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Best Ball Chairs for Office in 2020 | Steady When Seated

Sitting all day can be hazardous to your health, but that’s exactly what we are bound to do for most of our professional lives. Luckily, there are tools you can experiment with as a substitute, such as a ball chair. Supposedly, they help to increase core strength, improve posture and strengthen trunk muscle.

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If you are facing trouble sitting for hours on your typical office chair, it’s time to venture out and get a ball chair. After all, it’s worth investing in products that you can get daily use out of. To help you through it, we are here with a list of the best ball chairs in the market.

Top 10 Best Ball Chairs for Office of 2020

10. Aeromat Adjustable Fit Ball Chair

Aeromat Adjustable Fit Ball Chair

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Aeromat Adjustable-fit Ball Chair - Black Aeromat Adjustable-fit Ball Chair - Black No ratings yet

Here’s a ball chair to provide the utmost balance for your skeletal system. The chair is flexible, making it easy for you to move backward and forward and adjust to your comfort.

Design and Quality:

– Comes in black, keeping it neutral

– Strongly fixed wheels for portability


– Adjustable

– High maneuverability.

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9. My Fitness Gear Stability Ball

My Fitness Gear Stability Ball

Here’s a durable anti-burst stability ball suitable for use at home or office, as well as an exercise ball. Incorporate this into your daily life to acquire easy improvement in posture.

Design and Quality:

– Available in green

– Durable and sturdy


– Easy to inflate with the included pump

– Large size that provides comfortable seating.

8. CanDo Plastic Mobile Ball Chair

CanDo Plastic Mobile Ball Chair

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CanDo - 30-1792 Plastic Mobile Ball Chair, Adult Size, 20' CanDo - 30-1792 Plastic Mobile Ball Chair, Adult Size, 20" No ratings yet $78.75

This ball chair from CanDo supports the ergonomic seating system that helps in the reduction of back, leg and arm aches. It comes with an option to remove the back, creating a more challenging task of maintaining a steady posture.

Design and Quality:

– Sturdy wheels

– Secure placement of the exercise ball on the chair base


– Removable back

– Need to assemble.

7. Champion Sports

Champion Sports

Here’s an all-in-one ball chair ideal for use at the office and home for active-sitting, or as an exercise ball for balance workouts. Remove the ball from the chair-base to use it as an alternative to a yoga ball.

Design and Quality:

– A detachable ball from the chair base

– Frame made of strong plastic


– Large and heavy-duty ball seat

– The back section is sculpted to hug the ball.

6. Homecircles Yoga Ball Chairs

Homecircles Yoga Ball Chairs

This ball chair is considered as a chair by itself, as it comes without a separate chair base to place the ball on. It has the most supportive seat made of flexible PVC that makes it comfortable to sit throughout the day.

Design and Quality:

– Available in multiple colors

– Ribbed and matte texture


– Secured due to anti-slip surface

– Includes a foot-pump that inflates the ball quickly.

5. Fit-Chair with Base

Fit-Chair with Base

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Fit-Chair 40090 with Base Fit-Chair 40090 with Base No ratings yet

For proactive sitting at the office, get this unique ball chair that will help relieve stress and tension on your back and hip as you engage your postural muscle. Since it does not come with back support, you will naturally sit upright leading to an improved posture.

Design and Quality:

– Ribbed texture for friction

– Steady when seated


– Lightweight

– Enhances core stability.

4. Safco Products

Safco Products

 If you are fond of bright colors, get this unique shaped part-ball part-chair from Safco. This ball chair provides you the option to adjust the height as per your liking thereby, allowing a lower or elevated view.

Design and Quality:

– Comes in multiple bright colors such as pink, orange and green

– Surfaced with polyester mesh


– The ball does not shift at all

– Easy to assemble.

3. Bintiva Stability Ball Chair

Bintiva Stability Ball Chair

Here’s another ball chair that would work perfectly for both active-sitting and exercising. Its unique feature of the removable cover allows it to be washed when you need to. Moreover, you get an option to choose the cover of your choice, a smooth one or a rugged one.

Design and Quality:

– Elegant-looking

– Non-slip overlay with a convenient fabric handle


– Includes a foot pump to inflate the ball

– Anti-burst.

2. M57 Adult Ergonomic

M57 Adult Ergonomic

This ball chair has an elegant design that does a wonderful job of transforming your daily sitting pattern. It’s shaped in a way to provide the maximum comfort while you strengthen your core muscles. Besides, it’s made with eco-friendly materials.

Design and Quality:

– Designed to fit casual or professional décor

– Microfiber cushion


– Resistant steel frame to support weight up to 380 lbs.

– Withstands shape even with intensive use

1. Vivora Luno

Vivora Luno

This is one of the finest posture activating ball chair that supports your back and core muscles through constant hours of sitting. The high-quality ball chair looks like a modern version of an ottoman that can be a substitute for a home or office décor.

Design and Quality:

– Available in multiple neutral colors

– Extra thick carry-handle to support easy transport


– Need to be set-up following instructions

– Withstands weight up to 400 lbs.

Ball chairs as an alternative to the standard office chairs benefit people in many ways. The idea is to maintain a certain posture which automatically happens due to the curved top surface, making it more challenging for you to sit upright. While it aids a lot of people, it has not proved to be helpful to everyone. That being said, if you are suffering from poor posture and weak core muscles, there’s no harm in trying out a ball chair instead. We are sure that this article will help you choose one out of the best ball chairs and see for yourself.

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