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Ab Belts

Do you need to reduce your belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles? You need the best Ab Belts in 2020. They are great to help strengthen your core without the need of visiting the gym. The waist trimmer belt can help improve your metabolism and much more. However, do not expect a six-pack this takes hard work. You need one that fits comfortably without irritating you and the material needs to be flexible to move with your body. If you want to achieve results, view our top 10 best ab belt list and buy a reliable one to get your 2020 New Year resolution to a great start.

We recommend buying an excellent fat burner to go with your ab belt. This will help you to burn calories faster while using the waist trimmer belt.

With us, you can find a wide range of tummy tuck belts to help boost your workout. If you want the best results, make sure the belts, comfortable and supports your back while working out.

Top 10 Best Ab Belts in 2020

10.Limor Ab Belt

Liomor Ab Belt

The Limor will help you burn calories around the waist and the best of all it is affordable to buy. Improve your abdominal area and blood circulation while using this waist trimmer belt. If you need back lumbar support, the Liomor is the best ab belt you can buy.

  • Universal fit suitable for men and woman
  • Ab belts washable
  • Fits secure with a Velcro closure
  • Made of neoprene
  • Sizing: 8 x 41-inches fits up to a 39-inch waist
  • Anti-slip design
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

9. WIN.MAX Waist Trimmer Belt

WIN.MAX Waist Trimmer Belt

Build a strong core and back with the soft, latex-free waist trimmer belt from WIN.MAX. You will sweat like crazy with the neoprene design during your exercises. The fabric has a flexible structure adjusting to your waist shape without irritating your skin at all. Furthermore, you receive sport bands to keep your phone on hand during your training.

  • Made with Neoprene and Nylon
  • Stretchable to support all sides of the body relieving pain
  • High-quality closure with grid inner lining
  • You get a sports armband to keep your smartphone attached to your arm

8. Waist Cincher Trimmer

Waist Cincher Trimmer

The AB belt you can find in different sizes ranging from small to 2XL for a comfortable fit. The waist trainer is latex-free with a neoprene stretchable fabric that is easy to clean. The belt has a comprehensive design covering the entire stomach remaining in place. You get excellent back support and has a hook & loop closure for ease of use. Therefore flatten out your stomach using this belt today.

  • Available in small to 2XL
  • Made with neoprene fabric
  • Helps with weight loss and strengthen the core for a good posture
  • Fitted with hook and loop closure
  • Suitable to wear with any active activities

7. VOHUKO Sauna Waist Trimmer

VOHUKO Sauna Waist Trimmer

The AB belt for men helps you lose fat in the tummy while providing excellent support for a good posture. The neoprene fabric stretches and insulates heat at the same time during your workouts. The waist trimmer has four flexible rods and helps with back pain as well. Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable design to adjust the pressure of the belt for comfortable wear.

  • Made with neoprene fabric and four flexible rods
  • Has a comprehensive design to help burn more calories
  • Dual adjustable straps to adjust the pressure for comfort

6. Unisex Waist Trimmer for Men and Women

Unisex Waist Trimmer for Men and Women

The waist trimmer has a unisex design to fit any curves and helps rectify posture while flattening the abdomen at the same time. The fabric has a cushioned design for comfort with adjustable neoprene and trimmer grid inner lining to prevent slipping and repel moisture. The universal size fits waists from 30-inches to 56-inches and depends on the color you pick as well.

  • Waist training belt with a pocket
  • Made with neoprene and trimmer grid inner lining
  • Available in three colors to fit different sized waists
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Warranty

5. Fit Waist Trimmer Belt

Fitru Waist Trimmer Belt

The Fitru is one of the best ab belts you can buy available in three colors black, yellow, and red. The wide and thick latex-free neoprene structure is safe to use and helps with heat insulation. The belt is made with the strictest quality control and helps you to burn stomach fat faster.

  • Available in three colors black, yellow and red
  • Latex-free neoprene design
  • With the anti-slip grid technology on the inside of the belt, you can use it while working out
  • Repels moisture and prevents bacteria and sweat build-up
  • Conforms to your body
  • Helps with back posture and relieves back pain
  • Can be washed by hand and air-dry overnight
  • Unisex design
  • Available in four sizes: 8 x 42-inch, 9 x 34-inch, 9 x 42-inch and 10 x 50-inch

4. ActiveGear Premium Ab Belt

ActiveGear Premium Ab Belt

Choose your preferred color from blue, red, yellow, and pink when you buy the ActiveGear Premium Ab Belt. The girdle you can buy in two sizes and has a unisex design. With the superior design, the ab belt retains body temperature to help you lose fat around the stomach area. Made from moisture-wicking neoprene material with an anti-slip flex design.

  • Three color designs: blue, red, yellow and pink
  • Two sizes: medium 8 x 42-inches and fits up to a 48-inch waist and large 9 x 46-inch and fits up to a 52-inch waist
  • Made of neoprene material and has an anti-slip flex design
  • Increases body heat to help lose fat
  • Offers you the best sports support in different exercises
  • The tummy tuck improves blood circulation and supports your back
  • 12-Month money-back guarantee

3. KIWI RATA Sauna Waist Trimmer Belt

KIWI RATA Sauna Waist Trimmer Belt

Here we have another AB belt for men to help get their tummy into shape. The belt has a polyester design with a neoprene lining to give a comfortable fit. You can wear the trimmer belt inside or outside. With the double-layer compression, it covers a broader area of the abdomen to burn more calories. Furthermore, it comes with a zipper closure and adjusts easily with the adhesive to keep it in place.

  • Polyester and Neoprene design
  • Double-layer compression
  • Made with durable zipper and adhesive
  • Fitted with nine steel bone for back support

2. ZOHUMI Sweat AB Belt

ZOHUMI Sweat AB Belt

If you have a big tummy concern as a man, then it may help to use this AB belt to help burn fat in the tummy. Not only will it help you burn calories faster, but it helps to build a great posture as well. You get a comprehensive design with an adjustable fit for a waistline of 37-50-inches. There are four lumbar supports with a flexible and stretchable design.

  • Adjustable closure to fit a waistline 37-50-inches
  • Equipped with four lumbar supports to improve posture
  • Breathable and stretchable neoprene
  • Non-slip grid design

1. Miss MOLY Waist Trimmer Corset

Miss MOLY Waist Trimmer Corset

For a high-quality AB belt, nothing comes close to this one made with a polyester shell and neoprene lining. The waist trimmer for men has a stretchable structure to wear inside or outside to increase the core temperature during your exercise. You get a sauna effect and have 13 steel bones for supporting the back. Furthermore, it has a four-row hook and looks closure.

  • Made with a polyester shell and neoprene lining
  • 13 Steel bones for support
  • Four-row hooks and loop closure
  • Adjustable fit

If you need a miracle pill to help lose weight around your abdominal area there is not one. However, you can buy one of our top 10-ab belts in 2020 to achieve the best results. Strap one of these girdles on while working out to achieve your fitness goal. The waist-trimming belt will help to support your back and helps to rid water where it counts most around your stomach. However, if you have any type of medical condition or have just had a baby through surgery please talk to your physician first before using ab belts.

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Before you are stuck into buying, one of the AB belts reviewed, check out these helpful tips available here.

Do AB belts burn fat?

Do AB belts burn fat? | Ab Belts

The AB belt has been around for a while, and many claims it helps to build your core strength and burn fat in the tummy section. However, as with any product when it comes to weight loss, it is not a magic staff but can help strengthen your abdominal muscles.

The waist trimmer can strengthen your core muscles and improve your overall fitness but does not have an impact on your body fat. What it does is to send pulses to the abdominal muscles to help it contract depending on the type of belt you choose.

If you wear one with EMS technology, it stimulates the muscles making it contract and relax. Now, if you wear the traditional belt, it still takes hard work from your side to get your tummy into shape.

When wearing the belt with your training, it helps you sweat more, but you still need to follow a healthy diet as well.

Are AB belts dangerous?

With a quality AB belt, you can tone your core muscles but is ineffective for weight loss. While the belt is not dangerous to use, it can cause skin irritation, shocks, burns, and pain, depending on if you use the electrical muscle stimulating models. Therefore, when selecting one that works with a cable or other parts, it can fail and needs to meet the electrical safety standards. Furthermore, you need to follow a balanced diet, as well.

How do you use the AB belt properly?

Here it also depends on the waist trimmer you buy and best to read the instructions provided with the product. If you use a muscle stimulator belt, you need to stretch it around the waist.

Make sure the sizeable middle pad centers over your belly button while the smaller pads lie over the soft AB muscles on either side between the hipbones and ribs. Once done, secure the belt with the fasteners and needs to sit snug against the skin.

Use the switch on the front panel and set the level of toning until you feel the muscles contracting comfortably. Use it for up to 25-minutes per day if you are a beginner and 40-minutes as the week’s progress.

When using a regular AB belt, the fitting is the same. The only difference is that you wear it during your exercises to make you sweat more in the stomach section.

The crucial thing is to drink a lot of water. Furthermore, when using an AB stimulator, leave up to six hours between each use and make sure it fits comfortably.

How do you know if you are gaining muscle or weight?

How do you know if you are gaining muscle or weight?

Before you can tell the difference, if you are gaining muscle or weight, not everyone’s body stores fat the same. So how do you know? When you do bodybuilding, you make use of your mirror and scale, but both can be deceiving. A fact is that the mirror shows you what you want to see while the difficulties on the scale can mean more weight or loss of muscle. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Step onto the scale and will need your baseline measurement to figure out the formula. Measure your body fat with a caliper. With the instructions, you can determine the ratio of fat or lean weight.
  • Now, take the percentage and multiply it with your weight to see how much fat you have and record it as well. For example, if you weigh 185lbs times it with 0.175 or 17.5% to get 32.4lbs of fat.
  • Take the original bodyweight you have done in the first step and subtract the fat in pounds from it. For instance, your original weight is 185lbs, and the fat is 32.4lbs when subtracted. It comes to 152.6lbs of lean mass.

You can even find software programs online to help you with the calculations. The calculation tells you how much lean fat you have but does not tell you if you are building muscles. Now you have a baseline figure to use with the following step.

Now leave it is for up to six weeks and follow the same steps above and compare it to your previous reading. For example, your first reading was weight 187lbs with a body fat % coming to a reading of minus 17.5%. Now you take the 187 and times it with the percentage equals 32.7lbs of fat.

Take the 187 and minus the 32.7 to equal 154.3lbs of lean bodyweight. This was the first measurement, and now you weight 190lbs body fat % with a reading of 16%. Take the 190 x 16% to equal 30.4lbs of fat. Take the 190 and subtract 30.4 to equal 159.6 lbs of lean bodyweight.

Now compare the 2nd reading to your first one, and you will notice a gain of 5.3lbs of muscle from the first reading while losing 2.3lbs of fat in the second reading.

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