit, which is then stored in your bluetooth car stereos memory. With this, you can easily access contacts for hands-free calling and resend the contacts manually after updating them.

The PABP, on the other hand, has more advanced features, including the ability of the head unit to get contact information from a cellular phone that has been paired at any point in time. This feature makes it easier for you to update your contact information, and you also get to enjoy a better hands-free calling experience.

Audio Streaming

Audio streaming is a function that the head unit supports to help you send music and audio files from your mobile phone to the car stereo. As long as you have audio contents like audiobooks and music on your cellular phone, your Bluetooth car stereo will be able to play such audio as long as it supports the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).

It may also offer you the opportunity to play online radio like Spotify, Last.FM, Pandora, and other internet radios. Then, you can also use the head unit to control your audio if the Bluetooth in your car stereo supports the ACRCP ( Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).

Remote Bluetooth App Control

Also, asides from using AVRCP to control streaming media, you can use other Bluetooth profiles. These Bluetooth profiles, when paired with your phone,  control other apps on the phone through the remote Bluetooth control.

With the help of the SPP (Serial Port Profile) on your Bluetooth car stereo, you can launch apps like Spotify remotely on your phone and use the AVRSP and A2DP to control and receive the streaming media.

Can I use Bluetooth Car Stereo if my car Doesn’t Have it?

Yes, you can use enjoy various bluetooth car stereo alternatives in your car if it doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity. But, this is only possible when you have a phone with Bluetooth connectivity.

The result is quite similar to using a Bluetooth car stereo as you get to enjoy exciting features like streaming, hands-free calling, amongst others. A few alternatives to a bluetooth car stereo are: Bluetooth audio streaming kits, bluetooth hands-free car kits, and mounted speakerphone.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 ways to add Bluetooth to your car

3 way to add bluetooth to your car

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How do I get Bluetooth in my car?

You can use a Bluetooth streaming device in your car by:

  1. Using a phone in your car
  2.  Using bluetooth in your car

 Phone in the car

A stereo with Bluetooth functionality allows wireless communication between two devices, which is usually in the form of wireless speaker systems and phones hands-free earpieces.

Bluetooth in the car

Incorporating the wireless feature into your car stereo will help you communicate with the callers via your car speakers and stream audio from your phone to the stereo. It also offers you the advantage of seeing the call information on the incoming call on your car stereo’s display.

But, some Bluetooth adapters do not require you to interact with the stereo in your car to enable you to concentrate on your driving as you take your calls.

With Bluetooth devices, streaming music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, or other devices to your Bluetooth car stereo.

The three ways to utilize a Bluetooth device in your vehicle are:

  1. Using a Bluetooth car adapter (vehicle specific)
  2. Install bluetooth-enabled car stereo
  3. Using a Bluetooth kit that is compatible with every car

Using a Bluetooth Car Adapter (Vehicle-specific)

A bluetooth car adapter (vehicle-specific) is a port that is connected to the factory stereo in your vehicle. Its installation involves the removal of the factory radio and integration of the cable to your cars radio and wiring, and the installation of a microphone for hands-free streaming and calling.

The caller’s information is displayed on the factory stereo, and you can answer calls with the use of the stereo control. Microphone clips are then added to your sun visor or anywhere around your dashboard to help you communicate with callers with their voices coming from the speakers in your car stereo.

The bluetooth adapter is a pretty nice option if you want the factory radio to remain in your car stereo. It only involves some installations that take a short time, and it is for your convenience. With this option, you will have a fully-incorporated Bluetooth system for better and improved hands-free phoning and music streaming too.

 Using a Bluetooth-enabled Car Stereo

Using a bluetooth-enabled Car Stereo is another option you can use in adding bluetooth to your car. You can get a new car stereo that comes with bluetooth-connectivity or a bluetooth adapter and easily add your bluetooth to your car.

There are many stereos to choose from, with many of them offering you the opportunity to control music streaming and the many other smartphone functions via your stereo. When you install a car stereo with in-built Bluetooth, things become easier as you do not have to deal with the installation of another adapter box.

The fantastic thing about choosing this option is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get the best Bluetooth car stereo capability as new stereos always come with the Bluetooth connectivity option. So, choosing this option saves you money and a lot of time, which makes it the best choice. You should, therefore, be on the lookout for the best car stereos with in-built Bluetooth connectivity when shopping for a new car stereo.

Using a Bluetooth Kit That is Compatible With any Car

A Bluetooth kit that is compatible with any car is the universal Bluetooth kit that works in any type of car. Some of these kits come with a microphone and a speaker, and they are very small that they can be mounted on your dash without interfering with your car stereo.

They are very nice and can be moved from one car to another. But, the major problem with these kits is that they are only used for hands-free calling. That is, they can not be used for music streaming or other features.

However, some universal Bluetooth adapters are connected to the stereo to help mute the music when there’s a call, and you speak through the car stereo speaker, instead of the small standalone speakers that are used in some Bluetooth car stereos.

Some of these universal Bluetooth adapters use the music streaming function, but the only issue is that you have to install the kit by removing your car stereo and making a few connections. If you can do this, you can enjoy your car stereo to the fullest.

With these options, having the bluetooth connectivity function in your car stereo is much easier. You can now enjoy your cell phone as you drive and listen to music, audiobooks, and enjoy other exciting functions without necessarily touching your phone.

Many bluetooth kits transmit exactly how radio stations transmit sounds, but the difference is that your car stereo is bringing out the sound.

How To Use Your Old Car Stereo As a Bluetooth Radio

If you have a car stereo with no built-in Bluetooth connectivity and you want to turn to use an old car stereo as a Bluetooth radio, follow the following steps:

  • Get a kit with many interesting features for full experience
  • Set your car stereo to a free frequency that isn’t being used by any radio station
  • Set your FM transmitter to the same frequency
  • The transmitter will communicate with your Bluetooth device and the sound emanates from the speakers via the radio

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In brief, we have gone through 10 of the best bluetooth car stereos in 2020. They all have their own uniqueness. Some of them can stream with better sound quality while others support more connection at the same time. Some of them can be easily controlled with the updated version of the touch screen while others can receive commands vocally. However, we can conclude that these 10 best bluetooth car stereo can all compliment your entertaining drive. They can all bring a great vibe for everyone in the car. The design of these bluetooth car stereos shows the variety that buyers are looking for. With this review, you can surely pick the one that suits you best. 

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