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Best Baby Walkers

Having the best baby walkers is the dream of any parent so that their children could learn to walk easily and very fast. The joy of any parent can never be explained when the couple is waiting for the birth of their new child. But, this is just the beginning. Joy is even more after the child is born and is in the process to try and take their first shaky steps towards walking.

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For a parent, this is a very precious moment of the life of the parent. Guiding a young one to walk by standing beside them is so great, fulfilling and breathtaking. This is to ensure that they do not miss any step during this process. Well, the baby walkers assist you in doing this easily. Here are the Top 10 Best Baby Walkers in 2020. You can also check out this:

Top 10 Best Baby Walkers in 2020

10. Baby Trend Walker Yellow Sprinkles

Baby Trend Walker Yellow Sprinkles

If you are looking for the best baby walkers that have been designed with the versatility in mind for the little walker in training, then this can be your best choice.

  • The multi-directional wheel offers the freedom of movement, and an extra-wide base offers superior support as well as stability so that the baby can easily navigate the new terrain.
  • Behind the bar is for when the baby can walk which they hold on to the back of the walker.
  • Large surround tray offers so much space for the snacks as well as play.
  • It also does feature a three-position height adjustment.
  • The high back padded seat is ensuring that your kid feels comfortable.

Customer Feedback

  • The design is simple as well as cute.
  • Walker works well with no much challenge.
  • Lightweight and super easy to move.

9. Developmental Baby Walker

Developmental Baby Walker

With this ready set walker, your kids can easily stretch their legs while the toys are entertaining them. This walker stands out among the best baby walkers as it three height adjustment which is meant to encourage the baby’s first steps.

  • It comes with a unique wide base for superior stability.
  • The padded seat is usually machine washable; hence cleaning is easy.
  • Three height adjustment: it provides the right height as well as fit so to encourage baby first steps as well as develop motor skills.
  • Folds compactly for quick and easy storage.
  • Three toys with various developmental activities that the child can engage in.

Customer Feedback

  • Super easy to clean with multiple uses.
  • Lightweight is hence making it easy to carry around.
  • Easy to assemble it.

8. Baby Trend Trend Walker
Baby Trend Trend Walker, Emily

Preview Product Rating Price
Baby Trend Trend Walker, Emily Baby Trend Trend Walker, Emily $54.68

Have you been looking for the best baby walkers which have been designed for comfort as well as with the baby’s welfare in mind? Well, this is among the best choice that you can ever make.

  • The folds flat for easy storage as well as transport.
  • The extra wide base is for superior stability.
  • High back padded seat ensure that your little one is comfortable.
  • Large surround as well as removable toy bar that your kid can be able to play with.
  • It has a three-position height adjustable as well as a high back padded seat for comfort.

Customer Feedback

  • There are no frills, but it does work great for its purpose.
  • Assembly process is super easy.
  • The walker is sturdy.

7. Bright Starts Walk, the Juneberry Delight

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Juneberry Delight

With the amazing features, this baby walker makes it to the list of the best baby walkers. It has a steering wheel that does control some lights.

  • The removable electronics toy station offers toys for growth activities as well as an endless enjoyment.
  • It has a steering wheel that activates the lights, sounds as well as melodies which will be able to keep the young one entertained.
  • It does come with the complete volume control, and it can be removed for the floor play.
  • The high seat back offers comfort as well as support for the baby and three height positions allows it to develop with the baby.

Customer Feedback

  • Easy to fit as well as the cleaning process.
  • Sitting cushions are detachable hence can be cleaned using a washer.
  • It has music, and the steering is a big plus.

6. (Minnie Dot Fun) Disney Baby Walker

Disney Baby Ready Set Walk Walker, Minnie Dot Fun

This is among the best baby walkers which have been fitted with a lot of Disney toys for various growth engagements.

  • The walker has a very wide base for ensuring stability as well as safety.
  • Comfortable to the baby with the raised backrest as well as a padded seat.
  • Even when the baby grows, there is no need to worry as the seat can easily be adjusted.
  • Fast to assemble and disassemble.
  • It got twelve charming songs as well as an attractive flashing light.
  • The seat can easily be cleaned.

Customer Feedback

  • Super-fast to assemble.
  • The quality is very high.
  • The cleaning process is super-easy.

5. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Walker

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker

This is among the best baby walkers behind position walker that will be able to help your little one to maintain as well as keep the training in first already made steps. The walker does make the baby’s learning enjoyable.

  • The baby’s seat is comfy with a high seat back for some support. There are no fussy or even squirmy kiddos here.
  • Some ocean themed toys including sea turtle baby Neptune have been included to activate the mind of the little explorer.
  • The steering wheel can activate fun ocean sounds as well as the lights as the baby gets to embark on the pre-walking adventure.
  • Easy while on the move as it can be folded for storage purposes.

Customer Feedback

  • The setup process was quite simple.
  • Simple to adjust the height and you can attach the toys to it as well.
  • Lightweight hence the kid can move around the house with it.

4. Kolcraft Tiny Steps Activity Toddler

Kolcraft Tiny Steps Activity Toddler

This walker is an amazing device. One of the reasons as to why it made it to the list of the best baby walkers is the fact that it can easily be converted from the seated activity walker to the walk behind position walker.

  • It does have an adjustable seat pad to be able to grow with baby’s height as well as size.
  • The baby has very many activities that he/she can engage as there are a lot of toys to have fun with.
  • Seat can be cleaned easily and folding process is super simple for storage.
  • 2 in 1 design as it can be converted from the seated activity walker to the walk behind walker.

Customer Feedback

  • Lightweight and super easy to clean.
  • Affordable and sturdy hence ensuring that it lasts longer.
  • It comes with a lot of toys that the child can be able to play with.

3. Disney Winnie Walker

Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker

This is excellent among the best baby walkers that are going your baby to easily maintain as well as keep his or even her training in first already steps. With this baby walker, it does make learning to be such an amazing experience.

  • Sturdy wheels that do work well on the floors as well as the carpets alike while grip strip does reduce walker movement on the uneven surfaces.
  • Two swing open activity trays with the toys that your child needs to enjoy her/his time.
  • Easily folds for the travel as well as the storage purpose.
  • Three position height adjustment is ensuring that your child can use it even as he grows.
  • The padded seat can be cleaned using a washing machine.

Customer Feedback

  • It has several adjustments levels for baby’s height.
  • Provides a comfortable sitting.
  • Snack tray gets to be covered when it is not in use.

2. Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal

Preview Product Rating Price
Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size $89.99

If you require the best baby walker that does combine the two baby steps into one, majorly walker as well as the high chair, then this is your best choice.

  • This baby walker folds flat for easy storage as well as for travel purposes.
  • Super-sized tray with some removable insert that can be cleaned using a dishwasher.
  • The seat pads quite support and also comfortable.
  • Three height positions, oversized wheels as well as non-slip stairs pads.

Customer Feedback

  • It does provide the perfect balancing between eating, playing as well as learning to walk.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • The cleaning process is quite simple.

1. VTech Learning Walker-11386

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The top product in our list of the best baby walkers is the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning. The little ones can easily play with the detachable activity panel on the floor while going on as to discover various colors, music, and numbers.

  • Musical creativity: 5 keys does play the musical notes as well as encourages play.
  • Motor skills development: The spinner rollers, shape sorters and the light up buttons to grow the motor skills.
  • Colorful as well as the interactive panel can easily be detached from Walker for the floor play fun.
  • The pretend telephone handset, as well as mechanical elements, does enhance role-play fun.

Customer Feedback

  • It looks good and very functional.
  • Such a nice gift to the little one.
  • It does have two wheels which have various resistance.

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What age should a baby use a walker?

What age should a baby use a walker?

Studies have shown that most parents contemplate on what age they should use a baby walker for their babies. Some are even skeptical about baby walkers because they have caused injuries for some babies. So, researchers recommended that children could use a walker at 6-8 months because they would have been able to rise on their own.

Even though medical practitioners have recommended certain age and levels for a child to use a baby walker yet, you need to consider certain factors that could make you decide whether you must buy a walker for your child or not.

So, the factors you need to consider before you buy a walker for your child are as follows :

1. Can your baby crawl?

Every child does not just start to walk all of a sudden; they start from crawling. Some children may not crawl at the recommended age. So, you can not buy a baby walker for such a baby because it may cause injury. Your baby must be able to start from the crawling stage before you can consider purchasing a walker for him or her.

2. Does your baby sit without support?

Before you buy a walker for your baby, you should also ensure that your baby can walk without little or no support from you as a parent. After your child has been able to crawl successfully, he or she should move to the sitting stage. The child will try to sit down naturally. It’s when you are sure about this stage, that’s when you can buy a baby walker. It doesn’t matter if your baby has attained a certain age.

3. Can your baby try to stand up?

At a point in time, a child will try to stand on his or her own. Though the child may fall at some point, a walker will help such a baby to learn how to perfect maintaining balance. So, if your child cannot proceed to the stage where he or she tries to stand up, you should not place the baby in a walker.

4. Does your child have a bone disorder?

Rickets or some other musculoskeletal disorders could impede your child from walking.  Such diseases deform the bones and muscles. Therefore, they could prevent your baby from walking. So you must ensure that your baby does not have any of the bone disorders before you place him or her in a baby walker. Hence, injury is imminent.

5. Is your child curious to explore the environment?

Some children are so anxious to try to move around the environment. They may try to stand, crawl, or even walk. So many children can use a walker to aid their balance and walk.

On the other hand, you may not buy or use a baby walker for a child who always wants the parent to lift him or her at all times. It is because such a child may be scared of using the walker and may fall when you placed on a walker. It can even cause injury for such a baby.

6. Is your child above six months?

Pediatricians recommend that children may use a walker conveniently at 6-8 months. By that time, the baby’s bones will be strong enough and would have exceeded some stages like crawling, trying to stand up, etc. So, your baby can use a walker at that stage.

At times, some babies could have exceeded the approved age yet; they may not be able to do any of the expected traits that they need possess at that age. So, it is not ideal for such babies to use baby walkers.

How long should a baby stay in a walker? 

How long should a baby stay in a walker? 

Even though walkers help babies to walk and to maintain balance, they could also be harmful to them. So, many wonder the length or duration that babies need to stay in walkers before you remove them. So if you are a parent, you should be very observant and careful about your baby’s activities.

You must also note that overusing the baby walker can do lots of harm to your baby. So the following are the problems of making a baby overstay in a walker.

It deforms a good posture

When a baby stays for too long in a walker, the posture will become affected. Such a baby may not be able to walk well. Such a baby will have abrasions and conditions. Endeavor that you don’t keep your baby for too long in a walker.

It may lead to future body pains

Some adults complain about neck and back pains. Some could be as a result of overstaying in a baby walker while they were babies. The back muscles have been accustomed to pushing a walker and may not be able to readjust itself later in life. Hence, it leads to disability.

It may retard growth

Do you know why some children can’t stand upright? It’s because some of them overstayed in a baby walker while they were babies. Their abdominal muscles have been affected severely. So, it is dangerous to overstay in a walker.

Is it wrong for a baby to stand too early?

Is it wrong for a baby to stand too early? | Baby Walkers

Many parents are always eager to see their babies walk. Some of them could wish that their babies could start walking right from the moment they were born. You may wonder if there is any health complication that may occur when a child begins to walk early. Research has shown that parents need not bother when their kids start to walk first based on the following reasons.

1. It improves your child posture

When your baby begins to walk early, it’s a good thing. It means that your baby’s sensory neurons function well, and it can help your baby to control gravity. It will help your baby to maintain the right balance for the rest of their lives.

2. It improves weight

Your child’s weight becomes normal when they begin to walk early. So, they learn how to stand well when they bear the full burden on their feet and legs. Children then improve their weight when they start to walk early.

3. Children’s gross motor skills are enhanced

When children can walk early, their muscles are enhanced. They will be able to know how to perform some tasks well, like kicking, walking, and lifting things. These tasks require strength and proper reflex action.

What you should do when your baby rejects walker? 

Though some babies are enthusiastic about using walkers, some could refuse them. You may then begin to worry about why your baby has rejected staying in his baby walker after you must have spent a fortune buying it.

Since the significant aim of purchasing a walker is to enhance how your baby walks and to maintain the proper balance. Therefore, you need not worry when your baby rejects a baby walker. You may need to try the following helpful tips.

1. Workouts

You may wonder how a baby can do workouts like an adult. It’s simple; It’s not possible to do such exercises with them. You just have to support your baby’s chest and place him/her in a standing position since the aim is to let him learn how to walk and stand. So, if your baby has rejected his baby walker, you can try this method.

2. Let your baby play around

If your baby rejects his walker, you may just place him on the floor, and he will learn how to reach out for things on his own. You just have to give him the liberty to move around. In doing so, your baby will try to crawl, stand, and pick things that are above him. You just have to ensure that you keep dangerous objects away from where he may go.

3. Use toys to entice your baby

When your baby rejects a walker, you may use toys to entice him. Naturally, babies love playing with playthings because they are bright, and they produce sounds as well. You may have to put the toys in some hidden places so that they can try to reach for them. In doing so, they will try to stand naturally and even walk.

4. Let your baby be around his peers

Babies learn when they notice what their peers are doing. They try to crawl, stand, and walk like their peers. So, you may have to try this natural method when your baby has refused to stay in a walker.

5. Keep encouraging your baby

When your baby tries to lift himself without the aid of a walker, you just have to cheer him up. It can motivate him to try to stand more. You may just clap or smile at him when he manages to lift himself.

Though baby walkers help babies to stand or walk, doctors recommend that babies should not overuse them because they may impede their growth or make them disabled for the rest of their lives.

As a parent, you need to try natural methods that will make your baby learn how to stand and walk. Recommended age can not determine when your baby can use a walker. Some factors could hinder them from using it.

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