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Best Accurate Bathroom Scale in 2020 | Smart & Durable

A bathroom scale is very important because it keeps track of how much you weigh, your weight loss, and gains. So having an accurate bathroom scale only makes sense. Having a bathroom scale will tell you the exact weight that weighs. In order to have an error-free result of how much you weigh, we made a list of the most accurate bathroom scale of 2020.

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Top 10  Best Accurate Bathroom Scale in 2020

10. INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale


Keep track of how much you weigh and meet your fitness goal faster with the most accurate bathroom scale. It gives you the precise number of how much you weigh. Also, it comes with a smart feature that turns on and off automatically with sensing technology. This will save so much battery life of this bathroom scale. The material of this scale is tempered glass. Plus, this scale has a very cool look. It looks very clean and sleek.

  • Accurate
  • Smart

9. INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

Accurately keep track of how much you weigh with the most accurate bathroom scale from INEVIFIT. This scale looks very elegant and it can weigh up to 180 kilograms which is 400 lbs. This shows how much you weigh with an LED display and that is very convenient for you to read. Its auto on and off sensor also makes it very convenient for you to use. As you no longer have to turn the scale on and off.

  • Accurate
  • High quality

8. RENPHO Accurate Bathroom Scale

RENPHO Accurate Bathroom Scale 

What makes this one of the most accurate bathroom scales is that it shows you more than just your weight. This scale allows you to see how much fat you have in your body. This scale is super precise with how much you weigh and your fat percentage. With such a smart and accurate bathroom scale, you can easily create meal plans for your body type. This allows you to meet your fitness goal even faster.

  • Precise
  • Smart

7. RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Scale

RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Scale

Precisely measure your body with this accurate bathroom scale. The most interesting feature of this scale is its Bluetooth feature. This scale allows you to measure your 13 body metrics accurately. And it will sync to your phone automatically. Plus, this scale does not need a battery. How cool is that? You can simply charge it with a USB. For example, you can charge it with a power bank or your laptop. And the choice goes on.

  • Smart
  • Premium quality

6. EatSmart Accurate Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Accurate Bathroom Scale

An accurate bathroom scale that is able to measure your body fat, body water percentage, muscle mass, and even your bone mass. With such an amazing feature, you are able to keep track of your overall body health easily. Not only is it a bathroom scale, but it is also a smart scale. It is able to save up to 8 users’ worth of personal data. That is insane! Plus, it has a blue LCD display to make it easy for you to read.

  • Smart
  • Accurate

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5. EatSmart Gray Glass BMI

EatSmart Gray Glass BMI/Weight Tracker Blue Backlight

Preview Product Rating Price
EatSmart Gray Glass BMI/Weight Tracker Blue Backlight EatSmart Gray Glass BMI/Weight Tracker Blue Backlight No ratings yet $29.99

This simple looking bathroom scale has 3 AAA batteries. Moreover, this scale is also to weight track of up to 4 people. Plus, it also does BMI calculations. Also, it has an instant on and off feature. this feature will save so much battery life. Furthermore, there is even an indication for low battery which is very handy and convenient.

  • Useful
  • Instant-on/off

4. Withings Wi-Fi Digital Scale

Withings Wi-Fi Digital Scale

Always on track of your body composition with such an accurate bathroom scale. This bathroom scale is able to monitor not just weight but so much more. For instance, body fat, body water percentage, body muscle, and bone mass. That is literally everything we look for in a bathroom scale.

  • Accurate
  • High quality

3. Greater Goods Smart Bathroom Scale

Greater Goods Smart Bathroom Scale

Preview Product Rating Price
GreaterGoods Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale GreaterGoods Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale No ratings yet $39.95

Unlike most scales, this accurate bathroom scale has a one on one connections with its user. And there are no apps required which is awesome. Every time you get a result and it will sync automatically to your phone. Not to mention that it gives a very accurate result.

  • Accurate

2. Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale

Preview Product Rating Price
GreaterGoods Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale GreaterGoods Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale No ratings yet $39.95

Etekcity has one of the most accurate bathroom scales. Hands down. It uses great technology from Germany. It also has an auto-off feature. furthermore, the battery life is also quite long. Plus, the display is very clear and easy for you to read. Its thick glass also makes it very strong and sturdy.

  • sturdy
  • Auto off

1. Beautural Precision Digital Body Weight

Beautural Precision Digital Body Weight 

Beautral accurate bathroom scale will give you the precise measurements every time you use it. You can definitely trust this accurate bathroom scale. It has a step on technology which means it is on automatically once you step on it. Plus, this bathroom scale has a very clear display so you can read it instantly with a glance. Its see-through feature also makes it look very modern and interesting. Moreover, this bathroom scale is super sturdy.

  • see through
  • Sturdy

Things to look for in a bathroom scale

Searching for the perfect bathroom scale isn’t easy. Because it’s such an important piece of equipment for every household, it needs to be the perfect blend between functionality, price, design, and maintenance.

Before buying a bathroom scale, here are all the things to keep an eye out for.

  1. Weight Capacity:  A good bathroom scale should be able to tolerate at least 330 pounds so they’re suitable for most adults. If you’re on the plus side, pick ones that can take up to 500 pounds and above.
  2. Weight Measurement: When you’re on a fitness journey, just one weight measurement unit isn’t enough. There will be models that effortlessly switch between various units. No matter what you’re choosing, the scale needs to have a high accuracy rate.
  3. Design: Now with functionality out of the way, the design is also a big part of the bathroom scale selection. Why? Because you want the scale to fit in with the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Sure you could pick anything regardless of the colors or patterns, but it doesn’t hurt to make the extra effort.
  4. Material: Look for sturdier builds so your scale can resist the occasional scratches and dents here and there. Ultra-thin, sleek glasses add a hint of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom (or anywhere you want to put it).
  5. Price: You don’t need to break the bank just to get a good bathroom scale. You could find a decent one within the range of $20 too. These are affordable and get the job done.

Difference between digital scale and analog scale

Some people consider analog scales much more accurate while some swear by the digital ones. How do these scales perform on different levels?

Accuracy: Understand the difference between accuracy and precision. While analog scales are much accurate, they’re not as precise. Their digital counterparts excel in that field but there’s a minor percentage of error in almost every reading.

Ease of use: The dial is constantly moving which makes the analog scales easier to read. The digital ones fare significantly better with their instant reading on high contrast display.

Reliability: Analog scales are thought to be more reliable but it gets harder to read the display with every other decimal point. The majority of digital scales function on four display sensors to measure thus they’re much more reliable.

Durability: With time, the spring mechanism on the analog scales tend to wear out, causing it to be very susceptible to inaccuracy. Digital scales are durable and most come with a yearlong warranty.

Portability: Analog scales are heavier due to the spring mechanism. However, digital weighing scales are super portable, lightweight, and sleek.

Calibration: Analog scales are super easy to calibrate and only require a twist of the dial. With digital scales, we only recommend ones with auto-calibration because the manual versions can be super complex.

Cost: The cost of the analog scales is usually constant. Digital scales are relatively more expensive but the base model has a similar price point. If you’re looking for a high-spec one, the cost will rise.

How to make sure your scale is accurate

For scales, accuracy is the undisputedly the most important thing. There are some methods to test and calibrate this type of weighing equipment. To check if your bathroom scale is accurate, conduct this test.

  1. The scale should be placed on a level and flat surface for the test. Set the scale at reading zero to start. For your analog scale, you might need to turn a screw or wheel to adjust the reading. Once the reading is at zero, place an object of known weight on the scale.
  2. If the reading isn’t accurate, to get the correct weight, adjust the scale. Digital scales allow calibration options to adjust the reading. Given there’s no option for calibration, you can correct the weight by using the error factor.
  3. It’s necessary to repeat this test a few times to get the actual precision of the scale. Analyze whether the results are the same or not. The scale has low precision if the readings are vastly different.
  4. For your analog models, you will need to do this test at different times during the day and at various temperatures. The changes in the curvature of the earth itself and the variance in lower or higher humidity levels could interfere with the readings.

With time, the scales are bound to lose accuracy. Just regular wear and tear can cause those to deviate from the original balance. If this happens, they will need recalibration.

Scale maintenance

Let’s talk about scale maintenance. If you want to keep your scale running for a long time and accurately, you need to be sensible about cleaning it.

The Do’s of Cleaning a Scale

  • Gently sweep away any unwanted dust and debris from the balance using a small balance brush.
  • Dampen a thin wipe with clean water and very carefully clean around the edges and also the pan. Pat dry.
  • To make the cleaning process easier, remove the pan.
  • After moving your scale, if there’s a leveling bubble, observe if it’s centered.

The Don’ts of Cleaning a Scale

  • Press down hard on the balance pan. This can cause damage to the internal mechanism.
  • Flip the scale and roughly shake to remove residue.
  • Put it down on a harsh surface or drop the scale. The internal gears will be damaged beyond repair!
  • Use harsh cleaning fluids like ethanol. It will react with salts, agar, and other general materials.
  • Put salt on the scale. This causes corrosion and results in degrading performance.

Calibration: How Often?

If your scale has been falling short on the precision and accuracy bar, then there’s a sharp possibility that the calibration is off and you need to redo it. If your scale doesn’t have an in-built calibration, then external calibration is needed. You’ll get very specific instructions on your scale’s packet that will guide you through the process.

When do you recalibrate your scale? Let’s have a look.

  • When you first purchase it.
  • When you change its position.
  • After a significant change in temperature.
  • Fault accuracy.
  • If the scales have been unplugged for some time.

Scales are very easy to find and can be found everywhere from the mall, supermarkets, and online. However, finding an accurate bathroom scale is not very easy to find. So we did the hard part for you. Researching intensely to come up with these top ten accurate bathroom scale. These bathroom scales give you precise measurement, strong and very worth the price. So we hope you find this article helpful.

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