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The Barbie toys has been by far the most district play doll in history. This generation, however, has its treats in a set of toys that come with their favorite Barbie toys. For the most part, the Barbie toys have come a long way since the introduction as a fashion doll in the late 1950s. For the kids, Barbie toys mean joy and they will not be able to resist themselves from playing with their favorite toys. Barbie toys do own so many stories as well as incarnation so that she can prove a role model for the child. Here are some of the best Barbie toys, which are available in the market.

Top 10 Barbie Toys in 2020

10. Barbie Beach Cruiser

Barbie Beach Cruiser

Starting off our list of fun is the Barbie Beach Cruiser. Take Barbie and Ken out to relax on the beach with the perfect ride made just for them

It consists of our two favorite Barbie dolls, Ken and Barbie, together with a toy beach cruiser in Barbie’s iconic glamorous pink with black accents, brilliant white seats, and silver wheels.

  • Barbie beach set with Barbie in a glamorous pink beach dress
  • Ken, the doll, in a blue, accented tank top and striped beach shorts and flip flops
  • Barbie’s beach cruiser in dazzling pink

9. Barbie Flipping Gymnast

Barbie Flipping Gymnast


Next on the list is the Barbie Flipping gymnast. This is a set for the young and sporty at heart. It comes with a gymnast student for Barbie ready for flipping exercise

This glam set comes with a toddler-sized doll perched in a blue-accented leotard on a flipping board, together with a full-sized Barbie coach. The student begins with magnetized dock under her feet to stay hooked on the flipping launch board

  • Toddler barbie flipping doll in a blue leotard
  • Launching Flipboard and landing pad
  • Flipping launch board
  • Barbie coach doll

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8. Barbie Glam Pool

Barbie Glam Pool

Preview Product Rating Price
Barbie Glam Pool Barbie Glam Pool $34.50

What better way to get to number 8 down this list than with then Barbie glam pool? Take out Barbie and her friends on a pool holiday with this set

This barbie set comes with an array of pieces like a miniature Barbie pool that can fill up with water to create a realistic pool party.

  • 2 pink lounge chairs
  • Glamorous pink water slide
  • Blue fillable miniature pool

7. Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset

Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset


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Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset $19.99

Let your dreams come to life with the Barbie doctor playset. This playset comes at number 7 on our list because who does not want to grow up successful. Help Barbie take care of two baby dolls

This playset comes with a standard Barbie doll donning a blue nurse outfit wit scrubs and professional white shoes. Barbie plays and cares for two baby dolls that are still in care. The set comes with necessary tools and kits like washbasins

  • Barbie dressed as a nurse
  • Two baby dolls in a holder
  • Caring tools including stethoscope, two baby towels, medical chart, bottle

6. Barbie Fairytale Dress Up

Barbie Fairytale Dress Up

Allow your child’s imagination to run while they play dress up with your favorite doll in 2020. This set is of a princess Barbie set to go out on a fairy tale adventure

This package comes with Barbie and several different dress pieces. The signature piece is princess barbie donning a pink tiara that blends with the other outfitting accessories

  • Swimsuit fairy skirt
  • Snap-on glittery wings
  • Adventure shoes

5. Barbie Glam Convertible

Barbie Glam Convertible

Preview Product Rating Price
Barbie Convertible Vehicle Barbie Convertible Vehicle $17.88

Today’s number 5 pick is the Barbie Glam Convertible. Cruise down the adventure road with a friend in Barbie’s very own posh car.

The glam convertible comes in Barbies iconic pink with realistic tires and seatbelts. It is glamorous and stylish yet with enough space to snugly fit two

  • Room for two
  • Shiny pink exterior with black accents
  • Realistic rollable wheels with silver rims

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4. Barbie Pop-up camper

Barbie Pop-up camper

Barbie goes camping with friends in this pop-up camper. Don’t let barbie go alone. This three-story playset is the best way to go on camping with your dolls

This three-story high camper RV comes with state of the earth transformative features. Pull up a lever, and viola Barbie’s utility RV comes to life. The chairs have a toilet seat under it, the back tire once flipped becomes a fire pit, and the steering wheel becomes a sink

  • Transformative camping design
  • Slide on the side of the vehicle
  • Expansive play area

3. Barbie Glam Getaway House

Barbie Glam Getaway House

What better way to relax than having your me-time than in a charming getaway house? Take Barbie out on mythical adventures and return to this getaway for some relaxation

This Barbie relax set comes with a kitchenette bedroom and bathroom en suite. The kitchenette comes with a stove, a counter, and two chair stools. It also arrives with teapots, cooking pots, and plates. The bedroom comes with a bed with soft, cozy blankets and a chandelier

  • Unfolding latch
  • Kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom
  • Barbie House accessories like cookware

2. Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Underwater adventures fill our number 2 spot on this list with the Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbie just joined the merpeople. This glam doll comes with a shimmering tail that glitters in water. The tail comes to life with a button press behind the doll’s necklace. Barbie comes with detailed pearl belts, rainbow fins and pink-streaked hair with a tiara to make her princess of the underwater

  • Rainbow fin
  • Sparkling tail lights
  • Princess Tiara

1. Barbie DreamHouse

Barbie DreamHouse

This our top pick for this list. Let Barbie live her dream with this mansionnete dreamhouse. This adventure brings Barbie to the best place ever, home.

This is a three-story playhouse fit for a princess Barbie and her friends. Compete with an elevator and pool this dreamhouse if the ultimate adventure. The house comes with eight rooms, including a kitchen, a bathhouse, a bedroom, a living room, a garage, a patio, and a pool extension. It also has an elevator that holds four dolls for easy transportation per floor

  • Pool and slide
  • Elevator
  • 360 play view

Its adventure time with these playsets for your child. Whether as a birthday present or a gift, these toys hold as the perfect present for that your adorable angel. Your kids can invite their friends to play with Barbie toys. They will be able to develop their social skills as well as learn management skills too.

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