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Best Acrylic nail drill in 2020 | For Flawless Nails

Acrylic nail drill, a hand-piece portable machine that does wonders for your nails. From polishing it, grinding, cutting, carving to removing dead cuticle cells and gel polish from your nails, are all done with acrylic nail drill. This is an essential device stated by all professionals in the nails/manicure industry therefore beginners who recently got themselves enrolling in nail-art school don’t forget to get one.

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Top 10 Best Acrylic nail drill in 2020

10. Electric Nail Drill

Electric Nail Drill

Wanting an acrylic nail drill that is portable, efficient and most of all cute, then this is it for your likings. In the lovely pink color made of aluminum alloy, has 6 nail bits with sanding bands, is of low vibration/noise and heat. I mean, this has it all.

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Heat dispensing hole
  • Low vibration/noise
  • 6 nail bits with sanding bands
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • Portable & Light-weighted hand-piece
  • Speed maximum of 20000RPM

9. BTArtbox Acrylic Nail Drill

BTArtbox Acrylic Nail Drill

Keeping acrylic nails maintained is difficult, and it helps to have an acrylic nail drill such as this one from BTArbox. The device offers multiple uses made for gel-polish dip powder nails, acrylic nails, and removable of cuticle dead skin. You can even use it to remove calluses as well.

  • Multiple uses for professional and home use
  • Does carving, grinding, engraving, sanding, and more
  • Low noise and heat vibration
  • Variable speed control from 3000-30000 RPM
  • Foot pedal with two rotation direction
  • Space-saving design
  • RoHS MSDS CE Certified

8. Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine Professional 20000 RPM

Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine Professional 20000 RPM 

Amazon’s Choice under “acrylic nail drill” goes to this mechanism. Made of highly qualified aluminum alloy, dispense heat, is of low vibration, has 6 metallic drill bits and has an adjustable speed that goes up to 20000RPM. Impressive isn’t it?

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Heat dispensing hole
  • Low vibration/noise
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • Portable & Light-weighted hand-piece
  • 6 metal drill bits & sanding bands
  • Max adjustable speed of 20000RPM

7. MelodySusie

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill

Moving on to Amazon number 1 best seller under the category of “Acrylic Nail Tools” with over thousands of positive reviews, this takes the title. In the coloration of purple don’t be fool by the cute aesthetics making you think that this gadget might not be up to par, because there are over 2000 people who loved it.

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Heat dispensing hole
  • Low vibration/noise
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • Portable & Light-weighted hand-piece
  • 6 metal drill bits with sanding bands
  • Max speed of 20000RPM

6. Bestidy

Bestidy Best Gift Electric Nail Drill Kit

Annoyed by the fact that every time you’re using an acrylic nail drill, the noise irritates you. Well then, this drill would be the solution to your current annoyance. It also has ventilation holes to prevent over-heating and many more special features listed below.

  • Made of premium Metal
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Heat dispensing hole
  • Low vibration/noise
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • Portable & Light-weighted hand-piece
  • USB chargeable output
  • 6 nail bits
  • Max variable speed of 20000RPM

5. IRSEE Electric Nail Drill

IRSEE Electric Nail Drill

The IRSEE is another professional multi-functional acrylic nail drill with low heat, noise, and vibration with a portable design. The device has a cordless and rechargeable design with an LCD screen, and you can use it up to ten hours without the cord. Using the nail drill is a breeze with the forward and reverse rotation suitable for both left and right-handers.

  • Six different metal bits with adjustable 3000-30000 RPM
  • Suitable to use on gel polish dip powder and natural acrylic nails
  • Removes cuticle dead skin and calluses
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Ten hours of use without the cord
  • Lightweight and portable with the aluminum design
  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • Variable speed

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4. Electric Nail Drill Professional

Electric Nail Drill Professional

An acrylic nail drill that not only polishes, cuts and craves with it 6 metal drill bits but also has 100 pieces of sanding bands that helps remove excess or dead cuticle cells of your nails, is what this product is designed to do. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Low Heat
  • Low vibration/noise
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • 6 drill metal bits & 100 pieces of sanding bands
  • Light-weighted hand-piece
  • Max speed of 20000RPM

3. UPSTARTECH Electric Nail Drill

UPSTARTECH Electric Nail Drill

The UPSTARTECH acrylic nail drills suitable to use for all types of nail and carving work. You can use it on PET nails as well, with the adjustable speed up to 20000 RPM. You get a smooth yet low vibration with an excellent grip. Furthermore, you can use it to remove cuticles, calluses, and smooth out corns.

  • Variable speed up to 20000 RPM
  • Low noise with low vibration
  • Comfortable grip
  • Removes cuticles, calluses, and corns
  • Comes with six optional bits
  • Works with DIY Acrylic Nails, Gel Polishes, and Regular Polishes

2. SCOBUTY Nail Drill Machine

SCOBUTY Nail Drill Machine

Here is another multi-function nail drill machine; you can use professionally or at home. You get six drills with six nylon wheels to do different pedicure tasks. The operations simple with the USB cable and come with variable speed. The aluminum body is lightweight to take anywhere and perfect manicure/pedicure tools.

  • Comes with six drills and six nylon wheels
  • Works with a USB cable
  • Variable rotary speed
  • Pen-shaped design
  • Mini design for professional polishing to using for manicures/pedicures

1. 30000RPM Portable Nail Drill Machine

30000RPM Portable Nail Drill Machine

Last but not least, this Amazon’s Choice acrylic nail drill is not only extremely small in size but is also of a full star rating. Ensuring you of the quality and satisfaction that comes after the purchase of it. Not to mention the usage of up to 8 hours and max speed of 30000RPM.

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • For Acrylic nails
  • Heat dispensing hole
  • Low vibration/noise
  • Switch – forward & reverse
  • Portable & Light-weighted
  • Rechargeable – 2.5 hours for usage of up to 8 hours
  • Max adjustable speed of 30000RPM

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How Do You Use Acrylic Nail Drill

How Do You Use Acrylic Nail Drill

The type of nail drill you buy and how you use it depends on specific factors. These factors include the kind of nail work to be done. The duration of use of a drill is another fact to be considered when using a drill.

If you are using an acrylic nail drill for personal use at home, a plug-in drill could serve you just fine. But for attending to more than one person at a time – probably in a beauty salon – you may need something portable. If you are also doing multiple nail procedures at once, you may need a drill with various functions.

It may be quite enticing to want to know all there is to using acrylic nail drills. But it is more important to be able to identify different types of nail drills and their various uses. Clearly, the kind of nail drill you use would depend on what you want to do. It would be dangerous to use a nail drill meant for a particular purpose to do something else. There are drill bits that are ideal for natural nails, and those that are good for acrylic nails. And while some are good for shaping acrylic nails, others are ideal for removal.

If you’re ready to begin your adventure with acrylic nail drills, here’s what you should do.

Insert the required bit on your drill, turn on the power, and work your way carefully around the nails.

While working on the cuticle, work at the least speed of the nail drill. Medium speed can be used to obtain concave shape and for backfills. And a faster rate can be employed for surface shaping. Never work at speeds beyond 15,000 RPM to avoid damaging the nails.

Given that drills tend to build up heat on the nails, you may want to be checking the nails while working. Always place a thumb on the nail in question to adequately monitor its temperature. This way, you can quickly raise the bit as soon as the temperatures begin to skyrocket.

Maintain a steady grip on the hand being worked n to avoid unnecessary movements resulting from the vibration.

Using Acrylic Nail Drill Bits on Natural Nails

Provided you follow necessary guidelines, nail drills are as safe on natural nails as they are on acrylic nails. For working on natural nails, extra-fine diamond or mandrel bit should be used at speeds between 2500 – 6000RPM. A nail oil that is compatible with the drill should also be used to reduce friction and heat.

Push back the cuticle to expose dead skin. Then with the fine diamond bit, move in a circular motion to remove dead skin. And finally, with a sanding band and sufficient nail oil, drive the bit across lateral folds in a horizontal position. Carry out the same procedure on the cuticle, but with extra care.

Afterward, polish the nails with buffing cream and a cotton buffer before applying a generous amount of cuticle oil on them.

How to Use Acrylic Nail Drill for Backfills

How to Use Acrylic Nail Drill for Backfills

For backfills, a French filled carbide barrel or diamond nail drill should be used.

To begin the backfill, draw out a curved line on the nail and place the drill at an angle of 10 degrees. Set your drill to a speed range between 5000 and 9000 RPM, then cut the curved line. Maintain the angle until the curve is complete, and do not apply so much pressure.

If you’re using a diamond drill for backfills, try to work from right to left for optimum results.

How to Use Acrylic Nail Drill to Fix Crack on Nails

To fix cracks on acrylic nails, use a speed range between 2500 and 6000 RPM to file out the crack. If you work with any speed below 2500RPM, vibrations that create air spaces in the nails could occur.

Next, position the bit parallel to the crack, apply little pressure from the outer nail towards the crack. Be careful not to remove excess acrylic from the nail.

How to Use a Nail Drill to Prepare the Nails

If you want to prepare nails for acrylic application, a fine/medium-fine diamond bit should be used. A coarse silicone bit could also suffice if the former is unavailable.

Before using a nail drill on the natural nails, push the cuticles backward to avoid causing harm to the skin. Then with a maximum speed of 2000RPM, run the drill flatly against the nails. Also, remove dead skin from around the cuticle without shifting the flat position of the drill.

Do not also forget to regularly remove the drill from the nails to avoid a buildup of heat.

How to Apply Final Touch with a Nail Drill

When you want to finish a nail, it is best to use a medium carbide, and then an extra-fine diamond bit.

If you are not an expert, try to draw an outline of what you want the nail to look like. Then with the carbide bit floating over the nails in a parallel position, move from side to side. A speed of 5000 – 12000 RPM is ideal, but it should be lower around the cuticle.

Afterward, use the extra-fine diamond bit to make the nails smoother. A drill-suitable oil should be applied to the nails at this point.

What Kind of Drill Bit Removes Nail Polish?

Nail polish comes in different shades and variants as a unique nail adornment. But after a week a two, all its luster and shine would start to fade. And at this point, you definitely cannot wait to wipe it all out and get a replacement.

Whether it’s on your natural nails or some glue-fastened acrylic nails, nail polish removal must be done carefully. You wouldn’t want to have your nails damaged by abrasion. You’ll want to use the best technique to get all that sticky color off your nails.

Specific acrylic nail drills are designed to carefully and painlessly remove nail polish from nails. They are listed below

The Mandrel Drill bit

This nail drill is usually made from rubber or metal. It comprises of arbor bands slipped over a mandrel bit. It finds its use in smoothening and removing acrylic nails. Nevertheless, it is also ideal for nail polish removal. You can choose between the coarse, medium, and fine arbour bands.

One fact about the mandrel drill is that each arbour band cannot be disinfected, and can only be used once.

Barrel/Carbide Bit

Carbide bits are infused with grooves that can remove polish effectively. During polish removal, a carbide bit works to redirect heat and friction away from nails. Less abrasive carbide teeth – known as flute – can also be used for a more effective polish removal.

Diamond Bit

The diamond bit is about the hardest nail drill bit you can find. They can be disinfected without rusting, and they’re also ideal for nail polish removal. Nevertheless, they cause more friction than the carbide bit. Hence, they heat up faster and produce more dust at the same time.

Taking off nail polish with nail drill may not be as easy as it seems. You actually want to be careful not to ruin the acrylic nails or damage your natural nails. Ensure that the nails have a protective coating around it. You also want to make sure you work within slow to medium range drill speed.

How to Take Your Acrylic Nails Off

How to Take Your Acrylic Nails Off

You’ve had a blissful week or month of flaunting your fashionable acrylic nails. Now is the time to take them off. Or maybe they’ve been gradually chipping off, and can no longer be managed. You’ve got to find the safest way to remove acrylic nails, else you may end up damaging your natural nails or hurting yourself.

In case you wouldn’t want to deal with any harsh chemical while removing acrylic nails, there are a few non-chemical ways to do so.

The first is to use a nail drill. In this case, a tapered drill bit is the best tool for optimal results.

To begin, face the tapered end of the bit towards the cuticle, then start to work in gentle steps. Work from side to side until the nail is removed. After removal, a one-stroked motion could be used to take off whatever is left of the acrylic.

Secondly, you could work with orange sticks and floss. Yes, floss!

Simply make a little open through your cuticles with the orange stick. Then have someone gently saw the floss through the nails until it falls off.

You can also use your credit card to take off your acrylic nails.

Simply make a small inlet with an orange stick, and then slide your credit card through the channel. Move the card gently in an upward direction. Take it one side at a time, so that you don’t hurt your natural nails.

Water is also a good acrylic nail remover.

Though this method is entirely safe, it takes quite a long time. Make inlets in the acrylic nail with an orange stick, and then soak the nails in warm water for about 40 minutes. Ensure that enough water sips into the inlet made in the nail. And after 40 minutes, the nail should pop out.

But if you prefer the fast and thorough removal strength of acetone, here’s what you should do.

Clip your acrylic nails to their shortest length, then wipe off the polish. Protect your cuticles by applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly around it.

Go ahead and soak cotton pads in acetone, and then place the pads on your nails. Wrap the pads with aluminium, and remove everything after 30 minutes. The acrylic nails should come off with the pads.

Irrespective of the method you decide to use, the following guideline should help you take off acrylic nails with extra care.

Never try to forcefully pull your nails out. You could destroy your natural nail bed, get an infection, or suffer long-term pain.

Just in case you decide to use acetone for removal, keep it very far from a fire source. Also, seek medical attention if acetone causes you redness and burning sensations.

Now you know the nitty-gritty of acrylic nails and their drills, you should be able to use them maximally in your next nail session. As soon as you’ve removed your acrylic nails, do well to restore your nail beds with suitable cuticle oil. A nail moisturizer can also be handy at this point.

Do not forget to scrape off the remnant of glue on the natural nails. And then allow your nails at least one week of recuperation before undergoing another acrylic process.

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