Best 2 Step Ladders in 2020 | For Reaching Upper Shelf

Do you find it difficult to reach the top shelf in your kitchen? Always something, you need not reach. This is where our best 2 step ladders in 2018 can help you out.

A stepladder is a universal tool every home needs. They are beneficial to not only reach the top shelf, but great to use when something breaks, cleaning, paint the ceiling & walls, and much more. Here we have selected a two-step ladder that are versatile to use and well-built lasting years of use.

The fact is that you never know when this handy tool might come in handy. So if you need the best ladder to help you out around your home, make sure to read our top 10 best 2 step ladder comparison list here!

Top 10 Best 2 Step Ladders in 2020

10. Lightweight 2 Step Ladder by Xinsunho

  • Easy to fold capacity
  • High-quality construction material, steel
  • Anti-slip capacity
  • The maximum load capacity of 330bs
  • A foldable capacity for easy use and storage
  • It has an extensive usage
  • It is only suitable for simple household chores

Getting the best 2 step ladder is a bit tricky with the multiple options in the market. In that case, this article gives you this high-quality product that combines a high-quality design and functionality. Not to mention, the excellent construction material.

This 2 step ladder is a back-coloured adder with a simple and unique design. Its construction material is stainless steel with an anti-slip capacity. The maximum load capacity runs up to 330bs.

9. Acko Dual Purpose Two Step Ladder

Acko Dual Purpose Two Step Ladder

  • Constructed of premium black plastic and foldable design
  • Has a safety stop gap to prevent squashing your fingers
  • Folds easily with the handle
  • Has a two-sided pedal with sturdy construction and anti-slip surface
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Dimensions of package: 21 x 4.6 x 4.5-inches
  • Easy carry handle with rubber feet

The Acko dual-purpose 2 Step ladder has a premium black plastic design with anti-slip surface. The ladder has a folding function to save space when stored. Designed with a two-sided pedal that is super safe and sturdy to prevent you from falling. By pulling the handle, you can easily fold and unfold the ladder. The stepladders you can use indoor and outdoor.

8. Support Plus Folding 2-Step Safety Step Ladder

  • A safe ladder to use for a variety of places
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality steel construction
  • The ladders are durable and reliable
  • Safety handrails for easy usage
  • Foldable features for easy use and storage
  • It is only suitable for light job all over the house

This product is a high-quality 2 step ladder that delivers excellent services to the users. It is a stable ladder that features a strong base for maximum stability. Also, the material behind its making is durable and reliable. Get this ladder for amazing services.

The ladder features a fantastic colour finish that suits a variety of home decors. It is a two-step ladder with a comfortable and stable standing step. The handrails help the user to prevent accidents, especially when going up and down the ladder.

7. Rubbermaid 2-Step Steel Ladder

Rubbermaid 2-Step Steel Ladder

  • Designed with an aluminum construction and non-marring feet
  • Folds up and weighs 9.7 lbs
  • Designed with a convenient and comfortable hand grip
  • Weight capacity: 225-pounds
  • 2 ANSI duty rating
  • Non-slip traction-molded steps
  • Locking mechanism
  • Weight: 10-pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.2 (Wide) x 2.4 (Depth) x 37.8 (High)
  • One-year warranty

With the Rubbermaid 2-step steel ladder, you can safely reach things. The large platform keeps you stable and secure with the anti-slip surface. The ladder has a handle in reach to hold while standing on it. Fold the stepladder for ease of storage. The weight capacity, it holds is 225-pounds and has a 2 ANSI duty rating.

6.Xtend & Climb SL2HLight Slimline 2 Step Ladder

  • Slimline design for easy management
  • Patent lock and release set to open and close the ladder
  • It weighs up to 10lbs
  • Maximum capacity of 225lb
  • Slim and thin profile for convenient storage
  • The ladder is stable and reliable
  • It has a limiting size of two steps

Preview Product Rating Price
Xtend & Climb SL2HLight Slimline 2 Step Ladder, Aluminum Xtend & Climb SL2HLight Slimline 2 Step Ladder, Aluminum No ratings yet $59.39

This product is the top best 2 step ladder in the market. It is a great ladder that blends a civil construction, design, features and functionality. The ladder is lightweight but sturdy for easy management and reliable. Purchase this ladder for excellent services.

Xtend & Climb 2 step ladder feature a simple but excellent design. It is a double-step ladder with a slim construction. The Aluminum material makes the ladder reliable and long-lasting. Other than that, the manufacturer also includes a patent lock and release system.

5. Louisville FS1502 Step Ladder

Louisville FS1502 Step Ladder

  • Fiberglass construction with slip-resistant feet
  • Duty rating capacity: 300 lbs
  • Magnet slots for hand and power tools with an item tray
  • Has a SHOX system to prevent frame damage
  • Inner pinch-resistant spreader braces
  • Double-rivet slip-resistant steps
  • Meets all the requirement of ANSI and OSHA
  • Weight: 8-pounds
  • Dimension: 28.4 x 7.2 x 16.6-inches
  • Limited Warranty

Preview Product Rating Price
Louisville Ladder FS1502 Step Ladder, 2-Feet Louisville Ladder FS1502 Step Ladder, 2-Feet No ratings yet $52.26

If you need a heavy-duty industrial ladder to use in the home, the Louisville FS1502 is perfect. The stepladder has a 300 lbs duty rating and made from fiberglass. This handy tool even has slots to hold hand and power tools. This is a great two step ladder to use for painting jobs around the home as it has a tray to hold paint.

4. Little Giant 10210BA Stepladder

Little Giant 10210BA Stepladder

  • Weight rating: 300 lbs
  • Aluminum design with folding safety bar
  • Slip-resistant treads on the 2-steps
  • Integrated tool tray
  • Designed with two sturdy hooks to hang buckets and more
  • The back legs have tip-n-pull wheels
  • Weight: 15.43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 20.9 x 4.9-inches
  • One-year warranty

Another great two step ladder to use around the home is the Little Giant 10210BA. You can use the ladder for home, industrial and commercial use. The steps are wide with slip-resistant treads. There is a built-in tool tray and has a fold-up safety bar. The ladder has a 5-inch fold depth. For durability, it has an aluminum design.

3. Delxo 2-Step Ladder

Delxo 2-Step Ladder

  • GS certified for product quality and safety and approved by TUV
  • Dimensions: 18 (H) x 23.2 (L) x 32.3-inches (W)
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds
  • Maximum load: 300 lbs
  • Folds away with a safety lock when used as a ladder or chair
  • Folds to 4.3-inches
  • Designed with a convenient handgrip and has non-marring legs
  • Extra wide steps with great support
  • Solid steel frame with plastic steps
  • 60-day Exchange

The Delxo 2-step ladders designed with comfort and safety in mind to use around the home. The ladder can hold up to a 300 lbs weight. The great thing is that you can use the Delxo as a ladder or chair and has a convenient hand grip. The steps do not overlap and you can feel safe while climbing the steps without hitting your knees. The steps extra wide and offers you heel-to-toe support. The steel frames solid and has non-marring feet and it folds away with the locking mechanism.

2. Giantex Aluminum Two-Step Ladder

Giantex Aluminum Two-Step Ladder

  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Designed with a handrail for support
  • Has two steps with gripping tread
  • Non-slip feet
  • Folds away and measures 17.5 (L) x 4.7 (W) x 44.7-inch (H)
  • Made of aluminum
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs

The Giantex aluminum 2 Step ladder is a new release from this manufacturer. The ladders designed with two steps and a handrail and folds away. The steps are wide with gripping treads that prevent you from slipping. The non-slip feet offer you safety and stability while protecting the floor. The ladder is lightweight to carry and has a contemporary design to fit into any home.

1.  VonHaus Folding 2-Step Ladder

VonHaus Folding 2-Step Ladder

  • Steel construction with white powder coating
  • Max load weight: 330 lbs
  • Two wide steps with non-slip treads
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dimensions: 32.1 x 21.9 x 18.3-inches
  • Versatile to use as a ladder or a seat
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds

The VonHaus Folding Ladder is one of the best 2 step ladders you can buy. The powder-coated steel structure makes this ladder durable to last for years. The max load weight is 330 lbs and the two wide steps have non-slip treads. The feet are non-slip to prevent accidents from happening and keep the floor protected. With the compact size, you can fold it up for storage. You can use the VonHaus as a ladder or chair.

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What are the criteria to think before buying a 2 step ladder?

Quality defines the services you get from a product. In that case. It is vital to settle for high-quality items for great results. With that in mind, before deciding for a 2 step ladder, it is essential to consider some features. As a result of that, you can settle for the best 2 step ladder. Read on!

Price: It is no secret that before deciding for a product, a customer often has a budget. And it is a budget that you can stretch in case of fluctuation in the market prices. However, make sure that you settle for a great item regardless of the cost.

Folding capacity: Storage and maintenance are some of the most significant issues when it comes to the 2 step ladders. With this fact, it is crucial to settle for a ladder with a foldable feature for easy portability. Als0, maintenance of the product is easy. Purchase a foldable 2 step ladder for maximum convenience.

Safety: When using a 2-step ladder, it is crucial to consider the security of the users. In that case, some of the ladders include double handrails for easy use of the ladders. Also, the patent lock and release system delivers security measures to the users.

The material of construction: One of the primary considerations when it comes to the stability of a 2-step ladder is the construction materials. The material behind a ladder will determine the security it offers to its users. In that case, settle for high-quality metals such as steel and aluminium

Weight rating: Every 2 step ladder comes with a specific weight capacity. In that case, it is essential to consider the users of the ladder before setting for a ladder. Also, you can avoid accidents among the 2 step ladder users.

When should you use a step ladder?

From the details above, it is clear that a 2-step ladder doesn’t work the same way a regular ladder works. In that case, it is vital to learn precisely the appropriate time to use a 2 step ladder. Read on to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Use a step ladder in one position for a specific period: a step ladder requires users to use the ladder in a particular location for at most thirty minutes. Experts argue that this trick helps avoid accidents, especially when dealing with a position where you move around from one corner to another.

Use the ladder for light work: a 2 step ladder is a simple ladder with two steps. Unlike other regular ladders, it comers with two steps. In that case, make sure that you settle for light work such as fixing things or connecting light bulbs. Make sure that you do not carry heavy loads when in the 2 step ladder.

You should use a 2 step ladder when you cannot reach something above you: Our height is sometimes limiting when dealing with high elevations. In that case, you should use a step ladder to help you achieve a more top position.

Safety tips for using a 2 step ladder? 

When using a 2 step ladder, it is crucial to make sure that you are maintaining maximum security. In that case, learn all the essential safety tips that will help you stay safe when using a 2 step ladder at all times. Read on to learn on the safety tips of a step ladder.

Make sure that you do not stay in a similar position for “30 minutes”: To avoid cases of accidents, you mustn’t stay in the same place for thirty minutes plus.

Do not overload the ladder: As mentioned earlier, every 2 step ladder comes with maximum load capacity. In that case, it is essential to make sure that the load capacity is less than the maximum load capacity. In that case, you can avoid falling.

Do not overreach One of the most common causes of an accident when using a 2 step ladder is overreaching when using the tool. In that case, it is crucial to keep a belt buckle throughout the job. With that, you can avoid accidents.

Avoid side loading: dealing with a 2 step ladder is stressful since you need to be careful to avoid accidents. In that case, prevent loading side through solid materials since it leads to instability of the ladder.

In conclusion, it is clear that 2 step ladders are essential and play a significant role in different places. The article gives a list of the top best 2 step ladders to buy. Also, it gives you details on where to use step ladders and most importantly, the safety tips that will guarantee you maximum security. Get a 2 step ladder for excellent services.

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