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3-Way LED Bulbs

The article has fully discussed the best top ten 3-way LED bulbs that you can get in the current market. The main reason for coming up with these LED bulbs is to avoid any contradiction that may arise as they are an increase in the number of fake and expensive bulbs in the market. The best thing with our 3-way LED bulbs is that there are unique in such a way that you can’t afford to confuse them with others. By going through the article, you will get the difference between each bulb with the other.

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Top 10 Best 3-Way LED Bulbs in 2020

10. AmeriLuck 50-75-100W Equivalent 3-Way LED Light Bulb 

AmeriLuck 50-75-100W Equivalent 3-Way LED Light Bulb 

  • They are shatter resistant, Omnidirectional with standard E26 medium screw bases.
  • Energy saving- maximum setting illuminates an equivalency of 100 watts.

Are you looking for the right and powerful 3 way LED bulbs? If yes, then here comes the best type that you can’t afford to leave behind these bulbs are suitable for home use as they are nontoxic as they are mercury and lead-free thus have no harmful effects to your eyes. The bets this 3 way led bulbs is that they have no warm-up time like CFL bulbs.

If you are looking for the best premium light, these are the best bulbs. They provide a high-quality professional light that makes you see the colors the way they are supposed to be seen. Our led bulbs are flicking free, and no harsh glares thus prevent eye fatigue ends up providing a comfortable, stress open atmosphere.

9. Maxxima 3-Way LED A19 Light Bulb

Maxxima 3-Way LED A19 Light Bulb

  • Lasts up to 25000hours
  • It as a standard E26 base designed for use in 3-way fixtures including fans, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc.

Here comes another amazing and powerful energy saver three-way led bulb that is very cheap as compared to similar kinds in the market. These led bulbs are suitable to be sued in different places like hotels, home, and commercial halls. They have three levels of brightness; 500, 1000, and 1500 lumens thus provides adequate light.

They are of high quality, and excellent three-way LED bulbs that provide adequate light. These fantastic bulbs consumers only 4, 8 or 14 watts (energy dependence on the level of brightness.) for use in 3 ways light socket application-40W, 60W and 100W equivalent wattages.

8. 5000K Daylight A21 3-Way LED Light Bulb 

5000K Daylight A21 3-Way LED Light Bulb

  • The package measures 6 by 5.3 by 3 inches.
  • 3-way 800/1500/2200 lumens and 50/100/150w equivalent.


Here comes another fantastic and classic three-way LED bulb that is very cheap but very powerful. This is a nondimmable, no visible flicker and as a low nonvisible flicking to protect your eye which is not a common feature among the majority of ordinary bulbs.

This is a stylish and well-designed three-way LED bulbs that you can easily change the 3 levels of brightness. It is suitable to be used as a desk lamp, floor, and other residential areas. Our 3 way LED bulb is made of high quality die cast aluminum for durability.

7. Westinghouse Lighting 

Westinghouse Lighting 

  • Turns on instantly to full brightness, soft white light(2700K)
  • Not dimmable

This is another great and high quality 3-way Omni LED bulb that is designed to provide 3 different levels of brightness with energy saving up to 88%. Our bulbs have energy efficient of 3/9/12 watt LED which replaces a 30/70/100 watt incandescent and last longer than the ordinary ones. These 3 ways bulbs have a soft white finish, medium base, brightness of 280/950/1200 lumens, damp rated.

This is a new and LED bulb that is ideal for both floor and table lamps, pendant lighting, and outdoor rated fixtures, while using this kind of 3 way LED bulb it’s advisable not to use in totally enclosed fixtures.

6. Bioluz LED Replacement 3-Way A19 Light Bulb

Bioluz LED Replacement 3-Way A19 Light Bulb

  • Three-Way LED with three options of brightness
  • Offers 500/1000/1500 Lumens of Brightness
  • 40/60/100 Watt Replacement
  • 3000K Soft White Light
  • Five-year Warranty

The LED light bulb looks similar to a traditional bulb and offers you three levels of illumination. You can use it with a desk lamp, table lamp, or floor lamp. The LED bulb cycles through 40/60/100,

Watts, with each click of a switch to use a fraction of the power needed. The bulb has an FCC, ROHS, and UL Certification offering a soft white 3000K suitable for replacing halogen and incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, it contains no lead, mercury, or UV.

On the other hand, for the price, you get a pack of four LED bulbs.

5. LOHAS 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulbs

LOHAS 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulbs

  • It has low heat and high brightness, with CRI>68 and daylight white of 5000K bulb that will provide you better life experience.
  • Energy saving’; the 5/10/18W can replace the incandescent bulbs of 50/100/150W.

LOHAS 3 way A21 LED light bulb is one of the amazing and great LED bulbs that you can get in the current market. This 5000K LED bulb is suitable for home use and other commercial occasions. It has 3 different levels of brightness. 600-lumen bulbs are the best for bedroom, 1850 lumen is suitable for your working and darkness place and the 1250 lumen ideal for reading and writing.

Our new and high quality 3 way LED bulbs are adopting the advantage plastic and aluminum material that allows the bulb to have characteristics of good heat dissipation which is not a common feature among the majority of traditional bulbs. These are full 3 way LED bulbs that are very convenient for your life base on the characteristics of easy installation and easy operation.

4. 3-Way Led Light Bulb 50-100-150W

3-Way Led Light Bulb 50-100-150W

  • Natural light brings you are a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • It is ideal and suitable for bedroom, kitchen, ceiling fan, closet chandelier, sewing room, etc.

Here comes another amazing and high-quality type of modern 3 way LED bulb that is very cheap. As compared to similar kinds in the current market. This is a special LED bulb with 3 kinds of power concentrated on one bulb which results in high-quality premium light. The power can be adjusted arbitrary, low medium –high thus providing to you 3 different classic lighting effects. Our 3 way LED bulb is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

When it comes to their design, we can’t afford to negotiate on that as they have a robust design that is eye-catching. This is an energy saver 3 way LED bulb that is capable of saving up to 87% on your energy bills.

3. TORCHSTAR 3-Way 40/60/100W Equivalent LED 

TORCHSTAR 3-Way 40/60/100W Equivalent LED 

  • It has a 270-degree beam angle that creates an even and well-balanced lighting output without flicking or glare, making it ideal for bedside, desk or harp lamps.
  • This LED bulbs UL and does not contain mercury, UV light, infrared or any other deleterious radiation.


This is one of the great modern and high class 3- way LED bulbs that you can’t afford to miss them in your room. With these kinds of LED bulbs, you can easily switch between 3 distinct brightness levels in one single bulb; it lets you adjust between general lighting, relaxed mood lighting or concentrated task lighting.

These are high quality, and durable energy saver LED bulbs that consumers only 5/10/100 watts. So it  making it suitable for replacing 40/60/100 watts incandescent. The light instantly turns on and has excellent and professional heat dissipation.

2. 3-Way Light Bulb 40/60/100

3-Way Light Bulb 40/60/100

  • Ecologically friendly as no lead or mercury are included or any other pollution elements included.
  • Long-lasting; up to 10000 hours lifespan.

Here comes another fantastic 3 way LED bulb that is very cheap but provides adequate light. Further, these bulbs are suitable to be sued in a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and any other room. In addition, with these types of new LED bulbs, you will be able to save your energy bills at very high rate. As our bulbs consumers less energy than the ordinary ones. The 3000K soft light brings you a comfortable and enjoyable living place.

These are high quality, and long lasting 3 way LED bulbs and therefore ends up being the most liked LED bulbs. These bulbs can serve as handing light, vanity light fixtures, pendant ceiling fixtures, decollation light, and other crucial fixtures.

1. Philips LED 3-Way A21 Frosted Light Bulb

Philips LED 3-Way A21 Frosted Light Bulb


  • Comfortable light
  • Energy efficiency
  • Wide compatibility
  • The bulbs offer warm, crisp color
  • No need to replace bulbs every now and then
  • It is not compatible with Philips HUE products

If you want to take home one of the best 3-way LED bulbs, do not hesitate to consider this particular product. One of the reasons that make it an ideal choice is the fact that its light is comfortable to the eyes.

The design is just like that of typical 3-way LED lights. It allows you to experience three levels of lights namely 450, 800 and last but not least 1600 lumens. With a lifetime of over 22 years, the Philips 3-way LED bulbs last for long.

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What are the benefits of using 3-Way LED Bulbs?

What are the benefits of using 3-Way LED Bulbs?

There are many reasons as to why you should settle for 3-way LED bulbs. To justify that, here are the benefits of using them.

  • First and foremost, 3-way LED bulbs have more than one filaments and each one of them produces different amount of light. More exciting, you can activate them either together or separately. So, you are in a position to customize the amount of light.
  • 3-way LED bulbs are perfect for outdoor usage including gardens and camping. That’s because they work on low-voltage. Due to that fact, it is also perfect for remote areas and is also compatible with solar energy sources.
  • The performance is constantly great. You can turn them on and of countless times without worrying about changing that or compromising their longevity.
  • Most bulbs don’t work as per the expectations under extreme temperatures. However, 3-way LED bulbs will not disappoint even when installed in freezer rooms.
  • The efficiency is remarkable since they will provide enough light despite using less power. Consequently, one gets to save a lot of money.
  • They are not only environmentally friendly but also recyclable.
  • You are at liberty to choose from a variety of colors among them amber, blue and red. Additionally, you can combine the lights and come up with great new colors.
  • To guarantee your safety, 3-way LED bulbs remain cold to touch no matter how long they remain switched on.
  • They are also durable and sturdy

How to install 3-Way LED Bulbs on your own?

As far as 3-way LED bulbs are concerned, installation is a breeze. After all, it simply requires you to connect the two switched live wires of the 3-way switch. The live wires are usually read and blue for the low-wattage circuit and the medium wattage circuit, respectively. You will connect them from to the 3-way socket’s two live terminals.

One filament comes on as far as the lowest setting is concerned. In most cases, it is a 50-watt filament. Then, there is another setting where the second filament comes in and might have a wattage of 100. Last but not least, we have the next and the third setting where both come in. depending on their wattages, the total of the combination is the sum of the two.

Why do three-way bulbs burn out so fast?

Why do three-way bulbs burn out so fast?

As with any light bulb, the 3-way bulb also eventually burns out. Therefore, if you are finding yourself replacing a bulb more than once a month or more, there is something wrong. All it takes is some troubleshooting, and here are some things you can check to solve the problem.

  1. Start by checking if you have screwed the bulb in too tight. Doing this flattens the brass tab, and when compressed, it does not connect properly, causing an electrical arc and decreases the lifespan of the bulb. When rectifying the problem, turn the light off and unscrew the bulb. If the tab is not sticking up slightly, use needle-nose pliers and gently raise the strip a quarter inch. If you find it is in place, then look at the following step.
  2. Check if there is any vibration present if you are using CFL or incandescent bulbs. The vibration gives the lamp a shorter lifespan. You will find loads of quivering under stairs, ceiling fans, underneath washers, or the garage. To solve the problem using a rough service light bulb that is vibration resistant or use LED bulbs that have no fragile parts.
  3. Does the bulb have adequate ventilation? When the light bulb overheats, it can burn out. Check to see if the bulbs made to use in recessed lighting or if it is; the possibility is that the ports clogged with dust. Therefore, make sure the LED bulb you use will work in the area.
  4. Other causes are power surges caused by heavy machinery nearby or a damaged power line. To solve the problem, install a power surge protector for the whole home.

However, if you have checked all of the above and you still find the light bulbs burning out, there may be wiring issues and best to call in an electrician to check it out.

Safety tips for using three-way LED bulbs

Before you plan installing a 3-way LED bulb, make sure you have the right size and wattage to use.

  1. Start by checking for signs of damage on the bulb from cracks or broken diodes.
  2. As you already know where you want to place the light, remove the old bulb after turning off the electricity.
  3. Once removing the old bulb, you can set the new one in place, turn the power back on, and flip the switch to check if it works.

For added safety using a three-way LED bulb, you place a protection system in place. You can install a Poly Switch with the power input to protect the bulb against damage from overloaded circuits and electrical shorts.

In conclusion, 3-way LED bulbs is the way to go. It will ensure that you enjoy a lot of benefits as explained in the above discussion. Its useful technology makes it suitable for not only residential property developers but also the commercial ones. Other professionals who find it ideal are lighting experts and facility operators. That speaks volume regarding the quality and results in general. So, grab yours now and start enjoying the benefits.

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