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Top 10 Best Architecture School in Texas in 2020

When deciding to pursue a career in the field of architecture, simply deciding this field of choice isn’t the only step. The main hurdle that decides whether you will be a failure in your life or achieve the best out of your talent and decision is the architecture school selection process.  For enrolling yourself in an architecture school. Firstly, you will have to locate a reputed architecture school in Texas and locating the right one that can deliver the required level of education.

Thus, it isn’t an easy task as almost all the architecture schools claim that they are the best in this field. In order to help you, we have compiled a list of top 10 architecture school in Texas.

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Review of the Top 10 Best Architecture School in Texas

10. The University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio

This university provides opportunities to students to earn professional, non-professional and pre-professional graduate and undergraduate degrees. This school for architecture is counted among the best architecture school in Texas.

9. The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington

Students can earn a Master of Architecture or a Bachelor of Science in Architecture by enrolling in this university. The latter one is an undergraduate pre-professional program that is designed to prepare students to help students eventually bag a professional degree in architecture afterward. The Master of Architecture features three program options.

8. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

This university is located in Lubbock. This university offers a pre-professional program for students who are preparing to peruse the career of architects. The pre-professional program named Bachelor of Science in Architecture focuses on word architecture, theory, history, technology, and techniques.

Students here can continue their studies by procuring Master of Architecture degree. This is a professional program that prepares students attending this program for licensure process, and the course includes architecture design, construction, and contemporary issues in architecture. Then there is Master of Science in Architecture program which is a research base program.

7. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

If you enroll in this architecture school, you will get the option to choose three different graduate programs in architecture. The first one if Master of Architecture which is a professional degree program and this program prepares students for a bright career as an architect in future. Meanwhile, his course program covers history and theory of architecture techniques.

The second option which is Master of Science in Architecture is completely research based program and it means that the students are required to take part in original research work in architecture and complete and submit a thesis.

The last program which is named the Master of Science Program isn’t a professional program and is mainly for those with the desire to gain advanced knowledge in the architectural field.

6. Baylor University

Baylor University

At Baylor University the architecture program that they offer prepares students for some of the great professions in this field such as studio directors, architectural principals, graphic renders, lead designers, architectural detailers, urban designers, job captains and more.

Moreover, this very program focuses on conducting various aspects of this very field and carrying out professional practice. Architecture program offered by this architecture school includes architectural design, history, project and site planning, building structures & environmental systems, professional responsibility and standards, construction and various other topics and aspects.

5. Rice University

Rice University

Rice University is located in Houston. This university offers both non-professional as well as professional degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.This architecture school also offers Bachelor of Art in Architecture program which finally leads to a professional architecture degree.

Architecture courses here cover mainly the principles of architecture, theory, technology, and history. There is also a nonprofessional degree program with the name of Bachelor of Art in Architectural Studies.

This degree course is ideal for students with a desire to learn about the role of architecture in society and history but have no desire to become an architect. Know this fact that graduate students are require to complete and submit a thesis project.

4. University of Houston

University of Houston

The University of Houston offers graduate as well as undergraduate degree programs in architecture. If you have a desire to start your studies in this field with a strong background and great support in the future then you should consider enrolling in this university.

The course here mainly focuses on theory, history, world architecture and numerous other topics.

3. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin has a rich history. Located in Austin, this popular architecture school offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in architecture. Bachelor of Architecture is a highly decorate and accredited degree of this university that focuses on the architecture design in the context of history and technology.

Similar to other schools Bachelor of Science in Architecture studies is count as a pre-professional program. Students get the option to choose between the post-professional and also professional master of architecture programs, at the graduate level.

Talking in general terms the courses at this university mainly focuses on design, history, professionalism, and theory.

2. San Antonio College

San Antonio College

It is one of the best architecture school in Texas and is one of the oldest. It offers a great opportunity to the students to develop their architectural skills with highly motivated environment and best faculties.

In case if you are wondering about college reputation, then you should know that it is one of the best architecture schools in Texas.

1. Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View A&M University as the name suggests is located in Prairie View. This architecture school in Texas offers graduate as well as undergraduate degrees in architecture.

The pre-professional degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture covers architecture theory, design, and methods. This very program features a non-professional as well as a professional track. The former option leads to topics related to architecture and the later one leads to master’s degree program.

In addition, at the graduate level, students can earn the master of architecture degree of architecture design courses, studio courses, and features internship.

Consider doing of research on your own about fees and current seat availability for getting best out of your decision. Therefore,  list compiled above is created on the basis of student’s review and popularity of these universities.

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