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Bathtub Caddy Trays

Bathtubs are the most relaxing spots in your home. A bath in warm water and soothing music blasting in the background might just be enough to wash away the negative feelings from a tiring day at work. Imagine if you get to have delicious food in this scenario. With the bathtub caddy trays, you won’t even have to reach out for the glass of wine; it can sit on the tray right over your tub.

The caddy trays come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some trays can only hold your food and wine, there are some which even has sections for your tablet computer and candles. These trays are a great addition to your home that will enhance your bathing experience. Although all the trays have the same goal, ensuring your comfort; they come in very different designs. Read on to choose the best for you.

Top 10 Best Bathtub Caddy Trays in 2020

10. Simath Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Simath Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Made with completely environmentally friendly bamboo, the luxury tray is an excellent companion in your bathtub. The tray weighs very low and the bamboo used is resistant to water. You can even keep it a bit submerged in your bathtub.

The caddy has sections for your wine glass, books/ tablet, soap, and loofah. You slide each handle on the sides to expand the tray. The caddy is also great for keeping your soap and other stuff on it when you aren’t using it in the bathtub. It will certainly add to your comforting bath.

9. Tregini Luxury Caddy

Tregini Luxury Caddy

This Bathtub caddy tray is outstandingly designed and looks very classy. You can use it as your breakfast in bed tray as well. It comes with a wine glass holder, a slot for headphones and a book rack that is adjustable!

The caddy is made of natural bamboo. You can extend it to about 43 inches. The design really holds whatever you put on the tray. It ensured that nothing will fall off. If you would love a luxury spa in your own bathtub, you should definitely choose this brilliantly designed bathtub caddy tray.

8. Morvat Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Morvat Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

A caddy tray made completely of bamboo and has extended sides as well! This tray from Morvat is suitable for everyone in the family. The size is flexible as it has extendable sides. An interesting feature about this tray is that the phone holder keeps your phone standing straight. A Spa spray and a travel bag are free with this tray. You can share it with your significant other as well because there are two wine glass holders. This is the ultimate romantic caddy tray you can find.

7. Oron Bamboo Tray Caddy

Oron Bamboo Tray Caddy

A simple and efficient bathtub caddy tray. The tray has sections for holding everything you can imagine using while relaxing in the warm water. It is completely made of environmentally friendly bamboo. The glass or food holder is in one corner of the tray and the tablet holder is in the middle. It also has a small section for your candles.

If you are a reader, you should definitely buy this. You can hold your book in different angles in this caddy tray. The grooves keep this tray in place, so it won’t slide into the tub. The tray can be from 29 to 43 inches.

6. HOMFA Bamboo Caddy

HOMFA Bamboo Caddy

An excellent bathtub caddy tray that will hold your devices in place and keep them secure. The backstop for your book or kindle is waterproof and in a sleek black color. The tray looks very classy and luxurious. You can extend the arms in two sides up to 43 inches. The wine glass holder is suitable for any size. A cotton pouch is included in the packet.

5. SONGMICS Bathtub Caddy Tray

SONGMICS Bathtub Caddy Tray

One of the most stylish caddy trays out there. The tray is completely made of natural bamboo, but it is colored so it looks different from other bamboo trays. A removable section is included here which can be used for holding your shampoo, towels or even snacks. The caddy is completely assembled and ready to use when it arrives. The rounded corners ensure that you don’t get bumps anywhere. The tray is great for bathing with kids.

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4. Utoplike Luxury Bathtub Caddy

Utoplike Luxury Bathtub Caddy

A classy looking bathtub caddy tray. The backstop is waterproof in this tray and has a section for the phone. The tray has a simple design and looks elegant. It is minimal unlike the other trays, which is great for focusing on your bath only.

The bamboo sticks are removable, so you can adjust them the way you want to. It can be extended up to 41.5 inches. The tray promises to last a long time and is very lightweight as well. Invest in it to feed your wishes of comfort.

3. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Caddy

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Caddy

This bamboo bathtub caddy tray is from one of the most reputed companies. It comes with a soap holder completely free! The whole tray is waterproof and made of highly durable materials which will last a long time. The tray is especially for couples. You can your significant other can enjoy a spa-like experience with this amazing tray. It’s a bit expensive but considering the comfort it will provide, the price is right.

2. Useful. Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy

Useful. Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy

An interesting bathtub caddy tray. The tray is completely made of steel and the design is very practical. The steel used is stainless and the extendable arms have vinyl on the surface to prevent scratches. It is a very clever design. You can read books, keep your loofah and soap on this and even add a cup of fruits if you would like.

1. Umbra Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Trays

Umbra Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This bathtub caddy tray comes with rubber grips that will ensure your tray does not slip. The design is very simple and elegant. It has a section for a wine glass, a tablet/book holder and a soap dish. The design is very lightweight as well. The arms that hold your tray are removable. You can get this inexpensive bath caddy for regular use.

Bathtub caddy trays are awesome for comforting baths. You should definitely get one to have a relaxing experience at the end of the day or a romantic bath with your significant other. Most of them are affordable; choose one that fits your bathtub best. 

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