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Best Back Scrubber

We all have faced discomfort and difficulty while trying to brush our backs in the shower. Back scrubbers have been catering to our backs since time unknown. They are the best companions to many of us who cannot reach our backs with a loofah or soap bars. Scratching and cleaning are two very different things, so you cannot use a back scratcher in the shower either. The back scrubbers come in different shape and sizes. You can choose one based on your preference. The versatility in their design is very impressive. They come in different colors as well. Below we have listed the best back scrubbers for you to choose from, as without a good back scrubber; bathing doesn’t seem right.

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Top 10 Best Back Scrubber in 2020

10. Body Brush by Ithyes

Body Brush by Ithyes


Do you struggle with exfoliation on your back and getting rid of those dead skins? The Body Brush from Ithyes is an excellent back scrubber that will help you exfoliate the unreachable parts on your back. Blood circulation also increases with the use of this back scrubber along with better drainage in the lymphatic system. This results in healthy and glowing skin.

The brush is highly durable and does not take much time to dry itself. You can apply it on your skin all over your body as the bristles are very soft and gentle.

9. Aquis Back Scrubber

Aquis Back Scrubber


This is an exfoliating back scrubber. The scrubber gets rid of your dead skin and keeps it smooth. You can reach the whole of your back with this scrubber easily. It has two sides; one side has microfibers and the other is loofah. You can wrap this around your body like a towel; whichever side you prefer facing your body and scrub away. The microfibers are smooth in texture and can massage your body too!

8. Viva Loofah Sponge

Viva Loofah Sponge

Have you had a long week and would just love to visit the spa on the weekend? Well, you don’t have to drive to the spa if you have this premium quality back scrubber at home. The Loofah sponge is a mesh which is extremely soft to touch and great for sensitive type of skin. The handle of this sponge is long and flexible. You can dry it simply by hanging it outside.

7. Bath Blossom Bath Brush

Bath Blossom Bath Brush

This is a bamboo bath brush with bristles on both ends. One end has soft bristles for massaging and the other end has stiff bristles for exfoliating. The brush helps increase blood circulation and gives your back a healthy glow. The handle is of 17.5 inch in length, which is large enough to reach all the areas of anyone’s back. As it is made of bamboo, it is highly durable and will last a long time.

6. Spin Spa Brush

Spin Spa Brush

A tech-savvy back scrubber for you! The Spin Spa brush is electrically powered and has five different brushes for your back. You don’t need to plug it in anywhere, it is battery powered. The five types of brushes are regular brush, massager, pumice rock, cleansing brush and Microderm brush head.

You can also control the speed you want in this brush. This feature will let you use the Spin Spa Body Brush on different parts of your body.

5. GESPERT Bath Body Brush

GESPERT Bath Body Brush

A good old fashioned silicone made a brush. It is very soft and has two sides on its head. One side has more concentrated and longer bristles, the other has less and shorter bristles. So you can use it for scrubbing, cleaning and massaging. It is completely BPA free so it’s good for your health and the environment as well.

The handle is made of steel and has a silicone covering. The steel handle makes the brush durable. You can use it for a long time.

4. Beurer Cleansing Shower Brush

Beurer Cleansing Shower Brush

This is another battery-powered back scrubber, it is rechargeable as well! The brush comes with two different detachable heads. One head is a massager and the other can be used for exfoliating. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use this without worry.

The scrubber also has different settings for speed. The two settings ensure that you have excellent comfort while cleansing yourself. A charging cable comes in the packet.

3. SALUX Skin Cloth


SALUX Skin Cloth

A popular skin cloth manufactured in Japan. The beauty skin cloth has won awards for outstanding performance. Although this back scrubber was initially marketed to attract women, men can use it as well. If you have cellulite, you will love this back scrubber. The texture is unique and soft but good for exfoliating.

The skin cloth is better than the regular loofahs and lasts longer as well. It does not require much cleaning and dries itself in air.

2. Voda Reve Back Scrubber

Voda Reve Back Scrubber

Like many others mentioned here, this loofah also has one massaging softer side and other exfoliating rougher side. The best thing about this exfoliating loofah is that it can go around your body like a belt. So you can clean in a faster and easier manner. People who have back acne and acne-prone skin often struggle with cleaning their back properly. Sometimes scrubbing too hard can increase the acne and blackheads. This back scrubber is an excellent loofah for them. It is very gentle so won’t cause any new breakouts.

1. Loofah Shower Pouf Back Scrubber

Loofah Shower Pouf Back Scrubber

A brilliantly designed back scrubber. This bath sponge is made of charcoal fibers that are extracted from bamboo trees. It is not only environment-friendly but also excellent for the benefit of your health and your skin. Charcoal is often used in face packs, masks and beauty products to enhance skin glow and to clean the skin. It is resistant to mildew and you can use it all over your body as well.

Bathing is one of the best parts of our day. You would want to make sure that you enjoy it and clean yourself properly at the same time. Back scrubbers can help you achieve just that, choose one that suits you best!

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