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There are a lot of developments happening all over the world. Cities develop day in day out and they are aesthetically appealing by the day. All the credit for all the beautiful and pleasing scenarios in every city partly goes to architects. No one can lie to you that they have no part in it. This is an ugly joke because architects are responsible for the designing of the buildings we see around. The more beautiful the building is the more beautiful a city will be. The world is full of first-class architects to the best architecture schools we have today.

These professionals from various first-class institutions bring the dreams of many people to reality. We live in an era where it is not enough that you own a building. What makes things better is how stylish the building is and you can judge this by its design. I am sure humanity is glad that we have architects around. It is even more proud of the institutions that produce them.

Today, you will get to know the top ten architecture schools in the world 2017. They are the universities that every person who wants to be an architect should look forward to joining. Not only are they said to be the greatest but they continue to prove this every day.

Top 10 Architecture Schools in the World

10. University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong


The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is among the few best architecture schools we have that offer architecture as a course. It is well staffed and equipped to ensure that students of architecture have everything they need at their disposal. One way that the university manages to produce highly skilled individuals is by offering them more hands-on practicals and research projects.

The design is their primary emphasis, and the curriculum is multidisciplinary. This means that they get to learn a lot of other essential skills and get knowledge that make them well-rounded individuals. They educate the students using a model called studio learning and this brings the information at a more personal level.

This is because they work with tutors while in smaller groups. One important factor to note is that the students take part in design processes in China. This gives them an experience of the real-life making them ready for life after school.

9. National University of Singapore (NUS)

National University of Singapore (NUS)


This university has been described by many people to be the University of Choice is Singapore. Well, it also is a top choice in the world for architectural learning. It has numerous professionally trained staff capable of producing all-rounded professional architects.

The department of architecture has been around for over fifty years. It has never failed to deliver excellence. The National University of Singapore, the department of Architecture is unique because it offers you a number of options to choose from. You are free to choose what interests you most and what links well with your talent. Their curriculum is also interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary. This ensures that students amass a wealth of knowledge.

The students engage in numerous social projects that prepare them for the real tasks after school. With all the opportunities they get to test their skills, they get better by the day. The track record for this university is without a doubt the best.

8. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, the Department of Architecture prides itself on their history of success stories with their students. It prides in the fact that they have produced professionals in the in design teaching as well as research. This has been their aim and they have done a great job so far.

As they live to achieve their objectives and purpose, they also fulfill the goals of their students. When it comes to urban designing as well as contextual designing, we can say that this is one of the best  architecture we have. The world is ever-changing, and these aspects of design are vital.

The school offers high-quality research experience to their students. This university has a rich history of producing highly imaginative, creative, and free thinkers in the field of architecture. With the architectural culture being rich and always evolving, it is vital that creativity is tested beyond the limits. This is what makes the University of Cambridge an excellent choice.

7. ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institution of Technology

ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institution of Technology


ETH Zurich has one of the leading departments of architecture. This is a university that people esteem and give it high regards because of the level of excellence witnessed by the students and the world. The institution esteems itself as one that encourages creative creations that are out of this world.

It prides itself on the creativity and imaginations of their students. This is a show of their success as the dispensers of knowledge. What they teach their students is to articulate any complex process, to make problems become fruitful, and more. The students always engage in numerous projects to test their skills.

The staff always ensures that offer sounder advice a support to their students giving them an edge. Their labs are created amazingly and they have some of the best equipment for their students. The lab is designed in such a way that it is relevant to construction processes of the real world.

6. Harvard University

Harvard University


I am sure many of you would have ditched this list if we did not mention Harvard University. This is because it is a university that has already made a name for itself. It has a special place in the world’s best universities in history. Harvard offers a robust learning system for their architectural students.

The learning process always incorporates the latest and most up to date creative designs. Not a single day has Harvard failed to produce top-rated architects in the world. The University uses the student’s imagination, creativity, and skills taught to make them a success. It also depends on numerous sources of knowledge to educate their student.

The curriculum will usually incorporate technology, theory, design studio, history, visuals, and professional practice. The department also ensures that students amass knowledge from specialized critics and theorists. All these sources of knowledge set them at a higher level.

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5. Manchester School of Architecture

Manchester School of Architecture


Manchester School of Architecture is made from a collaboration of the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. One fascinating thing about studying at this university is that you will earn a degree from the two universities. The students that enroll in this school get to enjoy various study materials.

This is because they have access to the resources and facilities provided by both universities. This university has a high number of staff. This team has specialists in the field. This means that as a student, you will be taught by professionals. This university uses a multi-disciplinary curriculum. It includes urban development, urban design, conservation and management of the Historical environment, and landscape and ecological design.

This means that you will have a variety of preferences to choose from. The university owns the Manchester Architecture Research Center where all research is done.

4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

University of California, Berkeley is a university that prides itself on its award-winning faculty of architecture. There is no doubt that they have indeed earned every recognition they have gotten. The department of architecture is guided by social, environmental, and cultural values that propel it forward.

They apply a multidisciplinary module of teaching that helps them produce all-rounded professionals in the field and offer scholarly research, teaching that is innovative, critical design inquiry and processes, among others.

They incorporate a lot of aspects in their teachings like urban design, design theory, Building Science and sustainability, and visual studies just to mention a few. Experimentation is also a very vital aspect of the teaching process. This way, students know how to apply their skills.

3. Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

When it comes to the Delft University of Technology, the Department of Architecture and Built Environment is the biggest. It is also one of the best we have in the entire world. It has been able to produce some of the most notable architects in the world that we will always read about.

They offer Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s Degrees. They have a robust research program that helps their students develop their skills. Studying architecture in this university means that one will be able to put together thinking and making processes. This will, in turn, produce well thought and creatively made structures.

As a university, it dedicates its time, effort, and resources to its students because it is a sure investment. With the robust learning system, the students get the best and that is why they become the best. Choosing this university will not disappoint anyone.

2. University College London (UCL), Bartlett School of Architecture

University College London (UCL), Bartlett School of Architecture


Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the most esteemed architecture schools that we have today. There is no telling where society would look like without Bartlett professional alumnus. The curriculum offered at Bartlett is multidisciplinary. Their teaching methods are interdisciplinary which is very beneficial in making students all-rounded professionals.

This school has won numerous awards for being exemplary in their dealings. It is rigorous in their academic teachings, always up-to-date, and design-led. The motivation behind this school is to build that which will add Value to the people. It upholds innovative thinking, and forward thinking mentality in order to achieve excellence. The students undergo intensive training and research activities with an aim to prepare them for the real tasks ahead.

Studying at Bartlett will expose you to a radical environment that will push students out of their comfort zones. This way, they will always be on toes becoming the best versions of themselves.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

It is no surprise that MIT tops our list today, is it? It is the best place for anyone who wants to be an architect. The institution has been able to prove this fact over the years. Its long history of excellence cannot be disputed for any reason. Studying architecture at MIT is a privilege because of the robust learning experience from all sources.

The main center of focus at MIT is contemporary practices. This leads to contemporary designing processes. The institution employs an interdisciplinary module of teaching that imparts a lot of relevant knowledge to the students. The faculty is made of experienced and specialized individuals who work best to produce professionals.

They are also architecture practitioners who are active in society. Therefore, the learning environment is exquisite giving the students an engaging and collaborative environment. However, this environment opens up the students to possibilities. Furthermore, this makes them take advantage of their abilities and capabilities.

The architecture schools mentioned above are some of the best university teaching architecture. However, it is no doubt that we all agree to that. Furthermore, their track record of excellence and success is evident and indisputable. Therefore, the many professionals we have all over the world are from these institutions.

This gives anyone the confidence that they will come out as seasoned professionals. Therefore, as you look forward to enrolling for architecture studies, ensure that these are your first choices. You can rest be assured that all your dreams will come true. All you have to do is put your all in the learning process.

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