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Beach Bag For Women

You might think you can just willy-nilly go to the beach without anything prepared. Wait until you come out of the water and suddenly you need a towel, a bottle of water, a sunblock, etc. It is way better to come prepared for anything situation. And to do so, you need the right beach bag for you that is versatile, durable, and anything resistant. We have provided you with the best beach bag for women in the list below.

Take one of these amazing beach bags below with you and you are sure to have everything you need. You will feel invulnerable knowing that your essential items are all in a safe hand. A perfect beach day is only possible if you are happy.

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Top 10 Best Beach Bag For Women In 2020

10. Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bag For Women 

Mesh Beach Bag

You will love this mesh beach bag. It comes in 7 outer pockets, 1 inner spacious pocket, and another inner waterproof pocket. What’s special is that the 7 pockets are all mesh so that sand will just fall off without you worrying. It’s the perfect bag to bring along to your next beach day! You can have what you need both from the outside as well as from the inside. Everything is where it should be.

  • Splash-proof Zippered Pocket
  • Clever Key Chains
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Strong Sewing

9. Extra Large Beach Bags and Totes 

Extra Large Beach Bags and Totes 

That’s right! The bag is literally 30 inches long. You can fit every single item you need to go to the beach, plus possessions from 4 other family members. 5 towels, 5 sets of clothes, 5 swimming gears, 5 slippers, 5 sunblocks and you still have the room left for more. Moreover, the bag is super portable because of its lightweight, but sturdy material. This bag worth every penny you invest in it. Best if you have many children.

  • 30’’ extra-large storage space
  • More pockets and zippers
  • Comfortable straps
  • Lightweight but sturdy

8. Rutledge & King Beach Bag

Rutledge & King Beach Bag

A bag that looks like a designer bag but does not have the designer bag price tag. Rutledge & King offers you this high of a quality beach bag you cannot find a better deal in the market. The durability is just straight out unmatched compared to anything in the market. Additionally, the design is unique and superior because it doesn’t just look good at the beach. You can style it in every season or climate your country has.

  • The perfect size tote bag
  • Superior design
  • Comfortable rope handles
  • Four unique styles and sizes

7. Handmade Bali Ata Straw Woven – Beach Bag For Women Handmade Bali Ata Straw Woven

Made entirely from natural high graded rattan fiber, this handcrafted beach bag will suit you best. The professional Vietnamese artisans handwaved a quality bag so that you come out looking unique and attractive. More importantly, the bag is the product of Sholov’s mission to create an environmentally friendly product that is safe and recyclable. Diversify your beach outfits with this new beach bag. Not only that you don’t look like everyone else, you are consistently contributing to saving the environment.


6. Large Foldable Beach Bag With Zipper

Large Foldable Beach Bag With Zipper

The design is not only space-saving but also money. You can easily fold it and have it with you every time. It saves you from having to buy another bag. Plus, it is water repellent so you don’t need a plastic bag at all. The provided PVC that comes with the bag will house your phones securely from water and other liquids. This elegant and adventure-proof beach bag will never ever let you down.

  • Best foldable beach bag
  • Space-saving foldable design
  • Thoughtful multipurpose tote bag
  • Roomy versatile bag
  • Top-notch quality

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5. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable

You can never find a smart design on a beach bag quite like this. It features a wet pocket in which you can access from the outer compartment pocket. Now, you don’t have to worry about having to have another plastic bag for your wet clothes and swimming gear. It is effortless to reach and very simple to clean. In addition, the shoulder straps equipped with breathable mesh help you ease the stress and tension built on your shoulder.

  • Upgraded wet pocket design
  • Durable material
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Large capacity and multi compartment

4. OdyseaCo – Kauai Beach Bag 

OdyseaCo - Kauai Beach Bag 

Taking into account that your beach bag is not only versatile but also fashionable. You take a look at the pattern on this Kauai beach bag from Odyseaco. The material tears and rip-resistant. The rope handle is extra thick. All are just to make sure that you are in safe hand. So, you get both: fashionable and versatile. This bag is the perfect combination of those two making it a must-have item in 2020.

  • Classic Polynesian design
  • XL Capacity
  • Uniquely styled
  • Re-enforced stitching throughout
  • Superior quality assured

3. Large Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Zipper 

Large Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Zipper 

Some beach bags focus on size so that customers can fit everything in but some beach bags are just wild. Very much like this beach bag that 3 functional purpose within only 1 body. The most unusual of all is that it features a practical cooler right at the bottom of the bag. The cooler is leak-proof from the FDA. Last but not least, the other 2 functions are mesh pockets to let the sand fall off and an outer bag.

  • Multi-function
  • Leak-proof
  • Travel necessity

2. Ayliss Women Straw Woven Tote Large  

Ayliss Women Straw Woven Tote Large  

A beach bag that is as tough as steel, but light to the touch. It is strategically handwoven by exquisite expertise. The top zipper closure securely guards the one inner pocket holding all your essentials. The PU strap covers your shoulder does not put any stress on your shoulder. It is the perfect gift for your female friend, respectful mother, and yourself. A pretty stunning accessory that will strike balance on your outfit and in your closet.

  • Versatile design
  • Pure handmade

1. Shylero Beach Bag XXL – Beach Bag For Women 

Shylero Beach Bag XXL 

As versatile as any beach bag can be, nothing can top this bag from Shylero. It features a built-in key holder and a bottle opener solely just for your convenience. The bag comes with a small water/sand/dustproof bag for your phone, cash, and makeup. You can choose to wear a smaller bag individually however you want. The durable water repellent bag protects your items from every way possible. Nothing can seep its way through!

  • Durable, washable, waterproof canvas
  • Large and roomy
  • Top magnet buttons
  • Sturdy and comfy

The thing you need might be overlooked. It’s the little things that will tip you right off and ruin your perfect beach day. You don’t want to come out having a wet bag, a broken phone, or messed up cash and credit cards. And not to mention the super annoying moments when there is sand everywhere. Sometimes, it is just impossible to clean them off when you really need them too. Those can be completely preventable if only you prepare well. Take a beach bag with you and do yourself a big favor.

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