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Best 75inch 4K TV in 2020 | Crystal Clear View

Going to the market without any idea of what you want is the main reason why many people end up getting the wrong thing that they had not admired. But now you have to worry no more as we have come up with the best 75inch 4K TV that is so cheap. If we compared to other kinds of 75inch in the current market. The best thing about our TVs is that are manufactured by well-known companies. Thus, you should purchase them with a lot of confidence that you are getting the right thing.

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Top 15 Best 75inch 4K TV in 2020

15. Sony X750H

Sony X750H 

Preview Product Rating Price
Sony X750H 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV -2020 Model Sony X750H 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV -2020 Model No ratings yet $1,098.00

Sony X750H 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV is one of the latest of Sony’s 2020 75 inch 4K TV. It is equipped with all the latest features. It is a well-known brand. So you can be ensured of the top of the line quality.

  • Comes with Motion-flow XR advanced technology.
  • Provides Android TV and Google Assistant.
  • Comes with 3 HDMI inputs and 2 USB ports.



This is SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q70T Series – 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV. With this model, Samsung has tried to make it more flexible advanced 75 inch 4K TV. With Alexa, you can enjoy hands-free usage. You just need to ask Alexa and it will change the channel, open the app, and more for you.

  • Comes with a dual-LED system.
  • Provides quantum HDR.
  • Comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

13. VIZIO PX75-G1


This is the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X 75″ Class (74. 5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV. This gives one of the best home theatre experiences. Its specs are better than most TV’s out there in the market in this range.

  • Works with Apple Airplay.
  • Comes with a built-in Chromecast.
  • Works with Apple home kit.

12. TCL 75″ 5-Series

TCL 75" 5-Series 

TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV has one of the best smart technologies in the market. It has machine learning algorithms that adapt to situations to adjust color, contrast, and clarity. This gives out the most premium experience to the users.

  • Provides Auto Game mode.
  • Comes with 4 HDMI input option.
  • Comes with the AiPQ machine learning engine.

11. LG 75SM9070PUA

LG 75SM9070PUA 

This is LG’s Alexa Built-in Nano 9 Series 75″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV. This is one of LG’s finest TV on the market. It provides a lifelike experience to the user. It is equipped with the most advanced sound and image technology. It also features some easy usage tech that makes it more user friendly.

  • Comes with Airplay 2.
  • Provides LG ThinQ, Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Comes with an A7 2nd generation processor.

10. LG Nano 8 Series

LG Nano 8 Series 

This is LG Nano 8 Series 75SM8670PUA TV, 75″ 4K UHD Smart LED NanoCell. It is another of LG’s leading models in terms of advanced technology. As a 75 inch 4K TV, it is a great option. It has a great audio system. It has an integrated AI system for its 4K processor.

  • Provides Airplay 2.
  • Comes with LG ThinQ.
  • Comes with Nanometer-sized particles in the display.

9. Samsung Q90 Series

Samsung Q90 Series 

This is the Samsung QN75Q90RAFXZA Flat 75-Inch QLED 4K Q90 Series Ultra HD Smart TV. It is easily one of the best 75 inch 4K TV. It is powered by Quantum dot technology. It also has an Ultra viewing angle. That creates a great experience when you’re watching with a group of people.

  • Provides a Quantum processor.
  • Comes with upscaling to 4K ability.
  • Comes with Bixby and OneRemote feature.

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8. Samsung Q70 Series

Samsung Q70 Series 

This is the Samsung Q70 Series 75-Inch Smart TV, Flat QLED 4K UHD HDR. It is another one of Samsung’s best 75 inch 4K TV. It is a 2019 model. It also has Quantum dots technology. It has cinematic sound, smooth, and lifelike visual experience. It is amazing for gaming.

  • Comes with Bixby control.
  • Provides a 240 motion rate.
  • Comes with Real Game Enhancer technology.

7. Samsung Q800T Series

Samsung Q800T Series 

This is the Samsung 75-inch Class QLED Q800T Series Smart TV. It has built-in Alexa. It is a 2020 model. It converts contents to 8K with AI. It also comes with a Quantum processor. Not many TV’s come with AI upscaling ability.

  • Comes with object tracking sound.
  • Provides real 8K resolution.
  • Comes with an AI processor with 8K upscaling.



Product Description: This is the SANSUI 75 Inch 4K TV. It is a 2020 model. It is a smart android DLED TV. It comes with Dolby sound. You can control it with your mobile phone through Bluetooth. It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It has screen mirroring capability. It also has voice control.

  • Contains a Dolby sound HDR.
  • Comes with DLED imaging technology.
  • Provides built-in Google Assistant.

5. Caixun 75-Inch Smart TV

Caixun 75-Inch Smart TV 

This is the Caixun 75-Inch Smart TV 4K UHD LED TV. It is a very deserving 75 inch 4K TV on this list. It has crisp details and amazing viewing experience.

  • Provides built-in Google Assistant.
  • Comes with built-in WIFI 2T2R.
  • Comes with 1.5GB+8GB operation capacity.

4. LG 75UN7370PUE

LG 75UN7370PUE

This the LG 75″ UHD 4K HDR AI TV. It is another 2020 model. This has one of the best sound quality. It also has the best viewing angles in any 75 inch 4K TV. It has a viewing angle up to 60 degrees without any loss of quality.

  • Comes with Deco Soundbar Bundle
  • Provides Real 4K IPS display.
  • Comes with a Quad-Core processor.

3. Sony X950G

Sony X950G

This is the Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. It is a 2019 model. Of all the 75inch 4K TV, this is surely one of those that produce an ultra-realistic image. It has a brilliant processor. It also has real-time object-based processing. It also upscales and enhances content so that people can enjoy 4K images.

  • Comes with IMAX enhanced and Dolby vision.
  • Provides TRILUMINOS display.
  • Comes with X-Motion Clarity technology.

2. Sony X950H

Sony X950H

This is Sony X950H, an upgraded version of Sony X950G. It is a 2020 model. It has better sound quality. The acoustic technology beautifully matches the image. It works with Alexa. It has a better viewing angle with the newest technology in the market.

  • Provides X-wide angle technology.
  • Comes with ambient optimization.
  • Comes with X1 ultimate picture processor.

1. Sony X900H

Sony X900H 

This is the Sony X900H 75 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. It is another 2020 model from Sony. It has HDR and also has a gaming mode. It also has a built-in voice assistant. For anyone who has special gaming needs. It also has reduced input lag.

  • Provides 4K at 120 fps.
  • Comes with Android TV with Google Assistant.
  • Comes with dedicated gaming mode.

The article has full-highlighted and discussed all the essential specifications that you may need to get the right thing. Our TVs are of high quality and very durable thus you are guarantee of getting a life warranty TV.

The best thing about our TVs is that they are so unique thus you can’t afford to confuse them with other ordinary and fake TV in the current market. The given information should be your guideline in determining the best high-quality 75inch TV among the discussed ones.

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[ Infographic ] 4K Tv Buying Guide

[infographic] TV buying Guide

Differences Between a regular TV and a 75 inch 4K TV

There is a huge difference between the two. A regular TV can give you the same old experience that you expect from a TV. The mediocre size and usual resolution are everywhere. You have seen it in small shops, schools, and other places. It is boring. If you buy one you won’t see how much technology has evolved in this industry. The advanced technologies of the industry can pretty much surprise you in every way. A 75 inch 4K TV can give you one of the best experiences the TV manufacturing industry has to offer. Firstly, the size of the TV can give you one the best view of your favorite show or movie. The sheer size allows the viewing angle to be flexible and perfect. It does not matter if you sit in the middle seat. Because you don’t need it to get the best viewing angle, unlike a regular TV.

The 4K resolution is becoming a standard now. Now there is so much content in 4K. From YouTube videos to your videos 4K resolution is the new trend. Now, most cameras can shoot on 4K. We can even shoot 4K on our mobile phones now. There are ones who can even upscale any content into 4K resolution. To watch these videos in full quality and on a huge screen you will need a 75 inch 4K TV. On a regular TV, you can’t enjoy these contents to the fullest. So it is necessary to have one of these if you plan to consume content like that more extravagantly.

What to Look for While Buying a 75 inch 4K TV?

What to Look for While Buying a 75 inch 4K TV?

When you’re about to buy a 75 inch 4K TV you need to make sure to choose a reliable brand. Who gives a proper warranty with the device and parts warranty. You also need to check if the TV supports the things you would like to use. Such as voice control and gaming modes.

How to get the best image resolution quality from your TV?

Most of the modern 75 inch 4K TVs come with a ton of settings and adjustment options. That also includes settings for adjusting the resolution of the screen. While watching high-resolution content, you need to make sure that the resolution settings are adjusted. For example, if you are watching a video that is 4K, you need to make sure you turn on the 4K resolution option on your TV. But when you are watching something that is not shot or edited in 4K then it won’t help to turn on the 4K option. Unless it has an upscaling technology integrated. Some TV’s have it. But there is still a difference between upscaled 4K and 4K shot content. It will not give you a true 4K resolution video. The difference may be little but it is there. You need to watch a video that was shot in 4K resolution. So to experience a true 4K video you would also need a 4K shot video. There are plenty of providers who offer 4K channels.

How to keep your eyes healthy from long hours of TV watching?

How to keep your eyes healthy from long hours of TV watching?

Watching TV at a stretch can affect the eyesight. It is necessary to take a break after every hour of watching TV. Sometimes it can cause someone to develop eye irritations and other problems. There are TV’s that reduce harmful light. Still watching for too long will have a bad impact. It is recommended to watch TV from a safe distance. Sitting too close to the TV is bad. Also, the height of the TV needs to be adjusted properly while watching. It should be closer to the eye level so that it puts less pressure on the eye or neck while looking. It is said that anything more than 3.5 hours a day of watching TV is unhealthy. So it is mandatory to maintain a time limit each day. Too much of anything is bad for you. There are plenty of cases of eye irritation and eye problems developing due to excessive TV consumption. The number of eye problems is rising because of many reasons. And one of them is binge-watching. Binge-watching is a trendy thing now. But it is super unhealthy. Due to binge-watching for hours people develop eye irritation and fatigue. Especially children need to be guided more. As they tend to forget the need to let their eyes rest. You need to maintain a daily amount of TV consumption. And you also need to adjust the viewing distance.

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